The Best Netflix VPN for Android in 2021

In the past, people mainly used Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for security. But today, VPNs are used for other purposes too. Over the last decade, streaming has become so popular all over the world. In fact, for many consumers, it has become part of everyday life. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus, the entire world is streaming more than ever, and streaming services like Netflix are becoming more and more popular each day. This … Read more

How to Find What Shows are on What Streaming Services

Most of us have been in this situation: It’s Friday night and you’re tired from a long week of work. You pull up one of your favorite streaming services, but you can’t seem to find something to watch. You heard of a new movie you might want to see, but you have to go to each different streaming channel and search it one by one to see if they have it. Wouldn’t it be great … Read more

Content Access Denied: Can You Change Netflix Country?

Is it really true that Netflix has taken over the world? Well, almost. There are only four countries on our whole planet where this streaming service is still not available. That sounds not only like a great success for that company, but also like a great victory for every single person except those living in China, North Korea, Crimea an Syria. Find out more. A Dream Come True Would you just imagine that? All of … Read more

Don’t need your streaming service? How to cancel your Netflix streaming account?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world that provides on-demand movies and shows to users. Available almost in every country, Netflix has made its name globally and one of the key reasons for it is the personalized recommendations it offers to the users.  Watch a few episodes and Netflix will start recommending similar shows and movies to you. While Netflix offers 30 days of a free trial, some people feel that Netflix … Read more

How to Get Around Netflix VPN Ban

As you may already be aware, the specific version of Netflix accessible to you varies from country to country. For example, the Netflix available to those in the UK will contain different shows to the ones available to stream in the US. This can usually be circumvented via the use of a virtual private network (VPN). However, as August 2018, Netflix are banning VPNs on their streaming services across the world, using more sophisticated detection … Read more

Interactive Video on Netflix! Let’s Talk About It!

So I am positive you have heard of the $70 billion dollar movie giant, Netflix. Yep, according to CNN, Netflix is “No House of Cards” and has a value of the bank account of Bills Gates. Crazy isn’t it? Now whether you’re just watching some House of Cards, some Walking Dead, or your late night favorite Frisky Business (it’s okay, just admit it), we have all found ourselves on a binge with Netflix. With constantly … Read more

Tablet Express Dragon Touch S8 Android Tablet Review

We are all on the hunt for an affordable tablet that can do it all, and usually the 2 don’t go together, Affordable and the ability to do it all.  Working with the tablet manufacturers I have seen many different budget tablets and a few performers as well and today I will bring you a review on a budget tablet, but this one is a bit different.  Today I bring you my review of the … Read more

Netflix Originals: Daredevil – Episode 1 Review

When first learning of Netflix and Marvel teaming up to create Daredevil, I immediately had my reservations about it. While Marvel has enjoyed massive success with it’s exploding MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) on the big screen, their other ventures haven’t always done that well. Don’t get me wrong, though. Netflix has been a driving force for the last few years, and with their insanely successful Netflix Originals series skyrocketing to some of the best shows … Read more

Netflix is Changing the Future of Content Consumption

Sure you have read about this before and similar topics but I wanted to consolidate some of the recent articles around just how much Netflix is changing the TV industry.  First they were the first Internet streaming company to receive Emmy awards for original shows and Kevin Spacey was quoted saying how television studios need to adapt or be left behind which was printed in a recent Mashable article. Then we have the Huffington Post … Read more

Review of the Roku 2 XS

I finally broke down and purchased my 4th Roku device about a week ago and this time I got a Roku 2 XS as I needed the USB slot which the lower end models do not have.  For the same price that the Roku XD used to be you get a much more functional device with the Roku 2 XS and even though I have seen and read reports that they may be slower, I … Read more