Easy Way to Sideload Applications on your New Kindle Fire

You just got a new Kindle Fire as a gift and realize that the Amazon App store has a much more limited selection of apps and games compared to Google Play?  Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to sideload Google Play apps to your Kindle Fire.  Most apps and games will function [...]

Crypto Mining on the Kindle Fire HDX

So just for fun and a little experimentation I wanted to compare the H/s mining rates of Monero for my various mobile devices, so I setup my Kindle Fire HDX to mine Monero and compare it to my Oukitel phone.  For both tests and mobile devices I am using MinerGate Mobile Miner from Google Play [...]

How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire HD for The First Time

Reading on Kindle is becoming more popular, as studies say traditional publisher market share is decreasing. When you initially buy your Kindle Fire HD, it’s not as easy as switching it on and reading your books. This is one of the best-selling products and one of the best Kindle deals Amazon has ever produced, but [...]

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Kindle Fire App Review – Advanced Task Killer

Like most Android devices the Kindle Fire HDX is no stranger to having multitasking apps start hogging resources and draining battery life more than performance, the power of the CPU and GPU in the Kindle Fire HDX means you aren't as likely to notice any performance hit from multi-tasking apps, but you will notice that [...]

How to Take Screen Shots on the Kindle Fire HDX

All Kindle Fire Tablets (Only method for Kindle Fire (1st and 2nd Generation) You can take screenshots from all Kindle Fire tablets using Eclipse, which is the standard desktop developer tool for Android. Connect the Kindle Fire tablet to your development computer as described in Setting Up Your Kindle Fire Tablet for Testing. In Eclipse, [...]

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Do You Think the Kindle Fire HDX Trumps the Nexus 7?

Amazon continues to do a fantastic job creating a portable Amazon hub with it's Kindle Fire line of devices and nothing could showcase this further than with the Kindle Fire HDX which was just announced as a 7" version and a 8.9" version. The Kindle Fire 7 HDX is clearly the latest and greatest in [...]

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Download YouTube Movies and Convert Them Free

My kids are obsessed with watching Minecraft videos on YouTube and when we had to go on a trip recently they wanted me to find a way to download YouTube movies and put their YouTube videos on their Kindle Fires so they can watch them in the car without any Wi-Fi access on the long [...]

QuestLord Brings Dungeon Crawling to the Kindle Fire

Hey there.  Do you remember those dungeon crawling games?  You know... those games where you navigate through a dungeon type atmosphere, killing evil monsters, finding treasures, avoiding traps, and saving the world.  Great examples of this style of games are Diablo and Ultima, but for those of us that have been fans of the dungeon crawler [...]

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