Why I Want a Kindle Fire HD

Hi, I’ve been a big technology fan for many years; my first electronic device was a C-64 in the late 70’s. Since then I was hooked, Mac, Amiga, Pc’s, cell phones, you name it, I’ve owned it. At any one time, I have close to 15 to 20 gadgets around the house, even though my wife wishes I would get rid of some of them.  About a year and a half ago, I bought my … Read more

Free Space on Kindle Fire with Clean Master

If you have an 8GB Kindle Fire (1st or 2nd generation) or a Kindle Fire HD and it only has 8GB or even 16GB of space then you may find out that it quickly fills up, this is especially true after you start adding applications and games, using them frequently as well as storing media files on your Kindle Fire device. You may be quite familiar with this message on the Kindle Fire when you … Read more

Amazon Launches Kindle Fire HD

Amazon announced 3 versions of it’s new Kindle Fire HD brand which include the traditional $199 7″ Version, a larger 8.9″ version for $299 and a 4G LTE Enabled 8.9″ version for $499. 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD Probably the most impressive is the $499 tablet comes with a $49.99 (1 year cost) 250GB per month 4G data plan package.  So if you look at the savings compared to other tablets in the same size range … Read more

Kindle Fire 2 Announcement on September 6th?

Amazon has called for a press conference in Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Thursday September 6th 2012 and there is of course mass speculation that this is will be probably include announcements about new Kindle models including hopefully the successor to the Kindle Fire. It would be good from Amazon to get their press release out before Apple may unveil a 7″ iPad Mini the following week, but to really WOW users they … Read more

Which 7 Inch Android Tablet is Right For You?

Seven inch Android tablets have outsold all other models of tablet besides the standard iPad.  It fills a sweet spot between book and larger tablet and is more portable than a 10” tablet but how do you know which is the right Android tablet for you at the 7” size level? Though there are a lot of options, you will find value in any of them depending on what you are looking for. Kindle Fire … Read more

January Kindle Fire Giveaway Winner Announced

The January Kindle Fire Giveaway contest ended up with 8390 entries, and the winner was Geoff Kaufman. Here was the winning entry: This was the 3rd Kindle Fire given away by DragonBlogger.com and is by no means going to be the last.  We are already hosting a Video Game Giveaway where you get to pick the game of your choice for any console and will be having more giveaways in the upcoming weeks and months … Read more