Can Replika AI Chatbot Help with Loneliness?

In a world where we have lost our freedom to be vulnerable, Replika has stepped in to cherish the unique attributes we all have within ourselves. The founder of Replika created this tool after unexpectedly losing a beloved friend in a car accident. The longing for the friendship of someone she missed dearly and the fight to cherish those memories of her friend with limited photos, was a battle within itself. With her own personal … Read more

Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Due to the pandemic, many companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence. Businesses are more connected than ever before due to the nature of a global lockdown and work from home initiatives. Advancements in ChatBots  Gone are the days when a chatbot could only answer a handful of automated questions. Recently, chatbots have become more sophisticated and are much more capable of answering complex questions and responding to inquiries in a more human-like and personal way. The … Read more

How the use of AI technology has helped Facebook tackle hate speech and YouTube create an infinite music video

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has gained significant momentum. It has provided organizations who have been open to using it and implementing it in their business, an advantage over those who are not. The graph below outlines some of the main reasons why businesses decide to adopt the use of AI in 2017. (Source- Statista) The attraction for AI technology is that it is capable of managing large amounts of data in many … Read more

How AI is Impacting Video Game Programming

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has brought about a myriad of changes in video game programming, and there is every reason to believe that we are bound to witness even more. Since 1951, AI has been used by video gamers through the creation of programs for chess, Nim, and checkers. However, it was not until 1997 when the breakthrough was realized courtesy of a chess match. Deep Blue by IBM turned the much favored Garry Kasparov … Read more

3 Mind-Boggling Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Factually, Artificial intelligence has cast its spell on every functional industry around the globe. No market hasn’t tasted the benefits that ride along with AI, and the Gaming industry is not an exception. The gaming industry relies heavily on technology, and there is no doubt that AI has played a significant role in transforming how it operates and functions. So if you want to learn more about the use of AI in your gaming industry, … Read more

3 Ways Machine Learning Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Every industry is being affected by technology, from the transportation industry to the gaming industry. This is more evident with the rise of machine learning, which is taking technology to the next level. The following are three ways machine learning is revolutionizing the gaming industry with. 1. Unpredictable Side Characters We know that gaming has become a big industry with a lot of fans. Video games have continuously gotten more exciting to play, which will … Read more

What Will Be AI’s Influence on The Entertainment Industry in 5 Years

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making inroads into multiple industries over the last decade. The entertainment industry has witnessed a surge in AI development in the last couple of years as multiple providers in the entertainment world have been willing to experiment and invest in new AI technology in order to bring their viewers a new and unique experience. Before we get into how AI will impact the entertainment industry in the next 5 years, … Read more

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Based Android Apps

AI is the hottest area of development in computing and unlike self-driving cars that are still quite a few years away Artificial Intelligence based apps are available right now on Google Play Store. Chances are you’re already using some of them. What is AI? There are multiple definitions but the one that suits our purpose best is – self-learning programs. Based on your usage, the app learns about what you need and reacts accordingly. AI … Read more

5 Ways AI Is Changing the Automotive Landscape 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all the rage right now with techies and big businesses. They have opened the door to a future of intelligent working machines, unfathomable data processing power, and speeds, as well as creative, problem-solving computers.  But what is AI? Artificial intelligence is intelligence that isn’t of biological makeup, created by artificial means. Put simply, it simulates some of the ways human brains operate to process information the way humans (or … Read more

AI in Casinos Helps Boost Security

Technological progress has been reigning supreme across all industries known to man in the 21st century. There is little surprise then that casinos should be one of the areas that is also positively affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Security in places like Atlantic City in New Jersey, Las Vegas in Nevada and Macau has been tightened with the help of clever automated algorithms that can parse and sift through vast swathes of data to produce … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Stay

Those of us who grew up watching Star Trek and other sci-fi won’t find the concept of artificial intelligence that alien. We had Commander Data on Star Trek, and for those of us who are really ancient, Twiki from Buck Rogers. And while the timelines for those programs were set way into the future, the reality is that artificial intelligence is here already. We don’t quite have the tech to create Commander Data or a … Read more

These Industries Are the Least-Threatened by Automation

From the gilded mountaintops of the Davos Conference to the newsroom of the humble local newspaper, everyone is talking about the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and what it means for the future of the economy, of culture and of society. The snowballing pace of technological change means that automation of a wide range of existing jobs is just around the corner, with AI and robotics poised to take over many of the tasks we currently do, doing … Read more

Self-Driving Ships Coming in 2025: Ship Intelligence Brought To Reality

Source: Rolls-Royce Yes, Technology is the reason! If you see smart wearables, there’s IoT behind it. If you see self-driving cars, it’s Artificial Intelligence making it possible. If you hear about emotion-recognition, its deep learning analyzing your neural networks. So why not thank the ever-growing technology that made the world digital in all respects and will continue to raise everyone’s brows with its surprising innovations, keep on spinning the world on tips. We have witnessed … Read more

Main Artificial Intelligence Predictions That Will Dominate in 2019

Artificial Intelligence has registered tremendous growth over the last few years. Now, more than ever before it’s being used across multiple industries and has shown success in streamlining various sectors. In fact, in 2018 investments going to AI startups from venture capitalists increased six-fold from the year 2000. So, what is this technology used for? AI has dominated most of 2018 and does not seem likely to slow down in 2019. Machine Learning and Deep … Read more

7 Surprising Things About Machine Learning You’ll Love To Know

There’s been a lot of a fuss about machine learning over the past few years and it has become quite the ‘in thing’. So, what is it really all about? Well, machine learning involves creating systems and algorithms that have the ability to learn from the information and data they analyze and process. The algorithm gets better the more data it processes. Hence, the learning bit of it. It actually makes up a considerable part … Read more

Quintessential Impact of AI on the Transportation Industry

Evolution in the research and development of Neural Network (NN) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology in the last few decades has given scope to Artificial Intelligence in treating conflicts arising in the transportation industry. Although media hype has already covered quite a bit of the development like Tesla’s semi-autonomous trucks, innovative research is underway in technological giants across the globe. Amongst other things, artificial intelligence finds applications in freight transportation as well. AI is rapidly … Read more

Lights, Camera, AI: 100 Years of Artificial Intelligence at the Movies

Although artificial intelligence has not been an active part of our lives for the past century, that has not kept it off the big screen during that time. Humans have been imagining the ways AI will become integrated into our daily lives for years. Its first appearance in film came nearly 100 years ago in the form of a robot takeover in Metropolis, a 1927 German silent film. Since then, AI has evolved into a … Read more

How AI concepts like FSM, MCST and AR are used in gaming?

The original half life game was among the most talked about news in the gaming world because of its unique AI (artificial intelligence) with exceptional squad behavior. Gamers were quite taken with the way how the SWAT teams used to speak with one another in the game. Therefore you find AI being implemented in whichever type of game you play. It may be a racing game like Need for Speed: Rivals or real time strategy … Read more