What is the best internet security for 2020?

The internet has given users a lot of freedom by creating a global village. It is easy to forget how this global network makes the user susceptible to cyberattacks and other online threats. The risks faces range from data loss to virus infections and financial loss to identity theft. All these aspects can bring your life to a halt, hence the importance of investing in an internet security program. To be able to guarantee your safety … Read more

Top 5 Biometric Devices That Assure Guaranteed & Tested Security

The growth in the business sector, an increase in the number of working employees and globalization – all have created a need to track down the number of people visiting any particular office or other restricted premises. Earlier generalized token systems were used to separate the visitors from the office employees or the people residing within a building. This particular system had lots of loopholes and there are recorded cases of fraud and misogyny within … Read more

5 Effective Ways on How To Hack Cellular Phones

  Image source: Pixabay Construction and deconstruction have always been the core elements that drive the sector of technology forward. Ethical hacking may sound like something odd, but its value is bigger than many may think. The livelihood of many platforms is their security. It is out of necessity that many systems fortify their security after it’s been breached by knowing how it was breached and then fixing accordingly. If a company uses a third-party … Read more

Robots Replacing Jobs? Casinos, a New Sheriff is in Town

The more advanced we get with technology, especially when it comes in the form of Artificial Intelligence, is going to start making companies want to learn more towards using advanced A.I. in robots to replace humans in the job market. Recently, several malls and casinos in the past have started to roll out technology that replaces humans when it comes to doing jobs. For instance, back in June of 2018, several hotel workers in Las Vegas … Read more

 The Most Essential Security Software For Windows That Every Tech-Savvy Person Must Have

Ah, computers, smartphones, and most recently, automated cars. These are all the beautiful fruit that our investment in technology and science has borne. But not every fruit from the same tree will always be good. While technology undoubtedly helps make us more productive, and our lives more convenient, we run the risk of laziness and over-dependence on our tech. But that isn’t the worst of it. Technology, at its very core, is a tool, and … Read more

Top Ways to Increase Your Online Security

When browsing the internet, it’s difficult to know which sites are safe and which ones aren’t. When it comes to entering personal information, particularly credit or debit card details, feelings of paranoia or insecurity can often be exacerbated – and justifiably so. Some official government figures suggest that last year around 40 percent of businesses were the subject of cyber attacks or other forms of security breaches. Therefore, in the constant struggle against cybercrime, this … Read more

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft in the year 2018

The Internet has become a daunting place these days, and this is not because of the ample opportunities it gives to the customers and to the businesses, but this is because of the identity and theft issues prevailing high on the internet these days. Thus shielding your private information has become mandatory to break down the risk in all the possible ways. Identity theft is a havoc these days that can occur to any website … Read more

GPS Enabled Games and Fit Watches Are Not Secure

You see several articles per year in the news about how fitbands or GPS enabled watches have potentially compromised military bases, secret deployment operations and even possibly hidden datacenters or employees at an organization.  Just read the latest Wall Street Post article and you will read about how the Global Heat Map, published by Strava which is a GPS tracking company, used information from a satellite to map locations and movements of users to the company’s fitness … Read more

Cimkiz Ultra Thin Magnetic Webcam Cover Review

Why do we need webcam covers?Hackers use Remote Access Torjan(RAT)to gain access to unsuspecting users’ computers and record their activity,including webcam sessions and the use of Cimkiz webcam cover is a good way to protect your privacy. Are you one of those who use a sticker,tape or a plastic clip? There are several drawbacks when…

IObit Applock Fingerprint Lock Android App Review

Often you come across situations where someone asks for your phone, be it your brother, a friend or your family. You have your personal life, and sometimes don’t want to share your private secrets that are on your phone. So with that in mind, today we will be looking at Applock which will secure your phone from unauthorized access. This is the IObit Applock Fingerprint lock. It is currently only available for Android devices. Let’s … Read more

How Secure Sockets Layer Is Used To Protect And Safeguard Data

Building trust online is a fundamental component in having a successful e-commerce site. Of course, low prices and an excellent selection of products will be important, but even the best of prices won’t attract customers if there is a problem with the security on the site or if they receive a popup in the browser with a warning. While you cannot control the safety on a customer’s site, you can ensure that full security measures … Read more

How To Build Your Online Community With Secure Protection

Different businesses use their online presence for different operations and applications. While most will have some level of eCommerce or online sales associated with their websites, others may be more focused on building community and interacting with customers and clients. The reality is that most corporate sites and many personal websites have a need to build community engagement as well as to prevent cyber security attacks and risks for users. This is certainly the case … Read more

Foscam C1 Lite and FI9800P IP Camera Reviews

I was given the Foscam C1 Lite and Foscam FI9800P to Review, and might I say, these are two fair cameras for the price but both have their pro’s and con’s and the cloud service and software itself turned out to be one of the biggest hangups that I had with the product. Review of the Foscam C1 Lite Pros:  This camera features a surprising 720p HD video, that can most definitely be compared to … Read more

MVPower IP Camera Review

MVPower sent me an IP cam that has totally amazed me. I am going to spend a few minutes of your time sharing with you the reasons why you should buy this as your next IP Cam. This is not a web cam, although, it does transmit over the web. It is not a camera even though you can take screen shots. It is also not a chat device, even though you can have a … Read more

Is Your Origin Account Hacked and Next Steps?

It looks like there has been a breach at Origin and accounts have been compromised, and this is a recommendation to immediately login and change your account password and security question and answers if you have an Origin account.  According to this Reddit thread it looks like users were reporting charges on their Origin account that they weren’t making. Log into your Origin account and check your order history, remove any payment methods saved and … Read more