5 Solid Reasons to Switch to An Instagram Business Account

Instagram has grown from being just a social app for sharing personal pictures and fun moments, to a serious business platform. Instagram business profiles were introduced back in 2016, after this platform was acquired by Facebook. Unlike most Facebook business profiles, Instagram business profiles have picked up positively and are bringing a valuable contribution to many businesses. Facebook business profiles never managed to draw followers and potential clients as Instagram, but it is a requirement … Read more

Top Notch Analytic Tools For The Instagram Accounts You Need To Know About

If you check out the Instagram account on a monthly basis, then over 700 M people use it. Let’s just assume that each one of the user carries out around five actions on IG every month. It is a very conservative estimation. It will mean that IG users tend to produce around 35 billion data points, on every month to be might eventually inform you how important IG analytics tools actually are for the … Read more

Ideal WordPress Instagram Themes for 2018

In order to gain more engagement, businesses are integrating their Instagram accounts with WordPress. In order to do so, they are making use of popular and simple Instagram WordPress themes that will help them to do their work in an easy manner. Unlike any other social media network, Instagram focuses on the visual content only. You can share videos and images on Instagram and if you choose all the right and ideal tools, you will … Read more

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Are You Losing Followers on Instagram? 5 Reasons to Look At

Are you constantly losing followers on Instagram, but have no idea why? Here are five reasons that could be happening. If you are reading this article, there is a possibility you are wondering about this issue – a very common one indeed. You may think you are alone, but the truth is that many are in the same boat as you are, and it is a frustrating situation to be in. particularly if you have … Read more

How to Use Analytics to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is still one of the best platforms to grow an audience and increase sales in your business. One of the hardest parts, however, is trying to figure out where your audience is and see what they care about. That’s where your analytics can come into play. Most people think analytics mean just their follower count or how many likes their pictures get, but there are deeper analytics … Read more

Quick And Sure Shot Tips To Get Your Instagram Feed Going

While you strive to create the best content that is appealing to your audience, you must know what your audience really wants. To start with, they certainly need a consistent look and feel of your feed so that people know it is from you. If you are using Instagram for business purposes, then it is even more important for you to get the look right. The feed acts as the face of your business. Complementing … Read more

Marketing Tips For Instagram That Work

Instagram is one impressive platform to help you win new customers, but you need to understand how to handle your Instagram marketing campaign successfully. Without paying attention to the latest tips and tricks, you will never be able to compete with others who are already doing great on Instagram. To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to consider automating things on Instagram. Something that you should try is automatic likes for Instagram, but always … Read more

A Short Guide to IGTV

If you think that video content is a dominant digital force, you are absolutely right! According to the report, global consumer video traffic will account for 80% of the entire Internet traffic by 2019, while an average user spends almost two hours a day watching video content. Nothing can compete with video content in terms of interaction and user engagement. In such circumstances, it’s not a surprise to see Instagram launching its own video sharing platform. In … Read more

Is Instagram Just For Big Brands?

Instagram – it’s one of the coolest social networking sites. Instagram has cultivated its trendy vibe. And it seems to be working. The site reached the billion-user mark at the end of June 2018. With around half of the users being between 18 and 29 years old, it is a site that has resonance with millennials. Which is part of the reason that so many big brands are jumping on board with the site. … Read more

How to Sell Your Products Using Instagram

Online selling is one of the ways to endorse your product to the market. Using social media to sell your products and services is a great way to gain popularity. Marketing strategies like selling on Instagram will give you a top spot in the market. There are a lot of online stores that can help entrepreneurs like you to make a career to last. One of these is Oberlo, wherein you can introduce your products … Read more


How to Use Instagram to Enhance Brand Identity – 8 Tips You Can Use

When you think about it, brands are powerful things. People associate your brand with a certain identity, and this identity sticks with them for life. For instance, when a person wants a perception of an adventurous individual, they post pictures of themselves travelling to different countries or cities, trying different foods, or even watching different shows – as long as they show you they are doing extraordinary things. Even if they spend much of their … Read more

3 Tips for a Successful Content Strategy for Instagram

Among all the other platforms, Instagram is the best platform for you if you want to market your business and we do have a justification to it too. Actually the thing is that not many business owners and marketers are using Instagram at the moment and all of them are trying hard to win this game on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In short there isn’t much competition on Instagram and … Read more

Instagram Automation: Should you use Instagram bots?

Building engaged followers on Instagram isn’t just easy as it used to be. However, as the trend in technology continues to grow and introduces new advances every minute, automation tools could be a one way to go. One of these automation tools is Instagram bots like rapidbot– should you use it to grow your likes and followers? In this article, let’s tackle how using Instagram bots will be beneficial for your brand’s audience reach and … Read more

How Are Social Media Trends Influencing The Business Marketing Landscape in 2018? 

In the past years, the media moguls and the behemoths of commerce had an inherent advantage in marketing and promotions. Back in the day, marketing was more about funds and finance. Expectedly, the more massive corporations had enough resources to fund campaigns, while the SMEs often lived in their shadows. Things began to change with the advent of social media and different strategies of social media marketing. These platforms meant that the small businesses could … Read more

How to Increase Followers on Instagram with Videos

Throughout 2018, video will be more important than ever before. One of the best places to use your videos for marketing this year will be on Instagram. Most of us want to grow our following, whether its for personal or business use, and Instagram is one of the best places to make that happen. The question is, how do you create videos that are content driven, SEO optimized, and look high-quality enough to attract the … Read more

How Bloggers can make money on Instagram

Instagram has attracted a lot of audience in the last few years, and the user base of this platform has reached millions within no time. Everyone is now turning to Instagram because of its clean and crisp views and focused approach. While other social media channels have found new and innovative ways to generate revenues. Instagram has still let it to the users to come up with ideas to generate revenue. Instagram has been a … Read more

Spike the Beetle: Tiny Twitter Artist

There are many artists out there searching for an audience on the internet. It is no doubt magical to see how one’s hardwork and creativity can reach the computer screens of people thousands of miles away. Today, we’d like to spotlight one such artist who is quite a unique member of the online community — in fact — he’s a different species entirely. Meet Spike the Beetle. Spike the Stag Beetle Earlier this week, Japanese … Read more

How to Use AI to Improve Your Online Startup

The idea of artificial intelligence is not a new concept in the history of the world. Even the Ancient Greeks had an idea of the concept of machines with human qualities and independent thought. Artificial intelligence is the use of any sort of intelligent agent, or any device that sees its environment and takes actions to accomplish some sort of goal. For example, planning, learning, language processing, knowledge representation, reasoning, problem solving, and social intelligence … Read more

Instagram 101: An Introduction to the Photo-Sharing App

Instagram is a social media platform with over 500 million users—with new members joining every day—that consists basically of photos and videos. Much like Facebook, who bought Systrom and Krieger’s app back in 2012, you have a profile and a news feed that users can scroll through. When you upload a photo or video on your Instagram page, other users who are following you will see what you have posted on their newsfeed. And, vice … Read more