dyplay Wireless TWS Earbuds with ANC are Incredible for the Price

So I had no idea that when dyplay sent me their Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds I would end up considering the my favorite wireless earbuds to date that I have reviewed.  I want to go into the experience and how I believe for under $100 I haven’t not yet tried any earbuds that were wireless that sounded this good but also had such an important feature for “transparent mode” which I will go … Read more

5 Available Wireless Earbuds Options

Well, the time has come to replace your wired headphones or wired earbuds for something better and truly portable. Yes, now everyone needs wireless earbuds! So we are here to help you select the best option for wireless earbuds! Here are some options for your purchase: 1. QCY T5 Truly Wireless Earbuds The QCY T5 is QCY’s new model featuring TWS or true wireless service which means it is free of any wires. The T5 … Read more

xFyro ARIA Wireless Earbuds Review

A couple of months ago, I had covered an article on the xFyro ARIA waterproof earbuds which were booming on Indiegogo. If you haven’t checked that article out yet, click here.  This is my follow up review for the previous article after using the earbuds for more than a month. Box Contents Inside the box, you get a pair of the xFyro ARIA earbuds, a magnetic charging case, two pairs of ear tips, two pairs … Read more

Get Airpod Style Wireless Headphones for Only $9

Wireless headphones are currently some of the most popular options on the market. People have realized how convenient they are when it comes to getting things done and not being attached to any devices. Currently, TomTop is running a deal where you can get i11 TWS Bluetooth headphones for only $8.99. These headphones come with their own carrying case, have a battery life of two hours of constant use (with 100 hours of standby). They … Read more

Crazybaby Nano 1S Headphone Review

More and more headphones are being created without wires, and now there are some like the Crazybaby Nano 1S earbuds which are even smaller and ready on the go. Right out of the box, one thing I appreciated about these headphones is the packaging. It feels very much like an Apple product with a sleek box and overall design. While the design is solid and the carrying case looks sharp, the bass isn’t too strong … Read more

CShidworld True Wireless Earbuds Review

So cshidworld came out with their 2nd generation version of wireless earbuds and they are greatly improved over the first generation model in both sound quality but also fit in the ear and functionality.  Now like other TWS earbuds which stand for True Wireless Stereo they support working as a paired stereo headphone style or can be used individually like a single earpiece headset for phone calls.  Each earbud has a separate microphone and works … Read more

Enter to Win Syllable D900 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are like me and don’t really appreciate wireless Bluetooth earbuds having a wire that sits on the back of your neck bouncing up and down while running or walking, then you may very well be interested in checking out the Syllable D900 Mini Bluetooth earbuds.  These earbuds which individually charge in a charging base directly just plug into your ear canal and pair with each other as well as your phone or tablet … Read more

Syllable D700 In-Ear Wireless Sport Earphones Review

As someone who enjoys going for walks and jogging I am very emphatic in wanting the right Bluetooth headset that will not fall out of my ears and deliver sound with enough clarity and bass to enjoy my run.  Syllable had send me their D900 Wireless earbuds to review in the past and while the fact that each earbud was completely independent which made them truly wire free, they did not stay put in the … Read more

Syllable D900S Wireless Earbuds Review

I had a pair of Syllable D900S Wireless Earbuds sent to me for review over the past few weeks and I made sure I used them for almost a solid month before finishing up my review.  What you get with the D900S are high-quality earbuds that are truly independent and sit in each ear without any cord connecting them.  They include the charging station where you plug the station into a USB cable and simply … Read more