How to Bold Unread Messages in Postbox

I have switched from Thunderbird to Postbox as my email client recently as I wanted to see if it was more stable and crashed less often than Thunderbird. I use an email desktop client primarily because I run multiple separate Gmail accounts some are business app emails like my one and some are my personal accounts.  The problem is the web based gmail has issues switching back and forth occasionally still but I like … Read more

Handy Backup Review and Giveaway

You hear over and over how you should be backing up your data, but manually just copying your files over to a USB flash drive or cloud backup service when you remember is not an effective way to keep your files backed up and in sync regularly.  This is where a program like Handy Backup comes in. I found that Handy Backup worked well and provided plenty of choices for creating flexible backups or syncs … Read more

Wowza – Media Streaming Service for Any Screen

For those of you who doesn’t know what Wowza offers and what do they mean by media streaming service; let’s give you a small explanation. Wowza is premium software which acts as a media server that  delivers high performance with high value streaming of media and video for almost any screen size. The word media streaming means the live or on-demand streaming of videos or just about any media content that you want. Here are … Read more

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review: Rip DVD to iPad Kindle Nexus or Surface

If you need a simple and easy way to rip and convert all of those DVD’s sitting in your library to a digital format for any smartphone, tablet or computer in your house then take a look at WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 2012 from Digiarty. I did a video demonstration showing you how easy it is to rip a DVD and select any output format from the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 2012 application.   Rip DVD … Read more

Project Management Software: Save Time, Save Money

In this age of technology, our days our busier than ever. We have more to do and less time in which to do it. Dividing work amongst a team allows for the work to be finished faster but just organizing the team can take up a lot of valuable time. Time is money. Utilizing project management software can save time, not just for you as the organizer but for your team as a whole, by … Read more

Master List of Software Programs for New Windows Installations

Have you ever had to re-install Windows on your PC? Did you wait until you needed them to download supporting programs like drivers, antivirus applications, document readers and media players? Waiting too long without an antivirus program might severely endanger your PC, and not having other programs might inconvenience you a lot. How about I give you a master list of all essential software programs for a new Windows OS installation? All you would require … Read more

Axara Video Converter Pro Makes DVD Ripping and Video Conversion Easy

Hey there.  Have you ever downloaded a  video (or audio file) and then found out that you cannot play it?  Whether it be the format of the file, missing codecs, or just plain compatibility issues with the video player that you are currently using?  It can be quite frustrating having to find a video player that is compatible with your video file.  Before you know it, you will have downloaded 4 or 5 different video … Read more

Cleanup and Improve PC Performance with Cloud System Booster Pro #Giveaway

I always like testing new software to help clean up and optimize performance on Windows PC’s so when Anvisoft contacted me and asked me to review a copy of Cloud System Booster Pro and then host a giveaway for my readers I was eager to put it to the test. The first step is to download and install Cloud System Booster, you can get a free trial version but you will really want the pro … Read more

ImageNuke – A Very Complete Image Hosting Script

Hey there.  On more than a few occasions I have had the opportunity to post for a company.  I’ve done a few that have allowed to me post directly from the confines and comfort of my blogging platform.  Other times, I have to submit the post directly to the sponsor for them to review and approve.  The problem with having to submit my post is that any images that I use in the post must … Read more

New Mac OS X Lion Features – Latest Updates from Apple

The amazing new OS from Apple, Mac OS X Lion has several exciting features like Multi-Touch Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, Mission Control, Mac App Store, Launchpad, Auto Save and Versions, Mail etc. In all there were about 250 new features added to the Mac OS X Lion! Let’s take a closer look at some of them… Multi-Touch Gestures A huge step towards making computing more intuitive and tangible, Multi-Touch Gestures make zooming, full-screen swiping and scrolling … Read more

Universal Security for Tablets Phones and Computers

  Despite being protected with multiple anti-virus software programs, firewalls and being more careful whenever clicking on links like doing link previewers for shortened URLs…etc I still see an occasional malware popup from my Antivirus software on occasion from a freeware file I downloaded and wanted to test and review for my readers. It isn’t just files though, viruses and Trojans are infecting virtually every operating system including mobile phone OS’s like Android, iOS (in … Read more

Microsoft Office Apps Coming Soon on Apple iPad, Mac OS X Lion

  Apple iPad 2 has been one of the best tablet currently available in the market, with an outstanding record number of sales all over the world. The tablet has been doing wonders for the technology giant with Apple now threatening to surpass even the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard, in the year 2012 according to a recent survey. And guess what even the CEO of HP agrees to the fact that the iPad has … Read more