How to Transfer Data between iPhone and PCs

Do you want to transfer data from your iPhone or iPad effortlessly? Well, you are in the right place. IOTransfer 3 an excellent iPhone Manager enables you to do so with just one click. Wondering how? Let’s take a look. You just have to download this app in your iPhone, iPad or iPod and transfer all your favorite photos to the PC or your friend’s mobile with just a click. Not only that, you can … Read more

Best video editing tools available online

If you belong to the field of digital marketing, you will definitely need a good video editing software or tool. Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber or someone who plans or becoming a pro at making videos, we have the perfect tools enlisted for you. In this post, we will give you a brief on some of the best video editing tools available online and how you can use them to your benefit. Wideo The … Read more

Making PDF Management Easier on Your Smartphone

The smartphones have made all the information that we need available at the tip of our fingers. We use them to keep in touch with everyone important in our life, tracking the latest trends on social media, downloading files from the cloud, responding to emails, etc. With all the data that is transferred throughout the day, you are bound to daily exchange dozens of documents over your mobile phone, and most of those documents are … Read more

Easy Ways To Backup Confidential Files In Your Laptop

With virtual threats becoming more prominent with every passing day, the need to backup your files is vital. While we all know that we should be backing up our confidential information, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Should we be using an external drive? Are cloud backups safe? Should we hire a company to do this for us? For those who are looking for a way to backup their confidential files in a … Read more

Bitwar Data Recovery 6.37 – The Best Free Data Recovery Software?

Bitwar Data Recovery is considered one of the best free data recovery software products that specialize in recovering docs, photos, videos, music and other archives.  It offers 3 easy steps to recovery lost or deleted files from SD cards, Memory Sticks, PC/Mac computers, hard drives, camera storage mediums, USB drive or Recycle Bin etc. It supports the ability to rescue deleted or lost data from accidental deletion, partition formats, inaccessible partitions or raw partitions. The software is … Read more

How Should You Go About Buying a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. It is used to cloak your browsing activity on the Internet to prevent third parties from accessing your information or intercepting your communications. The devil is in the details when it comes to purchasing VPNs. The fact that a VPN service can reroute your communications from your location through a different server in a different country is not the only criterion that you should be concerned about. There … Read more

Top 4 Software Tools for a Secure Online Experience

The recent wave of ransomware attacks that has hit big organizations and private individuals alike has left us wondering: is surfing the internet really safe? The answer is a resounding no, but that does not mean that you have to despair. In fact, there is a myriad of tools out there that can be used to improve your browsing experience and make your online activity much more secure. These are our four top picks. Source: … Read more

My Flash Drive Failed: Now What?

USB flash drives are second-to-none when it comes to storing photos, documents, etc. But sometimes the data may become corrupted or lost. This may happen due to a system failure, virus attack or even accidental deletion and this is where a USB flash drive recovery software is extremely useful. The Reasons Why Your Files Are Lost You accidentally deleted files from the USB flash drive Data could be formatted You ejected the USB incorrectly Files were corrupted … Read more

How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Removable Disk?

It is fair to say that in the present digitized environment everybody uses removable disks and most users would agree, isn’t it? These disks are a great option to save as well as access data quickly and effortlessly. But sometimes these devices gets corrupt and you lose your data forever. In this blog, you will know about the ways to retrieve deleted files from removable disk Despite the success, these portable storage media devices are questioned … Read more

Ways To Clean Up Space On A Mac Hard Drive

Over the years, computer manufacturers have concluded that consumers need more storage space than ever before. This is why they’ve gone above and beyond to give their clients more data. Now, a lot of computers arrive with 1 TB of space or more. This might seem like a huge amount of data, but some computer users will still find a way to use up all of that space. What happens when you’ve used all of … Read more

How Can Talent Management Software Transform the Way Your Business Operates?

There are so many different software options available to businesses nowadays. They all share one common thread and that is to make the company run more smoothly and efficiently. With that said, more and more companies are now looking into talent management software as a viable and useful product. With this type of software becoming more mainstream, it’s also becoming a little trickier to find the best talent management software since you’re having to wade … Read more

WiseCare 365 Pro Giveaway with 10 Winners

Our friends over at WiseCleaner Software have partnered with us at to giveaway 10 copies of their WiseCare 365 Pro software and this includes the 1 year licensing that comes when you purchase the software.    Wise Care 365 offers the following benefits for your PC. Protects Your System in Real Time Take prompt action once some applications attempt to make modification without your permission. This protector will identify and stop any processes that … Read more

Enter to win Action! Game and Screen Recording and Streaming Software

You have heard me talk often about the Mirillis Action! software which I use almost exclusively for all my PC game recording and streaming, I have found that Action! records excellent high quality videos that are also smaller file sizes than Nvidia Geforce, FRAPS, Bandicam as well as offers live streaming support with graphic overlay, mic, webcam, chroma key support (green screen) and 4k plus 120fps support.  The software just works and works well at … Read more

IOBit Driver Booster 4 Pro Giveaway

Driver Booster 4 from IOBit is an excellent piece of software that scans your entire OS and updates all of your drivers with 1 click.  This software does even go a bit further by purging old and unused drivers, as well as doing some troubleshooting for items like your network and sound card.  I have used this software on 3 laptops in my house and it is especially good at updating drivers on brand pre-installed … Read more

IObit Applock Fingerprint Lock Android App Review

Often you come across situations where someone asks for your phone, be it your brother, a friend or your family. You have your personal life, and sometimes don’t want to share your private secrets that are on your phone. So with that in mind, today we will be looking at Applock which will secure your phone from unauthorized access. This is the IObit Applock Fingerprint lock. It is currently only available for Android devices. Let’s … Read more

Wallpaper Engine Review

So I was just browsing on Facebook on my PC, and a video post came on my news feed. It was a creepy video of zombies banging on the screen trying to get out which spooked me real hard. Also, the other thing that I noticed was that there were desktop icons on the screen. Turned out that the zombie jump scare video was a live wallpaper. YES! A live wallpaper. This is a thing. … Read more

Allreli T9 Plus Single-Handed Keyboard Review

Welcome back to another tech review, brought to you by Dragonblogger. Today we are going to go over the functionality and technical applications that the Allreli T9 Plus has to offer. But before we get started lets go ahead and dive down into some of the features and specs. And lets give a big shout out to the guys over at Allreli for sending me their keyboard to give them a 100% opinionated and unbiased … Read more

Foscam C1 Lite and FI9800P IP Camera Reviews

I was given the Foscam C1 Lite and Foscam FI9800P to Review, and might I say, these are two fair cameras for the price but both have their pro’s and con’s and the cloud service and software itself turned out to be one of the biggest hangups that I had with the product. Review of the Foscam C1 Lite Pros:  This camera features a surprising 720p HD video, that can most definitely be compared to … Read more

How To Fix Red Eye In Adobe Lightroom

Most modern cameras are capable of dealing with red eye automatically. But sometimes certain images are in the wrong light and you find yourself in a situation where a nasty red eye has appeared. It can completely take you out of an image and leave you with an unsightly focal point. If you are one of the 185,000 professional photographers in the US, you know that red eye is a constant worry. Through using Adobe … Read more

New Software Project: Build or Buy?

You need a new piece of software to help redesign your website and fulfill your needs. But you don’t know exactly where to turn. You don’t know whether to buy a completely new piece of software or to have it built according to your needs. This article is going to discuss some of the pros and cons to building your own piece of software so you can come to your own conclusions. Pro – Meet … Read more