The 10 Best Travel Apps that Will Make Your Trip Absolutely Carefree

Planning another trip? Seems like everything is ready: the tickets and insurance are bought, the hotel is booked, the car is ordered… And now the only thing left is to get armed with your smartphone and download the latest travel Apps, that will make your vacation even more interesting and carefree. Sygic Travel Maps Offline [...]

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Is iKeyMonitor the Best Android Spy App to Protect Children Online?

Children nowadays are more tech-savvy than their parents. With smartphones in hand, they can access games, social networks, various videos, which may also bring about some health problems for young children. To protect children’s safety, parents may need to try some tool to track what children are doing online. How Can iKeyMonitor Help Its Users? [...]

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5 Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

Though many Android users may believe their phones are secure, this doesn’t mean that they are not prone to attacks. Android smartphones are actually under continuous attacks, and the older versions are far more vulnerable than new ones. Image Credit: So, how do you protect your device from these attacks? Here are [...]

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Apps that Keep You Going from Dusk to Dawn – An Infographic

The importance of Smartphone in our everyday life is increasing day by day and activities are unquestionably endless. This is so because mobile phones are no longer the common communication device it used to be. It has become the extraordinary point of attention for people and businesses, courtesy of the various unbelievable features and opportunities [...]

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The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand and Samsung’s Note series is the true definition of both. Blending large screens with high-end specs, Samsung released its first Note with the iconic S Pen back in 2011. Giving birth to a new generation of smartphones, phablets, Samsung created a benchmark for what phones are supposed to [...]

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Why Is The Headset Jack Being Removed From Phones

The smartphone revolutionized the way people look at their mobile devices by giving them the option to not only interact with other people but also use it for entertainment purposes whether audio or visual. The headset jack being removed now by various manufacturers was once standard accessory accompanying a smart device and various reasons were [...]

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The Best Strategy Games for Android

Strategy games are an enticing attraction to players for many reasons. For starters, these games put our mental acuity to the test by forcing us to think outside of the box. Multiple elements of strategy-based games work in tandem, such as resource management, strategic puzzle-solving challenges, tactical choices. All of these elements come together to [...]

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5 Apps to Help with Home Improvements

Smartphones rarely leave our sides, serving as our personal address books, calendars, notepads, weather forecasters, and so much more. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys hands-on home improvement projects, there are numerous apps you can download to assist you in your chosen hobby. Here are 5 of them. wikiHow wikiHow has been around [...]

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Is it Difficult to Build a Mobile App?

What is the very first step to building an app? Should you begin with your own ideas? Or should you hire a team of developers the moment you decide you want to work on your own mobile project? Or should you start with the budget? All of these questions disturb everyone who has ever thought [...]

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10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S9 + That Are Fantastic

  Image Source The Samsung company keeps producing modern, fast, and entertaining mobile devices. On April 2018, its Samsung Galaxy S9+ has become available in most of the countries. Customers are wondering what are its advantages and the most notable features. Fingerprints Scanner location The location of fingerprints scanner can be an issue for many [...]

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10 Best Augmented Reality Games 2018 for Android and iOS

Augmented reality is one of the most discussed tech trends of the past few years. Augmented reality is a technology that combines existing reality with computer-generated enhancements to create a new form of existing reality that you can interact with. Augmented reality is now commonly used in mobile games and apps. It’s important to know [...]

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The Secret to Top Grossing Mobile Games

Top-grossing mobile games have become very popular these days. Pokémon Go is just one of the popular Android apps played by many people. It stands out from the other games, and it has generated a lot of revenue. In fact, a lot have started asking why some of these games have become so successful. Most [...]

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3 Reasons Why the Future of Digital Entertainment Lies in Mobile Technology

There’s no denying how popular mobile technology has become. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone today who doesn’t have their own smartphone or tablet, and for good reasons: not only are these handheld devices much more accessible to the masses than their bulkier predecessors such as desktop and laptop computers, but more and [...]

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4 Reasons Mobile Gamers Love the iPhone 7

Gaming has evolved, just like everything else tech-related. These days we don't need a PC or game console to engage in exciting, challenging, graphics-intense game play. However, many people feel that smartphones aren't mighty enough for serious gamers. With an iPhone, we always have our games with us, ready to play whenever we have spare [...]

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How to Turn Your Phone into a Money-Making Machine?

There are times when people are short of money, especially when these persons are working a poor-paying job, while being a student, or are unable to find full-time employment and working part-time. Well, there are lots of ways to make a quick buck and some of them can be done by literally anyone that has [...]

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Top Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2018

Mobile gambling is something that has been increasing in popularity year after year and it seems as though 2018 won’t be seeing any sort of cool down on this either. With popularity spikes come certain trends too, and the mobile gaming industry certainly has a few of those to currently access and also look forward [...]

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