Unusual Approaches for Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Everyone talks about Instagram and how it can benefit your brand. And many marketers stick to the standard marketing approaches. We agree those are helpful, but we genuinely believe there are several unusual marketing strategies you can use on this social media platform. So, if you are interested in finding well-working ways to increase your brand awareness, read on to find out our recommendations. Set up a contest Contests are the best thing about Instagram. … Read more

6 Reasons Why Video Is A Great Strategy For Your Social Media Marketing

Shifting the ways we communicate or interact with our surroundings, as well as allowing us to grasp more information and understand the world better, social media has revolutionized life as we know it. All kinds of businesses depend on social media marketing to drive traffic and generate leads for it. Influencers and other social media marketing users depend on it to increase their fan base and generate more income. Social media marketing allows you to … Read more

Instagram Stories Vs Posts: Understanding the Difference

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today. With around 1 billion active users registered until now, the future of this platform seems bright. While a lot of companies and marketing agencies use Instagram to its full potential to market their content, products, and services, a lot of you are still new to this booming platform. And with its rise, Instagram is developing and introducing new features at a rapid pace.  If you … Read more

Secrets on How to Make a Mark on Social Media

Making a mark or getting noticed on Social Media is a big deal in this day and age. Many young people now see becoming a Social Media influencer as a career path. Since it’s paying the bills, who says it’s not a career path. However, making a mark on Social Media can be highly tasking. This article is aimed at exposing you to the secrets on how to make a mark on Social Media. Statistics … Read more

How to Grow Your TikTok with Automation

It’s a new year, which means it’s a new chance to start fresh with your social media growth. 2019 may not have been the best year in terms of gaining new followers and more engagement – but there’s always another chance, right? With all the competition on TikTok these days, it’s wise to think about how resourceful you can be both with your time and money. One thing that we think is truly worth an … Read more

6 Tips to Help Grow Your Instagram Followers and Increase Business

Each day, social media platforms like Instagram increase their popularity, which is a bonus for businesses and organizations. Your company can sign up for Instagram and create new content that attracts followers while enticing your current customer base. The visual content could provide excellent results, but you have to connect to users and get them on your company’s page. Take a look at how to do just that! Irrelevant Hashtags are Always Wrong Social media … Read more

A Quick Guide to Find Trending Twitter Hashtags

The microblogging website Twitter has been a hit among the global population for quite some time. Apart from being a leading platform to discuss social issues, sharing memes, and more, it is widely used by brands and blogs for promotional activities. All of these activities on Twitter run around what’s trending among the masses, and the prime mover of all this is (#) hashtags. To sum it all up: Twitter runs on a simple mechanism. … Read more

How to Increase Instagram Followers with 5 Important Hacks

Various social media platforms have immensely grown in the previous few years and gained a lot of prominence. It has become a great way stay updated with the lives of friends and to keep friends updated with your lives. Among the trendiest social media platforms is also Instagram. Instagram has more than one billion users all over the world as is among the most powerful and influential platforms along with various other platforms such as … Read more

How to Improve Engagement With Facebook Insights

How users interact with each post that you have on your Facebook account is what we call engagement. The amount of engagement that your users have on your Facebook page can be determined by looking into the number of interactions that are taking place on the platform. This is when Facebook Insight will prove to be very helpful. It is through this feature that page owners can figure out whether their marketing strategies implemented on … Read more

Instagram – new phishing attack bait

Instagram is one of the major social media channels out there. On an everyday basis, you will come across a variety of developments. However, you also need to beware of the potential hazards on this social media channel. Recently, the active users on this social media channels are being targeted by a new phishing campaign. It lures the users to give their credentials. Fake copyright infringement alerts are being used which creates a sense of … Read more

15 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Marketers

For each aspect of the work of the marketing department, dozens of tools exist nowadays. In this article, we will talk about the best apps with which any member of your marketing team will be able to increase their work efficiency. Here is a list of 15 of the best tools to improve work efficiency.

5 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Best Marketing Platform

Instagram is one of the rapidly growing, social media platforms. Since its origin in 2010 as a photo-sharing app, it has become a fantastic tool to kick-start your business. But, how can Instagram help to expand your brand’s presence in the industry? What makes Instagram a great marketing platform? Keep reading to know! Instagram Has Incredibly High Engagement Rates The biggest reason why Instagram is an excellent organic platform is that you can see a … Read more

Just How Safe Is Facebook? An Honest Take

To say that Facebook has had a rough go of things as of late is an understatement. Between Mark Zuckerburg’s awkward testimony in front of Congress a recent data breach exposing the personal information of 419 million users, people are scratching their heads and asking “How safe is Facebook?” Somehow, the social media juggernaut is still alive and very much kicking. But is now the time to jump off of Facebook for good? Keep reading … Read more

Does Everyone Like Me?: How to Get More Likes On Instagram

Are you wondering how to get more likes on your Instagram page? Check out this guide to learn how to get more likes on Instagram. Do you use Instagram? If so, the chances are you adore that feeling you get when a post racks up plenty of likes from friends, family, and strangers browsing your profile. It’s nice to have your best photos recognized, after all! But sometimes, a photo you love seems to get … Read more

Easy Way to Get TikTok Fans

We all know that with the growing presence of social media across the globe, the introduction of more new social media applications are coming into play and are revolutionizing the lives of the people. With the Interesting Reading: How to Buy YouTube Views Without Damaging Your Channel oduction of social media, the way we communicate with each other has become seamless and flexible. Moreover, many have managed to make their identity in the globalized world … Read more

How to Make your Instagram Look Cool

Forget everything about Instagram altogether and let’s begin fresh. These are the things you need to understand to create an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing. I mean a coherent look by being visually pleasing. Overall, when your feed looks nice, individuals are more likely to like your pictures, follow you, and return for more.  If you find it quite a difficult thing to maintain your account, well, bless us for this article then, you … Read more

10 Most Useful YouTube Channels

YouTube is the place where most people watch amazing videos today. This platform is blown up with new music videos and viral clips every day. However, maintaining constant domination on YouTube is not easy. All most subscribed youtubers to claim their content useful, have to update with relevant and quality content that targets a particular audience with certain frequency. That’s the only way a channel can attract and keep a loyal fan-base. Here are some … Read more


Why would you want to get followers on insta4likes.com? Does it not seem kind of pointless? These are features that occur naturally and over time. After all, followers are a feature that can be earned on social media and, when this is the case, it feels so much more rewarding. You can prove to yourself that your content and your profile is a hit and that people are taking an interest in what you are … Read more

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts and the Impact to Influencers and Brands

People can have variable reactions if Instagram didn’t tell them the number of Likes a certain post received. It’s actually an experiment by Instagram to hide Like counts, which they’re doing in Canada. Someone creating a post will usually open the Likers window to get an overview of whoever hearted their post. According to the app’s head Adam Mosseri, the profile has been redesigned so follower counts are less noticeable. The Instagram algorithm will still … Read more

Top Apps That Can Help You With Blogging On Instagram

Instagram has changed the way people blog. It has become more than just a pastime as it also offers a marketing platform for business owners. With over half a billion active users, Instagram has created its own force of social media influencers. These influencers use their accounts to post pictures and videos for their followers, as well as links to their own website to publicize and sell their merchandise. In order to be an efficient … Read more