Top 10 Best Android Apps for Singers

If you are a singer and want to make good songs then you can use android apps for your singing, you can record your songs in those apps and can enhance your voice. There are so many apps available on the android platform by using them, and you can do many things. Here is the list of best android apps for singers so that you will get an idea about these apps.  Best Android Apps … Read more

Developer 101 How to Earn Money From Android Apps

If you’re developing an app, you know that the key to sustainability is cash flow. Earning money from Android apps can be easy if you put a bit of effort into coding and marketing. For instance, developers can offer an app for free and monetize it using ads. You can leverage the freemium model or launch your Android app as paid from the get go. Today, we’re exploring the different options developers have to monetize … Read more

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Singers

If you are a singer or aspiring singer and want to make or record good songs then would be surprised at how useful Android apps can be for your singing.  You can record your songs in those apps and can enhance your voice and use it to help critique and improve singing style as well. There are so many apps available on the Android platform, and by using them, and you can do many things … Read more

Best Background Check Apps for Android

We are in an era where trusting on a stranger is a huge risk. There are so many spams and fraud going on that you never know whom to trust. It’s better to have a check on them rather than regretting later. As the technology is advancing, the ways of doing crimes are also increasing. But there is no lock without a key, with every problem, there comes a solution. If you want to trust … Read more

Popular Tools for Your Smartphone to Study a Foreign Language

Learning an extra language is hard. Often it feels like you’re trying to change the course of a river. And it can be incredibly frustrating as you can hammer away at it without feeling that you’re booking any result. That can be discouraging. Still, the benefits of doing so are so immense that to not at least try means you’re selling yourself short. Learning another language can help you: Become smarter Learn to be better … Read more

10 Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

Modern technological advances have done a lot for us. It is now deeply integrated into our society and transformed how we used to do things, including writing. Writing has undergone a huge change over the centuries, and the way writers go about their work changed, too. Our ancestors had their own writing system. They used to write on clay tablets, Hieroglyphics, pictograms on walls, texts on papyrus and papers that evolved in many different forms … Read more

Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Review

Let’s be honest, we’re all prone to leaving our phones in places that aren’t ideal. Do you have people you know rummage through your own phone? Are you wanting to have a secure phone for your children? If the answer is yes, then you probably need some sort of security on your phone. Because who couldn’t use more security for their phones and protection for their every day life? Enter Hexlock App Lock & Photo … Read more

7 Tips for Building a Website for Android — With Android

Android is one of the most popular open-source mobile operating systems on the planet, and while it has differences and similarities with iOS, Android currently holds the distinction of being the system that’s growing its user base the fastest. As tablet and smartphone use continue their meteoric rise, the importance of having a website — whether you’re a blogger or a small-business owner — that’s optimized for Android devices and systems is increasing also. Don’t … Read more

Kindle Fire App Review – Advanced Task Killer

Like most Android devices the Kindle Fire HDX is no stranger to having multitasking apps start hogging resources and draining battery life more than performance, the power of the CPU and GPU in the Kindle Fire HDX means you aren’t as likely to notice any performance hit from multi-tasking apps, but you will notice that ones that do notifications and reach out online for data will consume battery life faster and prevent you from enjoying … Read more

Free Space on Kindle Fire with Clean Master

If you have an 8GB Kindle Fire (1st or 2nd generation) or a Kindle Fire HD and it only has 8GB or even 16GB of space then you may find out that it quickly fills up, this is especially true after you start adding applications and games, using them frequently as well as storing media files on your Kindle Fire device. You may be quite familiar with this message on the Kindle Fire when you … Read more

MoboMarket-All new one stop Android market

Moborobo developers are definitely on fire with the number of Apps making their way to Android smartphones. Last time, I covered how simply the Moborobo PC suite transfers and syncs your data with your desktop. This time around, a new product called MoboMarket is all set to give you an alternative to standard Google play store. I know, Google Play store is already loaded with about 6,00,000 applications and now no-one would ever catch it … Read more

Moborobo: All in One Management Tool for Android Smartphones

There are situations in which we want to sync important files, carry out simple tasks such as sending SMS from desktop client or backup/restore contacts in our computer. Windows phone 7 and iOS has advantage over Android with its own Zune and iTunes desktop clients. There are several third-party desktop management tools available for Android which includes AirDroid and Droid Explorer with their own set of features. Having said these names, there is one more … Read more