A look at how drones can be used in natural disasters to drop Wi-Fi

Natural disasters can be dangerous and damaging to countries and cities. Not only do they typically destroy roads, homes, bridges and anything in its way, they often take out the area’s power grid leaving the area unconnected and alone. For this reason, it can be hard to communicate with those trapped in these areas, making it almost impossible to offer relief aids. (Image: Project OWL) Unable to contact the injured, first responders and emergency services … Read more

Unusual But Awesome Ways People Use Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have gone viral over the past couple of years. When drone use became more widespread, their uses revolved around filming and video production. However, nowadays, drones are used for different purposes. Many of these purposes might sound unusual, but smart at the same time for how they contribute to our daily life routine. There is no doubt that the uses of drones are unlimited, here are some of these … Read more

4 Best Quadcopters for Travel

Many people buy quadcopters in order to shoot videos of their travels. This is a very sensible solution. When we go on any trip, we buy tickets, book St George Hotel, take a quadcopter and discover new and beautiful places. After all, if you still manage to look at them from a bird’s eye view, you will experience unforgettable emotions. In this article, we will tell you about four ideal for traveling quadcopter. The Phantom … Read more

How To Fly a Drone Like a Pro

So you just purchased your very first drone. Do you know how to fly it? Do you want to use it to take pictures? Maybe you want to race it or do tricks with it. Regardless of how you want to fly it, there are a few things you first need to learn how to do before flying a drone like a pro. We are going to lay out a step by step process of … Read more

3 Drone Models Under $100

Finding a budget drone can be pretty easy for those that are looking for some options and want to get their hands on what can be a very fun hobby. I’m going to show off three drone models all each under $100 that you will enjoy and will be able to compare.   Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera The Holy Stone F181C is a Drone that comes in right around $65 … Read more

Showcasing the DJI Digital FPV System

When it comes to people looking for a way to record some stunning views of any particular landscape, the way to go about it in our modern world is by way of using a drone. Drones have become extremely popular over the last ten years and now there is a sport where people get together and race their drones by way of a set course. Some of these courses can be extremely challenging and for … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Must Choose A Drone That Has A Long Flight Time

There is no denying that drones are becoming more and more popular. Individuals from all walks of life and businesses from all industries are using these unmanned devices to capture stunning images and breath-taking aerial shots. While it is true that the demand from drones is growing in all markets, but that doesn’t mean that all drones are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to flight times. Flight is without a doubt one … Read more

The Top Rated Drones of 2018

Today, technology development has come up with the must-have top-notch drones. Many of these super quality drones come with sporting portable form factors and 4k cameras. The drones have also taken video production to a higher level with its hallmark super steady video stabilization. Most of the drones are easy to operate with no expertise required. What is the best drone for you? Half Chrome helps you choose the right drone for your needs regardless … Read more

Drones Currently Used in the Field of Real Estate

When you enter the field of real estate, one of the first lessons you should learn is how to market the homes you will be showing. Luckily, technology has made this easier than ever with the explosion of drone tech onto the marketing scene. You can take photos from hundreds of feet in the air, capturing every angle of a property. Drones are advanced enough to carry multiple types of cameras, as well as precise … Read more

The Impact of Drones on Online Betting

Drones are changing the way that we can see our world. They can go remotely into situations that would endanger the lives of human photographers. It means that they can send photos and streamed footage of scenes and events from previously unseen angles and proximity. They are now being deployed increasingly to capture sporting events from exciting new angles too. Up until recently the only way that mobile events were able to be recorded by keeping pace … Read more

The Intermediate’s Guide to have a Budget Drone

If you have taken some time to consider the options available for buying a drone, you will discover there are overwhelming numbers from which you can pick one. The only challenge many people often run into is having an insufficient budget to buy the best drone. However, this should no longer be a challenge as you can find a good drone on a budget. There are drones of all sizes and with different capabilities that … Read more

The 5 Best Drones Under $200

  Image Credit: Pixabay Getting a drone that costs less than $200 and offers various functionalities could be quite challenging for drone enthusiasts and hobbyists as well as professionals. This is because the drone market continues to get more competitive by the day. Even more, there are crucial factors worth considering when faced with the choice of drone to get. These include the stability and flight time of the drone, how well and easily it … Read more

5 Best Drones for Beginners in 2018

Drones are some of the most recent devices used for hobbies like photography and action recording. They have been manufactured by the military in the 1990. Nowadays, they can be purchased online and in stores almost anywhere. There are different types of drones, for multiple purposes. Also, there are drones for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. In this article we are going to show you some of the best drones created for beginners. These quadcopters … Read more

Powerful Benefits Of Drone Photo and Video Images For Your Business Website

  More and more businesses, advertising agencies, and companies today are using drone photos and videos. It deviates from traditional photography by giving viewers a unique point of view through stunning aerial shots. It perfectly creates a unique outlook, creating more compelling images, which engages potential customers and users online. Here are the powerful benefits of drone photo and video images. It makes you stand out from the crowd Want a way to stand out … Read more

DJI Mavic Vs DJI Phantom – Which One You Should Choose

Are you looking for the best flagship drone to get the ultimate experience? Then you are at the right place. Currently, plenty of companies are also jostling to get drones in the air, but choosing the best drone is really important. Still, now DJI always seems to be a step ahead of the rest and the company has a drone for everyone from amateur aviators to pro pilots.  In order to pick which model is … Read more

Buyers’ Guide to Commercial Drone Insurance

All types of remote controlled / unmanned vehicles can post a danger to both the operator and the public. We’ve put together this page to help keep you, your drone, and the general public safe during your flights. Precautions Matters! We suggest that you always wear eye protection when operating a drone. Spinning propellers can do significant damage and may cause blindness if you are struck by an out of control craft. We would also … Read more

Gearbest Deals of the Day

FuriBee Q95 95mm Micro FPV Racing Drone This drone from FuriBee has a 3K carbon fiber frame that serves as great protection for the FPV camera. It also lands high when it’s coming down so it doesn’t scratch, which is a common problem for some drones. Included is a 700TVL HD CMOS camera with real-time video sharing. There are two different types for this drone: the BNF with the 16CH receiver, and the PNP version. Features: … Read more

How are Drones Impacting the Oil and Gas Industry?

Image: Techcrunch A fast evolving number of nations have passed regulations allowing energy organizations to station inspection drones for their maintenance needs. By this, they are saving man hours and money, as well as circumventing most of the potentially unsafe work. Drone inspection involves analysis of large volume of data(videos, IR thermal images, high resolution photographs) that are collected during drone flight. This article explains how drones are playing a key role in the oil … Read more

How Has Technology Improved Safety in the Workplace?

Advanced robotics, high-speed data processing, 3d visualisations and now upcoming virtual reality has changed the way how industries are run today. We have seen great advancements in construction, oil and gas, mining and various other industries thanks to the technological advancements, like use of project management software and construction project bidding software etc., which has improved productivity, lowered the costs and enhanced safety. With all these advancements we are not behind on innovation in workplace … Read more

How to Buy a Drone

Imagine owning your own drone. Yes, it’s possible. I’m not talking about those big drones used by the U.S. military. Regular consumers who have an interest in aerial photography, landscaping, or are just hobbyists can own small drones. Budget drones, especially, do not cost a lot of money and are small enough not to require FAA permits to fly in your backyard. There are technically two types of drones anyone can buy: do-it-yourself (DIY) drones … Read more