Advice On How To Launch A Multi Vendor Marketplace

Nowadays, it is very simple to buy and sell practically anything you want on the internet. We only need to look at Amazon as a great example of a great online platform that features countless products. This includes both digital and physical products. Digitization is an on-going trend that is changing the entire world. The great thing about digitization is that literally anyone can launch a multi vendor marketplace. However, this does not guarantee success, … Read more


How Long-form Content Can Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Customers are looking for reassurance from your brand and when they visit your website they are seeking valid and authentic information to help solve a problem they face or a need to be satisfied. It is here that long-form content can interest your customers because you have more opportunity to address their concerns and suggest solutions. Customers do look at content because they need information and if the content is something that interests them it … Read more

How to Write Instagram Caption that Will Attract Audience

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash In order to attract an audience on Instagram, you have to focus on not only the photos you post but also the captions you write. People are drawn to beautiful pictures, but to hook these people, you have to make sure that your Instagram captions are captivating. It is important to know that captions are as important as photos. A weak caption can ruin the appeal of a beautiful … Read more

Why Even Twitch Streamers Should Host Their Own Website

Introduced in the year 2011, Twitch has turned into the biggest forum for gamers to connect and show off their talents. Thousands of gamers are using this live-streaming video platform to participate in different eSports competitions and share their live gaming experiences. If you too have a passion for video games and want to become a streamer, Twitch is an ideal platform for you. However, if you want to earn some money and recognition out … Read more

Apps Every Marketing Agency Should Be Using

When it comes to technology, it has both made the world more productive and more distracted. There are a ton of options out there, all of which are supposed to improve your life in one way or another. Each thing is supposed to make you better, faster, and smarter than before you had it. The problem is, there are so many options out there, it’s hard to determine what to pick. Marketing agencies are one … Read more

How to Increase Instagram Followers with 5 Important Hacks

Various social media platforms have immensely grown in the previous few years and gained a lot of prominence. It has become a great way stay updated with the lives of friends and to keep friends updated with your lives. Among the trendiest social media platforms is also Instagram. Instagram has more than one billion users all over the world as is among the most powerful and influential platforms along with various other platforms such as … Read more

How to Improve Engagement With Facebook Insights

How users interact with each post that you have on your Facebook account is what we call engagement. The amount of engagement that your users have on your Facebook page can be determined by looking into the number of interactions that are taking place on the platform. This is when Facebook Insight will prove to be very helpful. It is through this feature that page owners can figure out whether their marketing strategies implemented on … Read more

Best Apps to Design Your Own Marketing Material

When it comes to marketing your own website you want to make sure that you are having the best looking material possible. You want to make sure that whatever materials you’re using are good in quality and are sure to catch the eye of whatever outreach you are looking for. I am going to be discussing just a few apps that will help you design your own marketing material that is very easy to use … Read more

Even Twitch Broadcasters Benefit from Digital Marketing

Being a Twitch streamer is one that can, so long as you do it properly, be one that you can reap a lot of benefits from financially. Twitch is a great way to make some extra income as long as you are taking into consideration that you have to do it right and be smart along the way. I myself am a Twitch streamer and there are certain things I must do to make sure … Read more

6 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore

As we enter what can convincingly be described as the digital era, businesses will thrive or die according to how effectively they embrace their digital marketing. The days of email newsletters and hashtag campaigns are long gone, with even the smallest local businesses embracing the cutting edge of marketing technology to engage with their target audiences in fresh and personalized ways. If you’re wondering what the competition is really up to, here are the top … Read more

4 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates using Videos

Photo credit: Videos are becoming more useful in marketing campaigns. They are also responsible for the massive traffic many online businesses get from the internet daily. And the reason for this is simple: our brains process information from visual contents faster than texts. Visitors also spend less time and energy watching videos. We live in a time where everyone does things in haste and often claims about the lack. You will even find students … Read more

9 Tips for an Effective Technology Blog Link Outreach Campaign

You may be creating quality technology-related content, but it seems that it isn’t getting as much exposure as you have planned. This is something that happens quite often today, but you can’t let it discourage you. Instead, you should invest more time and effort into launching a successful link outreach campaign. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve singled out 9 easy tips that will definitely assist you in attracting the attention of the … Read more

How Has the UK Government’s Crackdown on Games Aimed at Kids Affected Online Casinos?

Online casinos have proven to be very popular and have played a transformative role in the gambling industry. Players have more choice than ever before and can even pick games which are themed according to their favorite bands, films, and TV character, the Motorhead Slot game from BetAt, for example. As online casinos first started to appear, there were concerns voiced in some corners that by making gambling more widely available, and by allowing gamblers … Read more

A Complete Guide to Email Marketing

Like any other written correspondence, email marketing is all about content, and when you are pitching to a potential buyer, a critical balance needs to be achieved between giving away content and selling. Too much content with little focus on calls to action is a common mistake, while pushing the hard sell with little content has the same result, which is low conversion. If you would like your email marketing to stand out, here are … Read more

Top 10 Simple SEO Tools for Digital Agencies that Even Telecommunication Companies Use

How to lift up a site promotion to the new level? The answer is simple: you have to start with the right SEO tools. Today we’re going to observe the top 10 SEO tools for digital agencies and generally for a wider spectrum of companies that bring the maximum use to the promotional process and, besides, are completely free. Here we go: 1. Google PageSpeed Insights With the help of the following tool you can … Read more

How to Appeal to the Millennial Market with Technology and SEO

2017 is set to be a huge year for technology and SEO and while many don’t see the correlation between the two, they actually go hand in hand. Mastering both these aspects in eCommerce, marketing and business, ensures you not only please your customer, you please Google too. There are some major changes afoot which will shape the way people search on the web for your product or service. You’ll start to see a decline … Read more

GetResponse and Their New Marketing Automation

If you’re looking for an unbiased, in-depth GetResponse review (even though I personally love GetResponse), you’ve come to the right place. I even solicited assistance in ensuring that this review is unbiased, in spite of what I have already said (in favor of GetResponse) in these two other Dragon Blogger articles: Unique Factors in a Review of GetResponse (Email Marketing for the Blogger) How-To Use GetResponse Effectively (and Grow Your Success in Internet Marketing) The … Read more

6 Essential Ingredients for Successful Content for your Campaign

Let’s not sugar coat it, Content Marketing IS THE main part of digital business’s marketing campaigns, with more and more companies steering away from traditional forms of marketing to bring their customers useful and insightful content that they actually want. Studies have shown that interesting content is in the top 3 reasons of why people follow brands on social media. Therefore successful content is so important. Here are 6 essential ingredients it should contain. Knowledge of … Read more