How to Download Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 with

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a game reserved for only the grittiest of soldiers, the ones with a clear-minded focus – to dominate it all. Published by Miniclip, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is addictive in that it’s got a very simple premise. You duel against 6 online gamers using local system gameplay to fight each other. There are different guns and weapons you can use to kill each other. You can … Read more

Staying Away From Family? All These OnlineGames Will Help You Fight The Distance With Ease!

Card games, board games, ludo board, chess, and other entertainment has the power to bring the entire family together and can help create some unforgettable memories. But for most of these games, one needs to have the entire family together to enjoy the game uninterrupted. In a world where families are miles apart, in some cases living in multiple time zones, getting together to recreate these moments seem impossible. Well, if you are missing these fun … Read more

5 Best Games for Adrenaline Junkies

Gaming is an enjoyable adventure that could be positively or negatively addictive. The thrill, fun and adrenaline rush of video games are something players cannot have enough of. Some of these games would make gamers’ hearts pound heavily, giving them sweaty palms and making their hairs stand at attention. The adrenaline rush from video games is an incredible feeling that could completely immerse players in the virtual world, helping them focus and keeping them emotionally … Read more

Find Ben 10 Games Online

Ben Tennyson is a brave youngster who takes you on a quest to defeat space pirates, formidable robots and dangerous villains. Here, at, we feature a complete collection of Ben 10 games. All games are educational, completely safe and with no prior installation or donation required. Enjoy! Ben was your typical ten-year-old until, one day, he went for a stroll with his grandfather Max and sister Gwen. They were walking across the park when … Read more

Best .IO Games For Children Under 10

Playing games is an excellent form of entertainment for young kids. Of course, kids can’t play the really intense video games that are dominating the market. .io games are a great option for kids to play. These are small and simple games that are a lot of fun and can be very addictive. Here is a list of some .io games that you should check out. You can play the Top IO Games at Dimble. … Read more

3 Top Reasons Why Simple And Free Online Games Are The Best

Online based games are these games that you play while connected to the internet. Games online had been very popular these past few years especially when mobile devices that are capable to browse the internet with ease showed up and are now the norm for phone users. Now as people are holding their phones more than  their laptops, there had been more time that people are connected to the internet to browse and play. So … Read more

Mobile Games: Is there Life Beyond the App?

The iPhone, Apple’s innovative handset presented almost exactly a decade ago, was a product that has completely changed the way people look at phones. Most handsets had small screens and physical keyboards at the time, and PDAs (the ancestors of smartphones) had touchscreens but they were focused on business users, not the masses. The iPhone combined the entertainment options available on “dumb” phones with the form factor and the interface of the time’s “smart” phones, … Read more

How Different Online Games are Put Together

Online video games are quite unlike the games that many of us grew up playing. Once upon a time the game you got on the disk was the finished product – there were no DLC packs, no patches and bug fixes, and no ongoing support. These days, thanks to the fact that everything is connected, from your phone to your TV (and often including your phone and your TV), the way we play games has … Read more

Amazing Games You Can Play in Your Browser For Free

There’s no better way than rounding off a heavy workday by kicking back with a little gaming. Instead of having to wait until you get ho­me and fire up the console however, how about you get out the portable instead. Browser games, including the hundreds of titles rated and available over at, are a fun alternative to console games that only require a web browser to run. Stuck on what to play? Check out … Read more

Having Some Fun With Online Car Games

If you enjoy playing various car themed games, then this site is a car game lovers paradise the site is called Car Games and can be found here There are more games here than I have seen in one place ever before, other than maybe a game store in the mall. There are not only games for car lovers, but also bike lovers, and quad lovers as well. They even have a few games … Read more

Kings Road a Facebook Game Worth Traveling

This is one of the newest games on Facebook, and it is one of my newest favorites. Unlike so many of the other games on Facebook that require you to endlessly build up your forces only to log back in to find you have been attacked and have to rebuild everything, this one is different. When you start, you go through a short tutorial, and choose what kind of character you want to be. A … Read more