Favorite New Gaming Apps of 2018

There have been an influx of gaming apps into the mobile market over the last few years. It’s almost hard to escape from the constant new releases. This has lead to having to make a difficult choice every single day. Which games out of the many new releases are the best choice? We’ve gone through [...]

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The Best Casino Android/iOS Games Coming in 2019

The online casino business enjoys clients in the millions from all across the globe, and this number has been growing steadily since its establishment in 1994. The rising number leads to a demand for new products, which necessitates the release of new games from time to time, some of which can be explored in Arabian [...]

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The Best Strategy Games for Android

Strategy games are an enticing attraction to players for many reasons. For starters, these games put our mental acuity to the test by forcing us to think outside of the box. Multiple elements of strategy-based games work in tandem, such as resource management, strategic puzzle-solving challenges, tactical choices. All of these elements come together to [...]

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The Secret to Top Grossing Mobile Games

Top-grossing mobile games have become very popular these days. Pokémon Go is just one of the popular Android apps played by many people. It stands out from the other games, and it has generated a lot of revenue. In fact, a lot have started asking why some of these games have become so successful. Most [...]

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Google’s New Instant Games App Offers Free Trial

While Google doesn’t make games on its own, it does own Android, which is among the largest developer communities. The tech giant shared news at the recent Game Developers Conference that will alert the attention of both developers and players alike. Google’s Instant App Technology, which was introduced to Android in 2017, can now also [...]

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Introducing Robinson Riches Mobile Slots game

We are pleased to announce the launch of one the latest mobile casino games from mFortune, Robinson Riches. The theme of this mobile slot game is about the well-known explorer, Robinson and his faithful friend Man Friday. Both of these guys will be very happy to help every player discover superb cash prizes that are [...]

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Best Mobile Phones For App and Online Gaming in 2018

As a PC Gamer, I normally wouldn't consider mobile devices for true gaming. However, mobile games are becoming increasingly complex, diverse and are starting to look graphically as good as the latest console generation games in many cases. Mobile gaming is not only for word games, puzzle games, or 2D games where you swipe your finger, [...]

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Top 5 iPhone X Games

The thing that has cover whole Apple market is no one else than iPhone X. A huge achievement of Apple that launches lots of amazing feature with it. iPhone X is one of the greatest technology of Apple. People were desperate for this phone. People like to spend their time and make their self-feel relax [...]

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Who is Gaming via Mobile Apps?

The term gaming means different things to different people and probably depends on which generation you belong to and your overall view and immersion with video games dating back to consoles.  I hear the term "gaming" and this to me would be someone playing the latest Battlefield or Call of Duty game on the PlayStation [...]

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How to Turn Your Android into A Gaming Console

Gaming has been around for decades, but now with cell phones gaming is transportable on a completely new level. With the new technology available in cell phones, we have a gaming system everywhere we go on top of all the incredible things cell phones are already capable of doing. Of course, huge consoles are a few steps [...]

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Mobile Games: Is there Life Beyond the App?

The iPhone, Apple's innovative handset presented almost exactly a decade ago, was a product that has completely changed the way people look at phones. Most handsets had small screens and physical keyboards at the time, and PDAs (the ancestors of smartphones) had touchscreens but they were focused on business users, not the masses. The iPhone [...]

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HellsPawn Fights to Become the No.1 Superhero Game of 2017  

Although mobile gaming has come a long way since the inception of the modern smartphone, gamers have yet to get their hands on a truly “console-like” experience for their handheld devices. While many Android and iOS games have certainly delivered on a certain front (be it sound, graphics or story), the general consensus among critics [...]

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