10 Reasons League Of Legends Became Most Popular Game In the World

League of Legends is one of those games that almost everyone has heard of. You may have not played it, but you have seen it either on ads or heard about it from your friends. There are only a few other games like World of Warcraft and DOTA 2 that have reached the epitome of gaming like League of Legends. League of Legends became the most played game in the world back in 2014 and … Read more

A Beginners Guide: Getting Better at Playing League of Legends

L.O.L. short for league of legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game or M.O.B.A. L.O.L. is an immensely popular M.O.B.A., which is based on the defense of the ancient or D.O.T.A. map of warcraft 3. In 2018 the M.O.B.A. had a 111 million active user base. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship, featured 100 million viewers worldwide, with a concurrent viewership of over 44 million. The prize pool consisted of a minimum of … Read more

A Guide On How to Play Zyra as Support

We all have been here, needing help at some point for a specific hero in the League of Legends. Today it is Zyra and we will help you master playing with this hero as support. Keep in mind that before moving here, you may want to learn all about Zyra counters. Anyway, let’s begin with the main topic. Main abilities of Zyra and when you need to use them Zyra is a powerful hero offering … Read more

How Does Your MMR Reflect Your Real ELO in League of Legends

League of Legends secret ranking system is called the matchmaking rating or mmr. Elo is already existing in many games like Dota or Rainbow Six Siege. In League of Legends, every player has his own mmr and this data is helping create balanced teams to make the games fair. This one is accurate and automatic, so you can’t manipulate it. In LoL, matchmaking rating has no direct correlation with elo and everyone has a different … Read more

7 Tips to Become a Pro League of Legends Player

Whether you’re a seasoned LoL player or someone who’s just starting out but can already tell you’re going to aim for the big leagues, becoming a successful pro League of Legends player can be quite the challenge. You might think just getting good at the game would be enough, but the truth of the matter is that it’s a little bit more complicated than that – unless you get really lucky, of course. Here are … Read more

How League of Legends Established Itself as an Esports Juggernaut

League of Legends cemented its status as the world’s most popular esport by outstripping all of its rivals in the latest NewZoo viewer poll this month. Almost a quarter of all competitive gaming fans named LoL as their preferred title, leaving it in top spot ahead of CS:GO and Overwatch. Developer Riot Games celebrated the news by announcing an expansion of its global sponsorship deal with MasterCard. Other big names backing the professional LoL scene include Mercedes-Benz, … Read more

The Best Five Top Laners In League Of Legends

Someone who is taking a look at the best top laners in the new LOL patches should remember that a lot of these characters have been in and out over time. You have probably wondered if you could do something with these characters because they are not always going to be that reliable, but they have all been made much more reliable because of the way that the new patch has been done. This is … Read more

League Of Legends All-Star Event Starts 7th Dec – Competitive Theme

Riot is all set for the League Of Legends 2017 All-Star Event, but this year’s event is not like the one you have seen before. League of Legends All-Star Event Kicks Off 7th Dec: This year’s League of Legends All-star event will kick off on December 7th and continue for 3 days till it’s closing on 10th December. The event will take place at NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles, California. Instead of 6 teams, … Read more

Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX550 4GB 11268-01-20G Video Card Review

A time comes when you need a video card, upgrading from on chip/die/bcrooard GPU, upgrading your existing video card or maybe replacing and existing video that might have died, the time comes for us all.  The type of GPU/Video card you buy can depend on a few things like your budget, preference or functionality and I might have something that might fit on a few of those lists.  Today I bring you my review of … Read more

Allreli T9 Plus Single-Handed Keyboard Review

Welcome back to another tech review, brought to you by Dragonblogger. Today we are going to go over the functionality and technical applications that the Allreli T9 Plus has to offer. But before we get started lets go ahead and dive down into some of the features and specs. And lets give a big shout out to the guys over at Allreli for sending me their keyboard to give them a 100% opinionated and unbiased … Read more

League of Legends Becoming One of the Top Watched Games in the World

Since its release by Riot Games in 2009, gamers have loved the fun and frenetic action on League of Legends, in which two teams of five battle against each other online. With a whole host of colourful and unique characters to choose from, more than 27 million people are reported to play League of Legends online every day. Even though the game is free-to-play, the game’s popularity has been helped largely by services such as … Read more

League Of Legends – Why So Popular?

League Of Legends League Of Legends is an incredibly popular game which is played by millions of people on a weekly basis. Made by Riot games it has gone from being a tiny game with forty champions and a small player base, to a huge game with over one hundred and twenty champions and a fan base which could easily rival some popular sports such as hockey, rugby or perhaps even cricket.  One of the … Read more

A Battle of Epic Proportions DotA2 vs LOL

If you’re foreign to the cult classic DotA (Defense of the Ancients), a WarCraft minigame, you might still know about the popular MOBA, League of Legends. A MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena – a more niche term crafted to categorize action real-time strategy games (ARTS) like StarCraft/WarCraft, and especially to help differentiate DotA as it evolved and competitors emerged. DotA developed by transitioning through the hands of various modders, ultimately granting popularity to … Read more