Why Should You Link Your Instagram Account with WordPress

There’s no denying that social media is gaining prominence globally! Initially, social media channels were mostly used by common people to be in touch with their loved ones and develop social connections. Today, social media platforms are used by established brands, small and big business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, social influencers, and many more. It helps them to keep in touch with their audience and engage frequently. Instagram is a popular social media platform that most … Read more

5 Common Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

No matter what industry you have, your business in marketing is crucial to every business. It has the capability of making or breaking a business. Hence, it is vital to develop a marketing plan that is efficient enough and delivers enormous results. Successful marketing requires smart planning, and the right set of choices will help you rank high. In-depth knowledge of marketing strategies is crucial to attaining success. Moreover, it is also essential to know … Read more

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

It’s no secret that people across the world are rushing to find new ways of making money. The economy is in trouble and millions have lost their jobs, at least temporarily. Earning cash from home has never been more important. The bad news is it is not as easy as those bots commenting on Instagram make it out to be. The good news is that it does not have to be all that difficult either. … Read more

Three Bad Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Email List

If you have an email list, you want people to receive your promotions and newsletters. Email hygiene is crucial in this equation. This article will explore the three bad things that can happen if you don’t clean your email list. You’ll get a bad sender reputation Internet service providers (ISPs) assign a score to anyone who sends emails, and this goes for both personal email addresses and organizations. The score determines what emails go into … Read more

The Challenges of Being a Niche-Specific Blog

In this age of digital marketing, numerous individuals are creating a name for themselves through blogging and monetizing their content. For many who do not have such popularity yet might have thought about starting a blog themselves. And as glamorous as the blogging life seems to be, it can come with a lot of challenges. A Look into Blogging Some of these challenges can come even as the title of your blog. Yes, as surprising … Read more

What Freelancers Can Do in Their Freetime During Coronavirus

We are currently experiencing a unique time in our lives. The coronavirus is forcing many of us to stay at home and work remotely. But what about the people that already work from home, freelancers? Most likely, some freelancers will have seen a drop in work during this time. While this isn’t great for your income projections, it is a golden opportunity to work on your freelance business. Here are five things you should focus … Read more

Free at Last: Beginners Guide for Aspiring Freelancers

If you asked people what the main source of stress and frustration in their lives was, 8 out of 10 will probably tell you it’s their job. It has become a common trait of the highly competitive world we live in, for people to feel weighed down by their jobs, even if they like it. This is why some are quitting their jobs to start their own businesses, while many more leave their day jobs … Read more

Startup Journey: Turning Your Idea Into an Established Brand Online

Over the past few years, the startup ecosystem has been witnessing quite the boom. A lot of people are simply starting their own companies. Perhaps it’s because of the fact that it is easier than ever to do that now, courtesy of the internet and the different players in entrepreneurial circles. But a part of it is also because many youths are fascinated by the glamour of being a CEO before the age of 25. … Read more

Must-Avoid Mistakes When Launching a Google Display Campaign

No matter how hard you try to put together a successful advertising campaign, there are probably a few things you haven’t considered, especially if you’re still in your early stages. That’s not something to worry about since the learning process takes time. However, there are a few things that could be overcome with a little bit more knowledge, which is why in this article, we’ll discuss the four mistakes to avoid when launching a Google … Read more

What Does Your Blog Audience Expect from You in 2020?

  It’s 2020 and the outlook for blogging has changed dramatically over the past decade. Remember when a 200 word blog post was more than enough? Or when a blog post didn’t have so much as a header image? That doesn’t wash anymore. Royalty Free Photo We’re living in an age of information overload. If your blog posts are to stand out, they need to offer something new and different to everything else available online. … Read more

Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

In marketing, the term “lead generation” refers to the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into services or products of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as sales leads, list building, or newsletter acquisition. It’s the process of building awareness with your target audience members through clever content and enticing them with offers they’ll want to sign up for. It sounds pretty simple, but there are certain nuances you’ll need to be … Read more

A Quick Guide to Find Trending Twitter Hashtags

The microblogging website Twitter has been a hit among the global population for quite some time. Apart from being a leading platform to discuss social issues, sharing memes, and more, it is widely used by brands and blogs for promotional activities. All of these activities on Twitter run around what’s trending among the masses, and the prime mover of all this is (#) hashtags. To sum it all up: Twitter runs on a simple mechanism. … Read more

Time Management Tips For The Busy Blogger

Many bloggers, especially the new ones, battle with time. Because the to-do in blogging is enormous, especially when one has to work hard to promote and increase the natural referencing of your service. Many others have experienced the same, and some are still in the phase of trying to manage time effectively. Now, what strategy do we bloggers have to adapt to achieve more in a little time? How do you think we can collectively … Read more

How to Choose The Right Digital Company For Your Product?

There are many online options such as social media, PPC, email, content, SEO available for you to promote your product in the market. But, if you are getting confused to choose the right one, then digital marketing company helps you in this. To choose the right digital marketing company is not an easy task. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies available today in the market to confuse you. Every day new marketing tactics are … Read more

How to Achieve a Screaming Fast Website

The internet is used more than ever for just about any imaginable business transaction. Having a slow-loading website that times out often is frustrating for the customer and can potentially do irreparable damage to your brand. Fortunately, the tools used to build websites have evolved, and there are many optimization practices and procedures that can ensure your website loads fast and give an enjoyable experience to the end-user. Read on to know more about how … Read more

Why Should You Consider Implementing Anti-Spam Protection?

Spam can be a real problem if your website or blog uses hosting for WordPress and any other CMS of an open type. Even with a regular robot and not a high number of visitors, your site constantly receives traffic from bots. Every year, the percentage of automated traffic increases at great speed. It may sound odd, but bot traffic growth is outpacing organic traffic growth. The bot is now much “smarter” than before, so … Read more

Want To Start Blogging This 2020? Here’s How

Is one of your New Years’ resolutions to start a blog? The good news is that starting a blog is relatively easy once you know the basics. You just have to determine your passions, write what you know or are willing to research and get your new website up and running. Most individuals can accomplish all of this in just a few weeks. Determine your passions The first step to starting a successful blog involves … Read more

Great blogging tools you may never have heard of 

Blogging can be hard work and time-consuming, in particular when you first get started. But the more you do it the easier it becomes and the less time it takes. This is largely because, along the way, you end up discovering little tricks and tools that make everything much easier. Below, are some apps, online resources, services and software than any blogger can use to make their life easier.  A super-fast way to create citations  … Read more

Drupal vs WordPress: Explaining The 5 Key Differences

Building and managing a website has never been so easy. Thanks to the content management system (CMS) software that anyone can easily build and manage a website today. Doing so is no more a hard nut to crack. It takes no time to create a fully-functional website with a CMS and the users needn’t write any code. However, the availability of different types of CMS these days also raises a question about which one to … Read more

Simple Guidelines for Future Bloggers

In the early 2000s, blogging was just a method of self-expression for writers and artists. In its infancy, blogs were quite rare for businesses. Blogs later evolved to be more about SEO, not just conversation. With the rise of social media marketing, search engines started their quests for more content, making blogging an important marketing tool. However, people still use blogs for many different purposes. You can blog to make money online by running ads … Read more