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How to Become Your Clients’ “Swiss Army Knife” if you a Freelance Blogger?

Sooner or later, many of us realize that the 9-to-5 working style isn’t for us and that we should be building a freelance blogging career. Before you embark on your exciting journey, below are the tips that may help you build a reputation, boost traffic, and close deals faster. 1. Take care of your online [...]

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5 Core Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers

Blogging is one of the most diverse, flexible, and lucrative forms of content marketing. It is also used my multitudes of companies, businesses, and individuals seeking to improve their brand image or make some money on the side. Whatever your reason for doing it, blogging can be a rewarding exercise, but only if you do [...]

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5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog By Repackaging Your Content

Sitting on reams and reams of old content with absolutely no idea you could do something smart with it in order to turn it into a new monetisation stream you'd perhaps never considered before? Surprisingly, a lot of bloggers, especially those that have been going for a while, might find themselves in this exact position. [...]

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Evergreen Content: Your Blog’s Secret Weapon

Evergreen content delivers ongoing value for your readers. Instead of delivering a bang of traffic at first and then rapidly fading away, it slowly builds readership over time. Most evergreen content starts slow but actually increases in page-view volume over time as you tweak it and adapt it. Instead of looking like a quick spike [...]

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How to use Google Trends to Find New Material to Write About

The different ways of publishing content, implies different ways to structure a text. There are a number of guidelines that can guide us when making decisions about what and how to write on a website. This will help you achieve your goals and thus, have a better reach to potential clients and/or users. Today, everything [...]

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Appticles.com Review – Create Mobile Apps For Blogs and Websites

What is Appticles? Appticles.com is a FREE nifty web-based platform which lets you create and manage cross platform mobile apps based on your blog and website feeds within seconds! As of now RSS, ATOM, XML & JSON feeds can be used. Needless to say, these days mobile device users constitute the vast majority of internet [...]

Benefits of Team Blogging – 1 Year and 100 Posts on DragonBlogger.com

In May 2011, disheartened with meager ad revenue and tired of writing for only a few thousand visitors a month, I ended up joining a blog whose monetization was well-oiled, which had people other than me for tweaking the theme and features and which had over 15-times as many visitors from almost every major country! [...]

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