Basics of Becoming An Influencer — The Do’s and Don’ts

Due to the advent of technology and everyday use of social media platforms, among one of the most famous and wanted jobs is becoming an influencer. There are so many perks you can get from becoming a social media influencer. Of course, there’s the fame, the thought of people looking up to you, inspiring your audience, having connections with people, being invited to big events, being sent PR packages, being asked to be a model … Read more

5 Best WordPress Plugin Review in 2020

In the present scenario, whoever does online shopping or buy online services tends to read the customer review. It is normal consumer behavior to know about the person or business from whom they are buying the product or services. In fact, a study shows that around 80% of people check product reviews before making the transaction. If you have prepared a beautiful website for your business and want to add WordPress Review Plugin then you have landed … Read more

Can AI Writer Create Decent Tech News Articles?

As I am always curious about the recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning particularly in the blogging and entertainment space, I decided to check out  a free AI generated article at AI Writer and I wanted to see just how well it could do if I just feed it a heading of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU and see what kind of content it can curate from scratch.  Now this isn’t submitting an entire … Read more

Overview of Drupal: Pros and Cons for an Online Store

Choosing a CMS for an online store is a difficult task. It is impossible to launch a good e-commerce platform without it. It should be convenient for the site administrator to use it and for the visitors to make purchases. Today, we invite you to take a look at Drupal as one of the best CMS for e-commerce. So, let’s start with a general review. General Review The online store CMS plays a crucial role … Read more

5 Best Custom Web App Development Software

Are you looking for the best software available that are specialized in custom web app development? If yes, then you have just landed at the right spot, because in this article we have reviewed twelve of the best custom web app development software that will uplift your business website a little more and will enhance the experience of every customer visiting your site. Now without wasting any other minute and let’s begin with the review, … Read more

Writing as a Profession: Toolkit for everyone

Writing is never an easy job but with the right toolkit, the burden of your massive work may become lessened. Hence almost all professional and reputed writers rely on a certain toolkit rather than doing everything on their own. When you use a toolkit it can greatly assist you with providing an error-free document and this will, in turn, help you to potentially win more and more clients or just have better written content for … Read more

Benefits of Rocket Web Hosting

In today’s world, there’s a million reasons you could need a website. Whether you’re starting a side hustle, need a portfolio, want to start a blog, or any other reason, an essential part of a website is a good website host. The last thing you need is a slow website host because the slower your site is, the less people will stick around to try and read it. Today, we’re going to go over Rocket … Read more

Reasons to quit the job and work as a freelance developer

There are several reasons as to why one has to quit full-time jobsas a software developer and start to experience the lives as freelancers. When you become a freelance software developer at dormzi or other businesses, you do not have to restrict yourself only to developing projects related to software development. You can also try your hands on the other areas of expertise where you feel that you can offer your services confidently. Know more … Read more

Must-Have Features for Membership Websites

Have you ever visited a website that requires you to register, either to pay or for free, to access its content? That’s an excellent example of a membership website where only registered members can fully access whatever it offers exclusively on individual site pages or the site itself.  Membership websites are designed to provide specific content with their active members and protect copyright materials that only privilege members can access. These sites enable both paying … Read more

PlayStation 5 Community Giveaway

We had a smashing success with our GPU Giveaway last month (you can see winner at bottom of this email) and wanted to keep the momentum going with a couple of new giveaway launches in September while we build to our big holiday giveaway launch next month. This month we did something new, we decided to join and participate in a “Community Giveaway” this is where a whole bunch of entertainers/streamers get together and … Read more

Diversify Affiliate Income with MagicLinks and

As an online entrepreneur running several blogs and social media sites including our new Twitch streaming channel where we have grown over the past year I often share my advice and experiments with others in an attempt to provide information. Some of this information may help you make decisions for your own online pursuits and influence you in what you should do, shouldn’t do or at least provide information so you can make the best … Read more

How Technology Has Made Essay Writing Easy and Efficient

Education is one of the areas of life that technology has completely revolutionized in the past few decades. Especially, the emergence of the Internet, computers, smartphones, and tablets has changed the way students write essays today. In the past, you were on your own. To complete an essay, students had to conduct research using books and journals. Some even had to ask their friends to help. The situation is completely different today. With a lot … Read more

Things You Need to Know About Becoming an Influencer

If you’re on social media and trying to make a name for yourself, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not the only one. In fact, there are thousands, if not millions of people attempting to do the same thing – whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This means that in terms of doing well and becoming an influencer, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Let’s take a look at what you … Read more

Should Bloggers Consider Podcasting as Well?

If you’ve been brainstorming creative ways to tap into digital marketing and explore new growth opportunities, you might want to consider a podcast. Simply put, audio content is very convenient for the consumer, no matter who they are. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it may be worth investing in. And no matter what type of industry you’re in, chances are there’s a podcast you can start to cater to it. For … Read more

Don’t Make These Common Email Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll start seeing the email metrics you’re looking for. Image courtesy of Pexels. When done right, email can be a powerful tool that provides you with impressive engagement and a high return on investment. On the other hand, if you’re not taking the time to improve your emails, they can also become a disappointment. If you’re seeing poor results or from your email marketing month after month, it might be … Read more

Affiliate Marketing: Who are the Golden Boys?

While everyone on this planet can do affiliate marketing, the tricky issue is doing it well. This job is a mixture of discipline, skill, and creativity, and it is not easy to make those three combine into something acceptable for both human and AI eyes. Also, there is the business part. Unless you want to invest your time and money into making a direct sales platform using Shopify and dropshipping, you need to find manufacturers … Read more

5 Ways of Increasing the Speed of Your WordPress Website

Learning how to speed up WordPress is an essential skill for any website owner. Since page load speed affects everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversions, user satisfaction, and end-revenue. Although using a PSD to HTML service to build your website will ensure it is fast, you can still take a few steps yourself. In this article, we’ll teach you multiple ways to increase WordPress page speeds. 1. Investing in Hosting Quality One of … Read more

Email Delivery Services Seem To Do The Task Very Well

Have you ever wondered what happens when you press send while mailing the message? So, if you are sending it through your Gmail App, it directly gets routed through email service’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service to your recipient’s SMTP mail service. Millions of people use mail for their official purpose, but how it works remains ignored. So if you are thinking about how these emails get sends, it’s with the help of transactional Email … Read more

What Are The Major Types Of Programmatic Media Buying?

The process of automatic buying and selling of the amount of ad space available to a publisher to sell to an advertiser in actual time through an automatic bidding system is known as programmatic advertising or programmatic marketing or programmatic media. Through a very sophisticated ecosystem, it helps brands or agencies to purchase ad impressions on publisher sites or apps within seconds. Let’s discuss some types of dealing with programmatic rules to serve ads on … Read more