Dungeons & Dragons Video Game DARK ALLIANCE for PC & Consoles June 22nd

RENTON, Wash., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, Inc (NASDAQ: HAS) is proud to announce that DARK ALLIANCE, the explosive action roleplaying game that builds upon the rich lore of the Forgotten Realms in Dungeons & Dragons, launches on June 22, 2021 for PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One Consoles and Xbox Series X|S. “DARK ALLIANCE marks an important milestone for us as the first Dungeons & Dragons video game to be published by … Read more

Top Action RPGs Every Anime Fan Needs to Play

We’re living in a golden age of anime games. No matter what your preferred genre, from visual novel to platformer, shounen to shoujo, there’s a game out there that will tickle your fancy. Here’s our list of the top action RPGs that should be in the games library of any self-professed anime fan. Tales of Berseria Themes: emotion vs reason, subjective morality Similar to the following anime: Fairy Tail, Shakugan no Shana, Record of Lodoss … Read more

Fireball opened its virtual Kickstarter Tavern today

April 2, 2020, Prague, Czechia Prague’s indie gaming studio Fireball, which is developing a mobile role-playing app, launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform today. The campaign is stylized into a medieval tavern and its visitors can choose from 13 different dishes on its menu – rewards. The rewards start at $ 2 and end at $ 5,000. People who back the project will have access to the first version of the app (which will … Read more

RPG & MMO Games

  Differentiating & Combining RPGs & MMOs In the world of video games, RPGs and MMOs are extremely popular ways to play a game and interact with others. RPG stands for role-player game, which means that a video game has an overarching narrative that players interact with and advance through. MMO stands for massively-multiplayer online. This means that a video game can be played in an online arena with people from all over the world … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons – Still a Great Hobby With Friends

As far as table top games go, Dungeons & Dragons is the grandfather of them all. Having been enjoyed for decades by young and old alike, D&D offers you the opportunity to escape into a magical world filled with intrigue and mysticism. D&D is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life for some, and has spawned a whole subculture of fans and captured imaginations across the world. Here’s our guide on how … Read more

Warhammer 40k Dark Vengeance Showcase

In this article I will be showcasing Warhammer 40k’s Dark Vengeance Starter Kit. This is a kit that contains everything you need to start playing games of Warhammer 40k. This game has been around for almost 30 years and, after all this time, they still know how to deliver a great looking box of miniatures! They never fail when it comes to details and Dark Vengeance is no exception. If you love assembling these little … Read more

Playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 Early Access

I usually don’t buy Early Access games because they generally don’t have enough content to justify the price, but when I read about how much content was available in Divinity: Original Sin 2 I had to take a look for myself.  I can honestly tell my readers that this early access only has about 25% of the game done and there are still missing features, dialogue interactions, even classes and skills are coming but there … Read more

First Look of Skara: The Blade Remains

Note: The creators of Skara sent us an alpha build of the game. Currently several features are not available to play as of yet meaning this is a very small glimpse of what playing Skara may be like.  Feel free to watch the video below or continue reading the article. Free to play gaming has been making its presence known for the past decade. With games like Team Fortress 2, HAWKEN, and Rift showing just … Read more

Of Graph Paper and Quest Markers

Video games… the very term conjures up something different for each one of us. For some, the wispy mists of the ‘80s fills our visions: Packman, Temple of Apshai, Pitfall. Crunchy pixels blipped across the screen in true marvels of electrical engineering. Others may hear the sounds of tiny plumbers feet scuttling about levels made of brick and green pipe, or the whirring of blue hedgehogs, or the unmistakable music of Japanese RPG games. And … Read more

Torchlight II Review: Blazing a Trail for RPGs to Come

RPG players rejoice, today we’re covering the massive dungeon crawler by Runic Games Torchlight II.  So many games in the RPG category struggle to reinvent the wheel in hopes of setting the trend but fail miserably.  Rather than join the pack, Runic Games has gone back to the roots of what make the genre so enjoyable in the first place.  This does not mean that you will get more of the same when playing Torchlight … Read more

Rainbow Moon: Get Back to the Roots of RPG

Role-play games came a long way, but some of the titles that kept us entertained when we were younger would still be enjoyable to play, with slight tweaks. It is only fair to include Rainbow Moon among old-school RPGs, but it would be terribly unfair to dismiss it as dated or obsolete. The guys at SideQuest Studios did a brilliant job by incorporating all those elements that made former role-playing games fun to play, in … Read more

Skyrim Dawnguard: End the tyranny of the Sun

Skyrim has enough fans right now to make any add-on a success, but it wouldn’t hurt looking at the latest Dawnguard installment with a critical eye. It aims to add a couple more hours of content to a title that is already impressive, with roughly 100 hours of intense action awaiting players. Fortunately the add-on brings more than a handful of extra quests and new items, with a whole different path opening in front of … Read more

Dragons Dogma: The Dragons Reign Again

Branded as an action game with RPG elements, Dragon’s Dogma brilliantly succeeds in combining the two genres and incorporating MMO features as well. It is a hybrid and a pretty good one as well, although the overachievers at Capcom had to sacrifice something in the process. For a title that starts from such an intriguing premise, it is downright sad that the story is underdeveloped and fails to immerse the player into a game that had … Read more

The Secret World Coming July 3rd

Okay, I was a bit disappointed when I read that The Secret World release date had been pushed back to July 3rd.  But after playing the beta and exploring Kingsmouth Crossing the last few weeks, I think it will be worth the wait. The Secret World is a horror MMO game set in modern times if you didn’t know already, this MMO differs from so many other clones in that there are no levels or … Read more