Using Pokki to Add Start Button to Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for quite a while now but without a touch screen monitor it makes it difficult to really like the Windows 8 start screen and I did find myself missing the Windows 7 start button.  There are some tools online including freeware and paid applications that add a Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8 but Pokki so far is my favorite application for adding a Windows start menu to … Read more

Split PDF Files by Page with Free PDF Splitter

I had been needing to find a way to split a PDF file into multiple smaller files for each individual page recently and this had me searching online when I came across some excellent freeware which can accomplish this.  Sometimes you get a PDF file or have to work with a PDF file you didn’t author and certain information on each page is specific to something so you need an easy way to split pdf … Read more

How to Take Better Screen Prints with Lightshot

The folks over at Lightshot had asked me to review their free screen print software and see if I liked enough to review for my readers.  I have to tell you that I had been using the default Windows 7 Snipping Tool as my primary image capture software so was interested in seeing if something would make me consider the installation and switch and I was pleasantly surprised. Lightshot Does More for Print Screen First … Read more

File Splitter Featured

File Splitter: Splitting Large Files into Smaller Parts and Rejoining Them

Have you ever wanted to install a game or a software from a friend’s PC but could not proceed because the setup or backup file for the game or software are too large to be transferred into your USB pen drive or into your phone’s SD Card? If yes, then File Splitter is a great solution for helping you deal with files that are too large by helping you split them into smaller parts and then combine them later on.

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