Drones are a great toy that most people love once they try them. Some of them are incredibly expensive, but if you're looking into trying one out for fun before you invest into a professional one, there are some cheaper options out there. I did review another drone from HASAKEE, but they also sent me [...]

Looking at the Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

  Drones have become very popular here in the last several years especially with people that are photographers wanting to be able to capture some very impressive angles that they might otherwise not be able to. When looking for a drone people want one that is going to be very durable as well as very [...]

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The Intermediate’s Guide to have a Budget Drone

If you have taken some time to consider the options available for buying a drone, you will discover there are overwhelming numbers from which you can pick one. The only challenge many people often run into is having an insufficient budget to buy the best drone. However, this should no longer be a challenge as [...]

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Cleared for Take off: 5 Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Location to Fly Your Drone

Owning a drone is one thing; knowing where to fly it is another. You can’t just go launching your quadcopter anywhere—it will cause you serious problems. There are things to consider besides the fact that you’re looking for a place that will give you a perfect aerial view. Plus, there are FAA rules—regulating how to [...]

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TomTop Deal of the Day

Everyone loves flying drones around, but not everyone loves the cost of a brand new one. Thankfully, TomTop has a deal on the Syma X20 pocket drone. We'll break down what you need to know so you can see if it's what you're looking to buy. Original Syma X20 2.4G 4CH 6-axis Gyro Pocket Drone [...]

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4G Drones vs Radio Controlled Drones

With the rapid advancement of technology, drones have been increasingly popular these days and they are not only used for business and commercial purposes. At Dronesinsite we are taking a closer look at 4G LTE drones. 4G LTE drones are now used as personal gadgets for aerial photography or for simply playing with them as [...]

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The Flyer’s Bay Nano 2.0 Series Quadcopter Review

I always had a thing for flying toys but never had the chance to try one since my parents were like "No! This is too risky. You won't be getting one". So when I finally got the chance to try out a quadcopter, I was super excited. So here's my review of The Flyer's Bay Nano [...]

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The Power Ray is Power Vision’s innovative solution

It’s every fish enthusiast’s dream to have the necessary tools so that they can peacefully observe the underwater habitat without disrupting the natural flow of the environment. Until recently, there were limited options as to how that can happen but now there is a definitive answer that can get everyone a ticket to the classiest [...]

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Tablet Express Android Tablet and Drone Mega Giveaway

Tablet Express has partnered with Dragon Blogger on a MEGA giveaway event that simply dwarfs all other giveaways we have run.  This giveaway which is called the Android Tablet and Drone Mega giveaway will be a giveaway that spans from today until July 4th 2016 and a winner gets chosen each week to win a [...]

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Drones Used To Inspect Electrical Lines and Towers

Surveying and maintenance of high-voltage, high-altitude power lines and electrical towers is risky for humans. Drones could quite easily do the same job when operated by a trained technician. Current regulations about drones however have prevented such applications, due to security concerns. These remote-controlled or RC drone planes make the jobs of linemen safer, easier [...]