Windows 8 Tip: Creating Control Panel Shortcuts in Start Screen

Windows 8 can have a useful start screen if you fill it up with your most commonly accessed programs, files and utilities.  One problem that I found is that by default you can’t easily add control panel links or .bat files as quickly as you can with other file types.  There is no “Pin to Start” option for *.cpl files or .bat files and some other system related files so you have to make your … Read more

Windows 8 Mass Rename Files Built In Feature

Now this feature existed in Windows 7 too but was still a nice feature that they left intact in Windows 8 where you have the ability to mass rename files of the same type and have Windows just default with an increment (#) after the filename. To mass rename files in Windows 8 that are grouped together like photos or documents that should all be the same title with just an increment, all you need … Read more

Cloning Windows SSD Root Drive

Say you got a big fancy new SSD drive to replace your former SSD drive that you were running Windows 7 or Windows 8 on.  Did you know that just cloning your C drive isn’t enough? You need to actually run some additional tools on the drive to make it so you can boot off of a cloned Windows boot drive. How to Clone a Windows SSD Drive These instructions work for cloning a Windows … Read more

How to Fix Slow Windows Folder Problems

I was having trouble with some of my downloads folders taking over 10 seconds just to open the folder and display the content in the folder.  I thought the delay was caused by the slower 5400RPM hard drive but it turns out Windows and the way it optimized the folder was causing the Windows folder to load slow and take a long time to display files. I did a video tutorial on how to customize … Read more

Change Windows App Store Install Drive

Want to know how to install Windows App Store apps to a different drive from the default C: drive?  It’s all about the PackageRoot folks! I was getting pretty desperate when I saw I only had 4GB left on my C: drive, I have a 90GB SSD as my Primary Windows 8 Hard Drive and by default the Windows App Store installs all programs on your C: drive in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder.  There is … Read more

Learning About Windows 8

Answering the question many people are asking should I upgrade to Windows 8?  I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my only home machine to Windows 8.  I took the risk of applications not working, dealing with an interface I may not like because I wanted to be in the same position a person would be if they purchased a Windows 8 laptop or if they upgraded their own Windows 7 to Windows 8.  … Read more

How to Delete Undeletable Files and Folders in Windows

Have you ever tried but failed to delete files or folders on Windows? Often malicious programs create such undeletable items, which cause an error message to pop-up when you try to delete them. In this post, we shall learn how to delete undeletable files and folders without using any extra software. Please read the warning at the bottom before proceeding. Through the Search Box or Run Dialog open “CMD”, which is the MSDOS command prompt. … Read more

Windows 8 Series – Betting On Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has been, for a long time now, touting Windows 8 as its bid to counter the rising dominance of Apple in the computing world through mobile devices. While PCs remain its main source of revenue, Microsoft has recognized the need to pay sufficient attention to Mobile and Tablet PC users if it wishes to retain the level of market leadership it currently enjoys. Windows 7 did have a mobile version, but it didn’t make … Read more

How to Fix External Speakers Earphones Headphones – Windows 7 Audio Drivers

Have you ever faced problems using earphones or headphones with your laptop or desktop PC due to Windows 7 Audio Driver incompatibility? If the inbuilt speakers work properly, but any external audio-output devices you plug in don’t work, it is probably due to one of the following issues: The Audio-Out port is damaged The External Audio-device is damaged The Audio-Out Driver has not been installed properly In the first two cases, obviously you need to … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Desktop mode and Office 2013 Buggy on Windows RT

Windows 8, out of all its objectives, was expected to be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iOS. While the tiled Modern UI appears to be built-for Tablets and other touch-based devices, apparently Windows RT – the ARM version – isn’t very user-friendly. Specifically, Office 2013 apps and the desktop mode leave a lot to be desired. Windows RT is much more resource-efficient and cheaper, and is being expected to pose a serious challenge to Apple’s iPads … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Metro Apps To Decide Windows 8 Popularity

Over the past few months, I have been posting articles about the merits, demerits and rumors surrounding Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8. While its failure to gain instant traction in the OS market will not eliminate or even seriously threaten Microsoft’s hold on it, Windows 8 marks a drastic departure from the traditional Windows interface. Changes in Windows 8’s Modern UI While several cosmetic changes had been introduced in Vista and Windows 7, the … Read more

WordPress Plugin Review: PhotoDropper Makes Finding Blog Photos Easy

How do you find related images for your articles? Google is definitely the easiest option available but it may put your blog in danger if a scenario regarding the violation of copyrighted images occurs. You may think it doesn’t happen so often but there are chances of getting into trouble by using such copyrighted images you find from I’ve better option for you if fellow bloggers don’t want to get into trouble, this option … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Metro UI and 8 Windows 8 Tablets in Focus

Are you still calling the Windows 8 UI the Metro UI? After a lot of name juggling for the revolutionary Windows 8 user interface, rumor has it that Microsoft has finally come up with an un-original and un-inspired winner – the Windows 8 Interface. Following much hue and cry over trademark issues with Metro Group, which is apparently a business partner too, the rumored name marks a dull conclusion. Be it an intentional ploy to … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Windows 8 Changes Revolutionary or Scary?

Microsoft Windows 8, the latest installment of the most popular OS worldwide, brings about highly revolutionary changes in personal computing. Some changes, like securing low-level processes and cloud integration, have been lauded while others, like offering identical interfaces for tablets and desktop/notebook PCs and highly controlled app marketing through Windows Store have been vehemently denounced. While it remains to be seen whether the few early protests will be echoed by the millions of PC users, … Read more

Windows 7 Tip: Create System Restore Point and Use System Restore

Modern computers are extremely sensitive to changes in the files and settings that run them, commonly known as the Operating System (for example Windows 7). Even a tiny bug can cause your entire system to crash. Using Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Anti-spyware programs can help you avoid most threats, but what about unintentional changes to system files and settings? When you install or uninstall most programs on your computer, some Windows system files and settings get … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Windows 8 Editions, Requirements and Upgrade Compatibility

Microsoft has announced four different editions of Windows 8, targeting new and basic PC users, professionals and advanced PC users, mobile and tablet PC users and IT business-specific users at the same time. These 4 versions of Windows 8 are based on differences in OS features. In addition, Microsoft has announced the availability of region-specific editions, beginning with China. Apparently, Windows 8 will be offered at cheaper prices in China to counter the rampant software … Read more

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Turn Windows Search Function On or Off

Do you find the inbuilt search functionality of Windows 7 to be too slow and ineffective? Do you want to turn off Windows Search and Indexing on Windows 7? In this post we shall learn how to quickly turn off or turn on Windows Search function, in addition to looking at a few quick and efficient desktop search programs for Windows 7. The native Windows Search utility is quite useful in finding folders, documents and … Read more

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Modify Save Export Theme

Windows 7 comes along with some amazing Aero themes built into it. However, if you wish to personalize any of the themes all you need to do is follow some simple steps to add desktop backgrounds, screensavers, transition between images, window opacity etc. Windows 7 also enables you to easily save the customized themes and save them locally or even export the themes for sharing with your friends and blog readers! So, do you want … Read more

Windows 7 Quick Tip: Show Hide Recent Items Recent Programs

Do you use the same programs on Windows 7 regularly? Do you regularly access the same files like songs, images and Ebooks? If you do, the recently used programs and recent files must be very useful in saving time and effort. If however you don’t access the files and programs regularly or wish to prevent others from tracing your computer usage habits, you can either manually delete the recent items and recent programs, you can … Read more