Best Online Backup Sites

When deciding where you want to store all of your important data in the cloud, you will want to make sure you read as many online backup reviews as possible to not only find the best prices, but also find a service that fits your needs as far as storage, method of backup and supported Operating Systems. WPDesigner collected and narrowed down their top 3 recommended sites which include:, Carbonite, and Mozy. I have … Read more

Barnes & Noble Launches Updated Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch

Along with the new tablet, Barnes & Noble also announced their other products which includes the improved and incredibly new low prices for NOOK Color, the first-ever Reader’s Tablet, and NOOK Simple Touch, the first breakthrough touch E Ink device. [youtube width=”500″ height=”380″][/youtube] The new NOOK Color will now come with more than 100 new features which includes access to top video and music services, popular apps, comics, etc. Users will also get access to … Read more

Google Chrome To Hit 2nd Most Popular Browser in 2012

Chrome browser continues to increase market share and is predicted to hit 20% of the web browser market in 2012 according to some technology experts.  This comes as IE9 fails to win any significant amount of users and IE continues its downward trend with Chrome being the largest benefactor. In a recent Computer World article [read here] Chrome ended the month of September 2011 with 16.2% of the Browser market share compared to Safari’s 5% … Read more

Gmail Filters and Labels: Keep Your Email Inbox Clean!

Why You Need To Use Gmail Filters Bloggers, Website Owners and other Internet users who subscribe to a lot of sources like Daily News sites, Blogs, Newsletters etc. via Email receive as many as 20 subscription updates on a daily basis. When you rely on Email for important information like job related updates and security notifications, missing a single such email might have serious consequences. Thus, it is highly advisable to keep your Gmail inbox … Read more

Google Updates Android Market App with Books and Movies

Google has been working on improving the Android Market App for sometime from now, and finally announces the release of the latest version of the Android Market for all the Android mobile users. The upgraded version of the app now comes with books, movies and a whole new user interface. The app comes with a Videos sections, which offers users to access and rent from a wide range of movies right from your phone, which … Read more