Which Android Tablet Should I Spend My Money On?

  Things used to be so simple prior to the evolution of technology. You’d get a desktop computer, a decent start-up for your internet broadband, and you were sorted. Those days, however, are long behind us and although now it’s great because we have a lot more choice, it’s a lot more difficult to know what models to invest our money into, and what’s going to be right for us. Nowadays the vast majority of … Read more

5 Android Tablets for Any Budget

With the holiday season here, gifts for everyone are at the top of everyone’s list. Android tablets are a popular option for a lot of people, so we went in and found some of the best cheap tablets. 4G Tablet PC – Android 7.0 The 4G Tablet PC has Android 7.0 operating system built in. It has two SIM card slots and Dual-IMEI numbers, so you can always stay connected. This tablet has a fantastic … Read more

The Top 5 Tablets for Those Who Work While They Commute

If you rely on public transit in the Tampa area for your commute, then there’s a good chance that you take advantage of that time to get a little work done. Of course in order to be productive you need the right tools, and a tablet has to be top of the list when it comes to commuter must-have tools. Royalty Free Photo We searched high and low to put together a list of the … Read more

Review of the Avantek 20,000mAh Battery Pack

Portable devices are everywhere and they mostly all need power, but many times you cannot find an outlet when needed and really who carries their AC Adapters?  Even worse, going on a vacation with the family or with your friends, you need to carry a ton of AC adapters for all types of different tablets, phones, smartwatches its insane.  Well, I might have an answer for all of these problems, and maybe for some you … Read more

Laptop or Tablet: Which is Better for You?

These days, many of the tablet manufacturers claim that a tablet can easily replace your laptop but is that really true? If you are going to buy a tablet/laptop and are confused what to buy, read on to clear all your confusions and know the pros and con of both, enabling you to make the better decision.

Comparing the Tablet Market in 2015

In the market for a new tablet, but not sure what to look for? Don’t make the mistake most people do, and just order the bestseller. Take the time to consider your lifestyle, your needs and your budget. We’ve had a look at three of the top-selling tablet options out there; All have their merits, but are very different beasts. There’s the iPad Air, an attractive, stylish all-rounder, the hybridised Microsoft Surface which can power through … Read more

Google to Offer a Fresh Android Experience with Android L

After getting a good look at Windows Phone 8.1 and getting a preview of iOS 8, it was only natural for the Android loyalists to be rubbing their hands together in excitement, expecting Google to cook up something even better. Well, it would be safe to say that the company won’t be leaving them disappointed. Google unwrapped its newest iteration of Android, dubbed the L release, a while back at Google I/O 2014. While the … Read more

Google Nexus 8 Launching in April?

A few sites picked up on the Digitimes report last week that Google was once again partnering with Asus and releasing an 8″ version of the Google Nexus tablet in April.  This is an odd choice being only 1″ larger than the Nexus 7 and I wonder if this is to more directly compete with the 8.9″ side of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 so that it can have an exact tablet in this … Read more

Ematic eGlide XL PRO II Review

As some of you know, a while back I had a very bad experience with a new 10 inch tablet. I was not happy, and I was worried when I had to “settle” for a different tablet that I had no knowledge of, but, I was pleasantly surprised. I feel it is only fair of me to share the experience with you as well. When I went into the store to return the bad tablet … Read more

Project Fiona – Gaming On A New Level

What is Project Fiona? Project Fiona is Razer’s new Gaming tablet . It boasts top end specs and will be able to play almost any pc game; this also fills a large hole in being able to play online games on the go, so as normal many seemed very optimistic. The tablet was in concept for around a year and in September fans got there biggest break, a chance to make this sleek and beautifully … Read more

The Dragoncast Episode 3: Microsoft Surface, More Wii-U News and Video Game Discussion

It’s time for yet anther edition of The Dragoncast. In this week’s technology podcast we talk about Microsoft’s new tablet/pc called Surface which is releasing on 10/26 as well as some discussion on the new OS Windows 8. Then Andrew, Brian and Bryce all discuss their favorite video game systems as well as some of their favorite video game controllers and a bit of talk about the Wii-U as well. Also we remind all of … Read more

Is iPad Mini the Best 7" Tablet?

The iPad Mini was announced today as expected at the Apple Event and what probably was the most shocking for me was the starting price of $329 which puts it way more than the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire 7 HD tablets, but is it really that much better to justify the extra cost? The iPad Mini sports the same dual core A5 processor as the iPad 2 (2nd generation) and the iPad 2 … Read more