Some Of The Best Electronics Design Automation Software Available For Free

As the Maker Revolution continues to grow strong, the barriers to manufacturing and designing your own printed circuit boards for cheap falls rapidly. At present, there are plenty of companies that offer individuals a platform for software and service enabling. If you are new to the electronics design automation scene, such platform will help you [...]

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Enter to win Action! Game and Screen Recording and Streaming Software

You have heard me talk often about the Mirillis Action! software which I use almost exclusively for all my PC game recording and streaming, I have found that Action! records excellent high quality videos that are also smaller file sizes than Nvidia Geforce, FRAPS, Bandicam as well as offers live streaming support with graphic overlay, [...]

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IObit Applock Fingerprint Lock Android App Review

Often you come across situations where someone asks for your phone, be it your brother, a friend or your family. You have your personal life, and sometimes don't want to share your private secrets that are on your phone. So with that in mind, today we will be looking at Applock which will secure your [...]

Looking at 3 Project Management Software Titles

  Project management is almost an impossible task for teams that use the manual approach. Reliance on people to keep track of projects, schedules can prove to be a catalyst for failure. This thus calls for use of project management software which allows the team to work and collaborate on projects in real-time. This article [...]

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Allreli T9 Plus Single-Handed Keyboard Review

Welcome back to another tech review, brought to you by Dragonblogger. Today we are going to go over the functionality and technical applications that the Allreli T9 Plus has to offer. But before we get started lets go ahead and dive down into some of the features and specs. And lets give a big shout [...]

Foscam C1 Lite and FI9800P IP Camera Reviews

I was given the Foscam C1 Lite and Foscam FI9800P to Review, and might I say, these are two fair cameras for the price but both have their pro's and con's and the cloud service and software itself turned out to be one of the biggest hangups that I had with the product. Review of [...]

How To Fix Red Eye In Adobe Lightroom

Most modern cameras are capable of dealing with red eye automatically. But sometimes certain images are in the wrong light and you find yourself in a situation where a nasty red eye has appeared. It can completely take you out of an image and leave you with an unsightly focal point. If you are one [...]

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New Software Project: Build or Buy?

You need a new piece of software to help redesign your website and fulfill your needs. But you don’t know exactly where to turn. You don’t know whether to buy a completely new piece of software or to have it built according to your needs. This article is going to discuss some of the pros [...]

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Wondershare MobileGo Software Review

Installation and set up of this software was easy and only took a couple of minutes. I had some issues with the program as I couldn't get it to delete files or apps. I had issues with it freezing on my computer. It also crashed my phone a couple of times.

Make Chrome Faster

Google Chrome is easily the best browser out there and most people including me use it as my default browser on all my devices. Thanks to the V8 JavaScript Engine and multi-process architecture, Chrome is blazing fast and the User Interface is dead simple to use and navigate. While we are talking about speed, let me [...]

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Review of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

I have been using computers since I was 13 years old on my IBM XT 8086, yup no hard drive just 2 x 5.25’ floppy drives.  From that PC to my current PC I have deleted TONS of files, some on purpose too but I have lost so many files as well, sometimes entire partitions.  [...]

BatchPhoto Software Giveaway

BatchPhoto streamlines the process of batch image editing quite well. It's swift, packs a big feature set, and possesses a user friendly UI.  Mitra did a pretty fantastic review of BatchPhoto Software which allows you to resize, watermark and apply other types of filters to batches of images in one shot.  You can read the [...]

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Featuring Movavi: Make Easy Screen Capture Videos In Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered about how to capture your screen activities and then make them into a movie? Well, it isn’t very difficult if you have the right application to do so. These applications aren't very hard to get and you can easily find one on the internet. Some come free and some have a [...]

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Finding the Best Game Price with Cheap Digital Download

Over the last five years, gaming has been going through an interesting transition. As there are more data clouds, peer to peer data sharing sites, and online media streaming, gaming has begun to move away from disks and cartridges. Many a modern gamer prefer to receive a license for the games (and movies) that they [...]

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Team Collaboration Software Becoming Essential for the Modern Office

You read about it more and more how inefficient it is for workers to just communicate via email or wait for a free time to talk on the phone, with the glutton of emails that require sorting on a daily basis it is easy for important or urgent emails to be lost in the white [...]

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U Watch U8 SmartWatch Review

Review of the U8 Smartwatch that was provided to us to review by Gearbest who has excellent prices on Android gadgets including smartwatches.

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