10 tools for content creation on Instagram

On social media, where visual competition is very fierce, no one wants to use poor-quality photos and videos to attract users. It’s not profitable. On the contrary, to achieve Instagram marketing goals, businesses need super high-quality content that increases audience engagement. Visually quality content increases the chances of attracting new followers, customers, and even business partners, boosting sales and generating profits. Below are popular tools that will help you to create quality and attractive content … Read more

Instagram Reels Vs. TikTok: What’s the Difference?

There was a time when Instagram used to rule the social platform, but TikTok took it over in entertainment while connecting through millions of people. Though Instagram didn’t lose anything significant, and they both had a different fan base. But the ban of TikTok in several countries to a whole new level. Instagram didn’t miss this great opportunity by introducing reels options, which was almost similar to TikTok, where people could make videos and share … Read more

Best WordPress Instagram Themes for Boosting Engagement & Gaining a Wider User Base

It is about to be a decade since Instagram was launched and there is not an iota of doubt that this amazing social media platform has transformed numerous lives ever since its inception in October 2010.  This versatile image-oriented platform that had been initiated as predominantly a picture-posting app has become a vital source of income and a brand new marketing and sales channel that is just perfect for businesses. It has become the social … Read more

Why Should You Link Your Instagram Account with WordPress

There’s no denying that social media is gaining prominence globally! Initially, social media channels were mostly used by common people to be in touch with their loved ones and develop social connections. Today, social media platforms are used by established brands, small and big business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, social influencers, and many more. It helps them to keep in touch with their audience and engage frequently. Instagram is a popular social media platform that most … Read more

How to Write Instagram Caption that Will Attract Audience

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash In order to attract an audience on Instagram, you have to focus on not only the photos you post but also the captions you write. People are drawn to beautiful pictures, but to hook these people, you have to make sure that your Instagram captions are captivating. It is important to know that captions are as important as photos. A weak caption can ruin the appeal of a beautiful … Read more

8 Tips To Grow Your School’s Instagram Following

Instagram is growing faster than we think. In fact there is no domain that remains untouched by the reach of Instagram. Parents love to connect with their children’s schools via Instagram. Mentioned below are some of the ways how you can augment your school’s Instagram following: Create Authentic Content– Post information that is authentic and relevant. Nobody likes spam. Any information that is corroborated with facts is welcomed. The school posts should never have a … Read more

Growing Your Own Instagram Account Vs. Buying an Aged One

Ever heard of being able to buy an old Instagram account? Neither had we – until a couple of weeks ago. This new concept has only just recently hit the market, but it hasn’t stopped lots of people paying attention to it. You know how hard it is to grow your own Instagram account, right? Well, there seemingly appears to be an answer to it. Is it all that it’s cracked up to be, though? … Read more

Bolster Your Instagram Ads Using These Handy Save The Date Templates

Instagram, the Facebook-owned image-sharing social network, was launched in 2010. 10 years since it has been active, Instagram has grown from a place to show-off your stylized meals into a marketing tool used by most brands. Instagram’s image-first strategy makes it possible for brands to truly showcase their products to their customers. It is often used by the brands to explore their creative side and reach out to an audience base that is younger and … Read more

Unusual Approaches for Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Everyone talks about Instagram and how it can benefit your brand. And many marketers stick to the standard marketing approaches. We agree those are helpful, but we genuinely believe there are several unusual marketing strategies you can use on this social media platform. So, if you are interested in finding well-working ways to increase your brand awareness, read on to find out our recommendations. Set up a contest Contests are the best thing about Instagram. … Read more

Instagram Stories Vs Posts: Understanding the Difference

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today. With around 1 billion active users registered until now, the future of this platform seems bright. While a lot of companies and marketing agencies use Instagram to its full potential to market their content, products, and services, a lot of you are still new to this booming platform. And with its rise, Instagram is developing and introducing new features at a rapid pace.  If you … Read more

6 Tips to Help Grow Your Instagram Followers and Increase Business

Each day, social media platforms like Instagram increase their popularity, which is a bonus for businesses and organizations. Your company can sign up for Instagram and create new content that attracts followers while enticing your current customer base. The visual content could provide excellent results, but you have to connect to users and get them on your company’s page. Take a look at how to do just that! Irrelevant Hashtags are Always Wrong Social media … Read more

How to Increase Instagram Followers with 5 Important Hacks

Various social media platforms have immensely grown in the previous few years and gained a lot of prominence. It has become a great way stay updated with the lives of friends and to keep friends updated with your lives. Among the trendiest social media platforms is also Instagram. Instagram has more than one billion users all over the world as is among the most powerful and influential platforms along with various other platforms such as … Read more

The Importance of Social Media Monitoring for Streamers and Content Creators

Being as I am a Twitch streamer and have two separate channels that I help manage. It is important for me to be able to track and monitor my use of social media just so I can see my outreach as well as seeing firsthand just how well I am doing when it comes to the various social media sites I use and the number of impressions I make on the types of content or … Read more

Instagram – new phishing attack bait

Instagram is one of the major social media channels out there. On an everyday basis, you will come across a variety of developments. However, you also need to beware of the potential hazards on this social media channel. Recently, the active users on this social media channels are being targeted by a new phishing campaign. It lures the users to give their credentials. Fake copyright infringement alerts are being used which creates a sense of … Read more

5 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Best Marketing Platform

Instagram is one of the rapidly growing, social media platforms. Since its origin in 2010 as a photo-sharing app, it has become a fantastic tool to kick-start your business. But, how can Instagram help to expand your brand’s presence in the industry? What makes Instagram a great marketing platform? Keep reading to know! Instagram Has Incredibly High Engagement Rates The biggest reason why Instagram is an excellent organic platform is that you can see a … Read more

Does Everyone Like Me?: How to Get More Likes On Instagram

Are you wondering how to get more likes on your Instagram page? Check out this guide to learn how to get more likes on Instagram. Do you use Instagram? If so, the chances are you adore that feeling you get when a post racks up plenty of likes from friends, family, and strangers browsing your profile. It’s nice to have your best photos recognized, after all! But sometimes, a photo you love seems to get … Read more

How to Make your Instagram Look Cool

Forget everything about Instagram altogether and let’s begin fresh. These are the things you need to understand to create an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing. I mean a coherent look by being visually pleasing. Overall, when your feed looks nice, individuals are more likely to like your pictures, follow you, and return for more.  If you find it quite a difficult thing to maintain your account, well, bless us for this article then, you … Read more


Why would you want to get followers on insta4likes.com? Does it not seem kind of pointless? These are features that occur naturally and over time. After all, followers are a feature that can be earned on social media and, when this is the case, it feels so much more rewarding. You can prove to yourself that your content and your profile is a hit and that people are taking an interest in what you are … Read more

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts and the Impact to Influencers and Brands

People can have variable reactions if Instagram didn’t tell them the number of Likes a certain post received. It’s actually an experiment by Instagram to hide Like counts, which they’re doing in Canada. Someone creating a post will usually open the Likers window to get an overview of whoever hearted their post. According to the app’s head Adam Mosseri, the profile has been redesigned so follower counts are less noticeable. The Instagram algorithm will still … Read more

Top Apps That Can Help You With Blogging On Instagram

Instagram has changed the way people blog. It has become more than just a pastime as it also offers a marketing platform for business owners. With over half a billion active users, Instagram has created its own force of social media influencers. These influencers use their accounts to post pictures and videos for their followers, as well as links to their own website to publicize and sell their merchandise. In order to be an efficient … Read more