XiaoMi Brand Sale over at Everbuying

  From October 13th thru the 27th, the “big deals” store Everbuying is holding its XiaoMi Brand Sale, which it has labeled “the Edge of Performance.” Numerous tablets, smartphones and accessories built for them will be on sale during that period. Let us describe some of these items and what their benefits are as you [...]

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No. 1 Phones Sun S2 Smartwatch Review

Today for review, we have something unique. Smartwatches aren't really unique to our website or the world, we even did some reviews on smartwatches in the past, but how does a round smartwatch sound like? Maybe not everyone likes a square screen for their smartwatch and that's why No. 1 phones came out with a [...]

Showcasing the No.1 S3 Smartwatch with Round Dial

Computing devices have been growing smaller ever since the microcomputer was first invented in 1971, and now we have smartphones and tablets that you can carry in your pocket — or even wear around your wrist! (Such watches are not exactly new; the first one, the Data 2000, was made in 1983; it had an [...]

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Enter to win the Zeblaze Rover Toughened Smartwatch

Gearbest wound up sending us 2 Zeblaze Rover smartwatches, so James did a review of one of them and the other we got permission to run as a giveaway for one lucky fan! This watch has a premium leather strap instead of the silicone bands and is more comfortable to wear if you prefer leather. [...]

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No. 1 Phone Launches S3 Smartwatch with Sim Card Capibility.

No. 1 Phones are introducing yet another smartwatch in the market with the release of No. 1 S3 smartwatch which is and upgraded version of their Sun S2 smartwatch which does not feature microSD card and sim compatibility. No. 1 S3 smartwatch is a standalone smartwatch which does not need to be connected to a [...]

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2015 Best Selling Smartwatches Sale over at Everbuying

Fans, this is a promotion worth sharing as you can pick up some great budget Smartwatches for incredible prices over at Everbuying during their 2015 Bestselling Watches sale.  This sale which starts on September 15th at 9am GMT offers some amazing deals on the following watches. MiFone W15 You can get the MiFone W15 with [...]

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Top Selling Smart Watches over at Gearbest

  iMacwear M7 Smart watch industry is becoming the order of the day. This is because many people are switching over to these computer watches. The best of such watches can be found at gearbest.com. These watches are not only affordable at gearbest; they can ship to you without extra charges. The best smart watches [...]

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Everbuying Oukitel Flash Sale for Smart Phones and a Smart Watch

Many options exist for tech-savvy consumers. The Android operating system remains the most popular choice. There was a time when this technology was a serious investment. Oukitel tosses the idea of expensive phones and smart watches right out the window. Their products already give you top-of-the-line quality at discounted rates. Starting August 19, however, you [...]

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Featuring the Oukitel A28 Smartwatch over at Gearbest

Technology has improved drastically over the years and today, people own a single smart device that years before was composed of several devices. Years before a camera, a voice recorder, a flashlight, a radio, a compass, a library of books, a document scanner and others were separate devices. Today, these devices are fitted on a [...]

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No. 1 Phones Introduces No. 1 Watch Smartwatch With SIM Card Compatibilty

Lately smartwatches are becoming a new trend and many companies are jumping on the idea. Just like them, No. 1 phones are launching their 3rd line up of smartwatches which is a standalone smartwatch called No.1 Watch. Standalone Smartwatch means a smartwatch that doesn't need to be connected to a smartphone to view your messeages, [...]

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Featuring the iradish Y6 Radian Smartwatch

The new iradish Y6 2.5D radian smartwatch is the wave of the future. It comes in stylish gold, black, rose gold, or silver. This device works much like other smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, but for a fraction of the cost. Connect your watch to your phone through Bluetooth, and soon you'll be taking [...]

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