Easy Way to Sideload Applications on your New Kindle Fire

You just got a new Kindle Fire as a gift and realize that the Amazon App store has a much more limited selection of apps and games compared to Google Play?  Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to sideload Google Play apps to your Kindle Fire.  Most apps and games will function perfectly, though some that are cloud based and integrate into micro-transaction services may not work.   You won’t know until you … Read more

Crypto Mining on the Kindle Fire HDX

So just for fun and a little experimentation I wanted to compare the H/s mining rates of Monero for my various mobile devices, so I setup my Kindle Fire HDX to mine Monero and compare it to my Oukitel phone.  For both tests and mobile devices I am using MinerGate Mobile Miner from Google Play store, though I had to sideload MinerGate Mobile Minor on the Kindle Fire HDX because you can’t find any miner … Read more

How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire HD for The First Time

Reading on Kindle is becoming more popular, as studies say traditional publisher market share is decreasing. When you initially buy your Kindle Fire HD, it’s not as easy as switching it on and reading your books. This is one of the best-selling products and one of the best Kindle deals Amazon has ever produced, but the setup process has confused quite a few people. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to go … Read more

How to Sideload Apps into Your Kindle Fire

The mobile app boom has not stopped moving. Facebook is one company to take advantage of the mobile revolution. Now 70% of its ad revenue comes from advertising via its mobile app. Tablets are one device you can use to the install mobile apps. The one issue with the Kindle Fire tablet, in particular, is that it’s impossible to access the Google Play store. It means many apps are inaccessible, which reduces how useful your … Read more

All New Kindle Fire Tablet Giveaway

I love the Kindle Fire line of tablets from Amazon, we have 3 of them in my house including 2 7″ Kindle Fire HDX and 1 8.9″ HDX tablet, but when I saw that the newest Kindle Fire 7 which was to be released next week gave you amazing price for performance I just knew we had to give one away to readers! The Kindle Fire at $49 is the best bang for the buck … Read more

Kindle Fire App Review – Advanced Task Killer

Like most Android devices the Kindle Fire HDX is no stranger to having multitasking apps start hogging resources and draining battery life more than performance, the power of the CPU and GPU in the Kindle Fire HDX means you aren’t as likely to notice any performance hit from multi-tasking apps, but you will notice that ones that do notifications and reach out online for data will consume battery life faster and prevent you from enjoying … Read more

Review of the iPad Tablet Buddy

When I had the chance to try out the iPad Tablet Buddy, I was really excited. He is a device designed to hold your tablet securely in place by clipping it to the headrest of the car. This would be great for entertaining the kids on a long drive. I want everyone to know that I had difficulties. My first iPad Tablet Buddy broke. It was totally my fault, my headrest bars are too far … Read more

Unboxing the Kindle Fire HDX 7

The Kindle Fire HDX 7″ is an amazing tablet for the price and shows that Amazon knows how to reach it’s audience with a tablet that is a seamless gateway into their Amazon brand including the store, music, video on demand and Android app store. In this video we unbox the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and show you what you get in the box plus some thoughts. If you have a Kindle Fire HDX 7 … Read more

Kindle Woes Turned Gold Thanks to Amazon

After 2 years, my Kindle fire 1st generation died. I was sad. My entire world collapsed under my feet, and my dreams of Android freedom died with it. Well, not really, but it sure seemed like it. I contacted Amazon.com and asked them to give me my options. After a few minutes, I was told that it was going to cost me about $75.00 to replace it. Sadly, I don’t have that much money to … Read more

How to Take Screen Shots on the Kindle Fire HDX

All Kindle Fire Tablets (Only method for Kindle Fire (1st and 2nd Generation) You can take screenshots from all Kindle Fire tablets using Eclipse, which is the standard desktop developer tool for Android. Connect the Kindle Fire tablet to your development computer as described in Setting Up Your Kindle Fire Tablet for Testing. In Eclipse, from the Window menu, select Open Perspective > Other… > DDMS. Select the Kindle Fire tablet, and click the camera … Read more

Do You Think the Kindle Fire HDX Trumps the Nexus 7?

Amazon continues to do a fantastic job creating a portable Amazon hub with it’s Kindle Fire line of devices and nothing could showcase this further than with the Kindle Fire HDX which was just announced as a 7″ version and a 8.9″ version. The Kindle Fire 7 HDX is clearly the latest and greatest in hardware with a 2.2 ghz quad core Snapdragon 800 and an Adreno 330 graphics processor.  This is a bit faster … Read more

Kindle Fire Game: Blindscape

I have played text games before where only your imagination provides you a clue as to what the world described in the text looks like. This game is sort of like that. Here is the difference. There is no text. In fact, the screen is completely black. All you have are your ears, and a voice to guild you. This is another one of those games I just stumbled upon a few days ago while … Read more

Download YouTube Movies and Convert Them Free

My kids are obsessed with watching Minecraft videos on YouTube and when we had to go on a trip recently they wanted me to find a way to download YouTube movies and put their YouTube videos on their Kindle Fires so they can watch them in the car without any Wi-Fi access on the long drive.  Well a quick turn and scouring everything from Google Chrome Extensions to software, I found something that works very … Read more

Why I Want a Kindle Fire HD

Hi, I’ve been a big technology fan for many years; my first electronic device was a C-64 in the late 70’s. Since then I was hooked, Mac, Amiga, Pc’s, cell phones, you name it, I’ve owned it. At any one time, I have close to 15 to 20 gadgets around the house, even though my wife wishes I would get rid of some of them.  About a year and a half ago, I bought my … Read more

Free Space on Kindle Fire with Clean Master

If you have an 8GB Kindle Fire (1st or 2nd generation) or a Kindle Fire HD and it only has 8GB or even 16GB of space then you may find out that it quickly fills up, this is especially true after you start adding applications and games, using them frequently as well as storing media files on your Kindle Fire device. You may be quite familiar with this message on the Kindle Fire when you … Read more