Tech That Will Help to Keep Kids Entertained During the Lockdown

Picture Source Coronavirus has changed everyone’s lives more than we could have anticipated. The spread of the virus around the world has forced countries to minimise travel across their borders and to place lockdown restrictions on citizens, asking everyone except key workers to stay home and away from others. This, of course, will slow the [...]

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Games Children Can Play Using Walkie Talkies While Staying Indoors

With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on us, everyone must stay indoors, practice physical distancing with neighbors, friends, relatives, as well as follow the safety directives issued by the health authorities. As the days pass, the enforced isolation can begin to irritate people, make them antsy, have cabin fever, or even drive them stir-crazy. For parents [...]

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3 of the Best New Tech Gadgets & Gear for the Home

As a devoted technophile, you pride yourself in having as much of the latest and greatest technology in your home as possible. Your family room already features an enormous 4K HD television with plenty of streaming services built right in, you are always happy to stand in line for the latest smartphone and you have [...]

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High-Tech Gadgets to Use When Doing Work from Home

Nowadays more and more people are working from home. The latest developments in the world have led to increased work from home and, to do your best, you need some good gadgets to make your work easier and more efficient. Remember that gadgets can significantly improve your effectiveness and productivity. They will also make your [...]

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When Technology Goes Wrong

In today’s modern world, technology is king. With various worldwide companies vying for the most innovative, the most modern and the most advanced solutions to everyday life, things are developing at a supersonic rate. Technology is unavoidable - it seems that you can’t even watch a gig or live event without thousands of other screens [...]

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The Tech Gadgets We’re Most Excited About for 2020

Whether you’re a tech fiend yourself, or just want to buy a gadget for the tech-lover in your life, there are a number of great options on the market in 2020. The great thing about technology is that it’s upgraded and improved upon each year, so even if there’s a device that you currently love, [...]

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5 Gadgets You Need to Consider For Your Gaming Experience

  If you are a gaming enthusiast, chances are, your yearning to keep on upgrading your gadgets never ends. If you love your gaming PC more than anything else in this world, don’t worry. We understand you. Besides, you are not alone in such passion for gaming. In fact, research reveals that the gaming industry [...]

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How to Pick an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards give you the satisfying thrill of cruising around without sweating much. As long as you’re confident on your board, electric skateboards are an efficient and entertaining solution when you have to walk a mile or two after alighting the bus. However, picking the right skateboard can be confusing because you have to make [...]

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How Technology Made Our Daily Routine Easier

I don't think anyone will argue that the recent advancements in technology have made our lives considerably easier. Those people who told us we wouldn't have a calculator on us at all times are probably banging their heads against the wall right now. From phones to smart TV's, technology has made life easy and entertaining [...]

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6 Gadgets to Help Overcome Your Boredom at Work

Technology has made significant progress over the past few decades, and it’s quite fascinating to behold. Things that were merely a dream in the past are now a part of our daily life, and the world is all the better for it. Between the internet and smartphones, our lives have become extremely dependent on technology [...]

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Want to Start Streaming? Here’s What You Need to Have

Creating content and showing people cool and useful things can be great, depending on how informative and friendly you are, you might find yourself getting a lot of attention from viewers. Whether it's travel guides, reviews, gaming, or general news and opinions. So, if you're thinking of live streaming and you don't know what you [...]

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Maximizing The Use Of A Motorbike

  It is in our basic human nature to seek thrills and go after the unknown –– for most people, anyway. While a lot seeks that thrill of climbing mountains, doing wild activities like skydiving, or even gambling, it is riding a motorbike that provides a rare experience you can’t really get elsewhere. Sure, skydiving [...]

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Top 6 Gift Ideas for The Techie in The Family

Every family has at least one absolute tech geek. Shopping for that gadget-obsessed individual can seem pretty challenging at first. The good thing about technology is that it is developing by the second, meaning you’ll have loads of options to choose from. So if you want to buy a gift for the family techie, you [...]

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