Which Superhero Movies Made the Most Money?

These Superheroes Made the Most Money at the Box Office The superhero that made the most money at the box office is Spider-Man. All Spider-Man movies combined made a whopping $7,213,542,971 at the box office. In second place is Batman, whose movies made a staggering $6,072,549,025 at the box office. The superhero who made the least money is The Hulk ($508,788,031). From bringing justice to those in unfortunate circumstances, to (almost) always wearing spandex, superheroes … Read more

6 Movies with Asian Lead Actors

Many upcoming actors and actresses look forward to the time they join Hollywood and become international stars. Unfortunately, getting into Hollywood isn’t that easy, which is why there aren’t numerous Asians on the screens. Thankfully, over time we have experienced a sharp increase of Asian actors in American movies. That is why Asian entertainment websites like https://haveyoudesign.com/ are taking the time to highlight new developments in the East. The haveyoudesign.com/ site reviews Asian movies, actors, … Read more

Did You Know That Ozzy Osbourne Was Also a Movie Star?

Ozzy Osbourne recently opened up about his struggles with Parkinson’s disease, which reminded us that the Black Sabbath frontman was in fact 75 years old and made us reflect on his long and eventful life. The Birmingham-born musician is a certified cultural legend, not only rising to fame for having allegedly bitten the head off a bat on tour, but also for having created something of a family dynasty. The Prince of Darkness has not only graced us with … Read more

5 Greatest Movies About Writing

The world of writing has gotten attention from a great number of industries around the world. The movie industry is not left out, as history has recorded the production of several movies about writers. Writing can be a tough job. Learning how to write an essay usually comes first. But as time goes on, people are made to learn how to use free tools as well as an error checker. One of the many tools … Read more

MCU Phase 4 Touted at Comic-Con San Diego

Honestly I am just as pumped up for the new Marvel MCU Phase 4 as I was for the previous 3 phases, as Marvel dropped some big news at Comic-Con we have a release schedule and see how the Disney+ Marvel Shows are more tied to the MCU than the Netflix series ever were and even more so than Agents of Shield was.  We get the massive announcement that Mahershala Ali will take on the … Read more

3 Gambling Moments In Film That Are Totally Unrealistic

Whether it’s a 1/158,000,000 scenario or betting in a way that wouldn’t happen in real life, gambling moments in film are frequently inaccurate. Below I’ve explained how gambling scenes from three great films are totally unrealistic. Recommended reading: Five Greatest Casino Movies of All Time Casino Royale: The crazy odds all in Credit: YouTube James Bond films frequently play fast and loose with the truth. Casino Royale is no exception to this. In the final … Read more

Top 5 Rated Movies in 2018

There are many movies available to watch and even many new are coming every year. It is required to have a watch over the latest films coming to have a chance to watch movies online. Each of the movies is having certain unique quality due to which they are popular among the large number of individuals. One needs to look at the various reviews, story, representation of the movie before selecting any of them. Each … Read more

Top 10 Movies from 2016

Yes, I realize this is a little late but, let’s face it, 2016 ended on a really high note as far as I’m concerned. Six out of the ten I’m going to list here were all released in November or December. So, naturally, I wanted to wait it out a little bit before making this list. I would like to state this now, this list was compiled using a various number of sites and votes, … Read more

Review of the Creative Sound Blaster JAM

Creative has been around for some time bringing us audio that dominates in all aspects.  They usually stayed in the game and professional audio scene but more and more have been spreading their wings into the complete sound scape.  Adding to their lineup, Creative has brought in the Sound Blaster JAM to bring in a wider audience.  This headset tries to fill gaps in a space that they might not have hit just yet; does … Read more

Review of Brave by Pixar

Have you forgiven Pixar yet for Cars 2? Perhaps a girl with red, untamed locks will help you change your mind. Brave is Pixar’s latest CG adventure to hit the big screen, and if you were disappointed by the studio’s 2011 poor vehicular outing, then consider this a peace offering. There is a caveat, however: You need to be patient at the beginning of the film; it’s not immediately apparent that you’re in for a … Read more