Why Even Twitch Streamers Should Host Their Own Website

Introduced in the year 2011, Twitch has turned into the biggest forum for gamers to connect and show off their talents. Thousands of gamers are using this live-streaming video platform to participate in different eSports competitions and share their live gaming experiences. If you too have a passion for video games and want to become [...]

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7 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting is Important

Any kind of business that wants to succeed will have a good website. There’s no way of skipping out on designing a proper website if you want your business to reach the widest audience possible. And a website cannot operate without a hosting.  If your website constantly suffers downtime and/or can’t handle a large amount [...]

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

Are you thinking of starting a new site but do not have the mastery to create one? WordPress hosting is the perfect solution. Getting the best Wordpress hosting provider will not only help you set up your site but also improve your overall site performance by increasing your loading speed and providing higher-level security performance. [...]

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How to Pick the Best Hosting for Your Magento Website?

The right hosting plan and provider can end up being a long-term solution and definitely improve your business. The differences between various hosting solutions are many, though, and to make the right choice there is a need to understand a few basic principles. So, if you are looking for the best way to get your [...]

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Benefits of a Web Hosting Provider vs Amazon Web Services

Web hosting is the most common method used by most companies nowadays to create, post, and manage a webpage or website on the internet. The two broad categories of popular web hosting services are traditional web hosting services provided by a web hosting provider, and cloud hosting services. One of the leading contenders in cloud [...]

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Hostinger VPS: Affordable VPS Hosting without any Compromise on Quality

One thing I can tell you as a website owner after using several web hosting services over the years is that its mostly about marketing. Most of the web hosts are charging you for their promotional services. There are very few companies that actually charge you only for the services they offer. And when you [...]

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Top 10 Domain Registrars That Accept Bitcoin

Online services are counted as the most useful means of cooperation between an organization and customers. Therefore, the demand for a brand new type of money is higher, nowadays, than whenever before. Digital currency, which enabled people all over the world to accomplish purchases, a bitcoin, was brought in on 3rd July 2009. Those who [...]

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 Can Your Web Hosting Company Fulfill The Claims It is Making? Tips to Find a Genuine Service Provider!

Choosing a good web hosting company is crucial when you wish to use the Internet for your business. However, when it comes to free web hosting services, you will find that many web hosting companies do not deliver the services that they promise. It is here that the problems arise and you suffer when it [...]

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How to Identify A Terrible Web Hosting Company – 21 Warning Signs

When choosing a web hosting provider, a low price is not always a good indicator of how reliable a hosting company is. Since a web hosting is crucial to run an online business successfully, ensuring that you pick the right web host is essential for your brand's credibility, search ranking and traffic. As such, one [...]

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Another Reason to Love WPX Hosting: The Staging Area

I switched over to WPX Hosting about 6 months ago and I have never looked back, the level of performance and support I get from WPX Hosting by far beat the support I was getting from Synthesis and the fact the support team took time to login to my site to tune and install optimization [...]

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