Another Look at Depositphotos for Stock Images

If you blog or create content for the internet, you know how important stock photos are for you to pull from. While there are a ton of free sites out there, for the most part, the images are not always of the highest quality. The last thing you want to do with a top-notch blog post is sprinkle in some cheesy stock photos which makes it look less professional. Thankfully, sites like Depositphotos exists to … Read more

Time Management Tips For The Busy Blogger

Many bloggers, especially the new ones, battle with time. Because the to-do in blogging is enormous, especially when one has to work hard to promote and increase the natural referencing of your service. Many others have experienced the same, and some are still in the phase of trying to manage time effectively. Now, what strategy do we bloggers have to adapt to achieve more in a little time? How do you think we can collectively … Read more

Want To Start Blogging This 2020? Here’s How

Is one of your New Years’ resolutions to start a blog? The good news is that starting a blog is relatively easy once you know the basics. You just have to determine your passions, write what you know or are willing to research and get your new website up and running. Most individuals can accomplish all of this in just a few weeks. Determine your passions The first step to starting a successful blog involves … Read more

Great blogging tools you may never have heard of 

Blogging can be hard work and time-consuming, in particular when you first get started. But the more you do it the easier it becomes and the less time it takes. This is largely because, along the way, you end up discovering little tricks and tools that make everything much easier. Below, are some apps, online resources, services and software than any blogger can use to make their life easier.  A super-fast way to create citations  … Read more

Simple Guidelines for Future Bloggers

In the early 2000s, blogging was just a method of self-expression for writers and artists. In its infancy, blogs were quite rare for businesses. Blogs later evolved to be more about SEO, not just conversation. With the rise of social media marketing, search engines started their quests for more content, making blogging an important marketing tool. However, people still use blogs for many different purposes. You can blog to make money online by running ads … Read more

How to Become Your Clients’ “Swiss Army Knife” if you a Freelance Blogger?

Sooner or later, many of us realize that the 9-to-5 working style isn’t for us and that we should be building a freelance blogging career. Before you embark on your exciting journey, below are the tips that may help you build a reputation, boost traffic, and close deals faster. 1. Take care of your online presence As you are just starting out, you may not have many articles to show off. Don’t worry about that … Read more

5 Core Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers

Blogging is one of the most diverse, flexible, and lucrative forms of content marketing. It is also used my multitudes of companies, businesses, and individuals seeking to improve their brand image or make some money on the side. Whatever your reason for doing it, blogging can be a rewarding exercise, but only if you do it right. With the right level of discipline and planning, it is possible to develop a massive following for your … Read more

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog By Repackaging Your Content

Sitting on reams and reams of old content with absolutely no idea you could do something smart with it in order to turn it into a new monetisation stream you’d perhaps never considered before? Surprisingly, a lot of bloggers, especially those that have been going for a while, might find themselves in this exact position. With a little foresight they could seize on that information, repackage it and start making money in new ways. Here’s … Read more

Evergreen Content: Your Blog’s Secret Weapon

Evergreen content delivers ongoing value for your readers. Instead of delivering a bang of traffic at first and then rapidly fading away, it slowly builds readership over time. Most evergreen content starts slow but actually increases in page-view volume over time as you tweak it and adapt it. Instead of looking like a quick spike and a sharp downward slope, a page view graph for an evergreen post looks like a steadily rising curve. Let’s … Read more

How to use Google Trends to Find New Material to Write About

The different ways of publishing content, implies different ways to structure a text. There are a number of guidelines that can guide us when making decisions about what and how to write on a website. This will help you achieve your goals and thus, have a better reach to potential clients and/or users. Today, everything is fast and direct, users do not read scanned pages, they give it a quick look until they find something … Read more

Why Bloggers Need to Consider Web Design

Most blogger aspire for their blogs to be more than just a diary of random thoughts and information for only friends or family to read or whomever.  At some point many bloggers may start out this way but then start finding an audience and only after they decide they may want to monetize or try to bring in a part time or full time income from doing online blogging, affiliate marketing do they then realize … Read more

Blogging Tip: How to Make Statcounter Statistics Public?

Statcounter is a free and fantastic website analytics service that gives you a lot more information about your blog or website visitors than say Google Analytics. While Google Analytics can be integrated with Adsense and Webmaster Tools to create a unique tracking service for bloggers and webmasters, Statcounter allows you to track and even label each unique visitor! You can label a particular IP-address with a name so as to track specific visitors, their visiting … Read more

Engage Your Blog Readers – Live Chat For Blogs

Blogging is all about reaching out to people and providing content which gives them useful information, amusement or simply something they can relate to. While comments on a blog enable the communication to flow both ways, from blogger to reader and vice versa, it would be faster and more convenient by orders of magnitude if a blog has a medium for the readers to ask their doubts and provide feedback instantly, just like IM chat … Read more