TabletExpress Dragon Touch A1X 10.1in Review

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you my review on the TabletExpress Dragon Touch A1X 10.1in tablet. This is a budget Android tablet but it pretty much fits the bill for just about any task and does it with some style. Coming in a $139.99, I didn’t expect too much from this tablet, but I was amazingly surprised. The specs themselves will have you wondering a bit, but a tablet is more complex than … Read more

Hidden Gem: Review of Amazon Smile

A couple of days ago, I noticed an advertisement for a service that I had never heard of before – Amazon Smile. I buy everything from toothpaste to cell phone accessories on Amazon because it’s inexpensive, and combined with Prime two-day shipping, sometimes more convenient than going to Walmart or the grocery store. The fact that I had never heard of this Amazon Smile service shocked me enough to try it out by buying a … Read more

4 Million Pound Bit-Coin Troubles

You may be familiar with the digital currency bit-coin, well today was a sad day for one man from Wales, Uk. According to James Howell, a few months ago he accidentally threw away his old hard drive which was not used and sat in his drawer. When Mr Howell did get rid of the drive he then realised the fact he actually had four million pounds worth of Bit-Coins stored on the hard drive from … Read more

Amazon Now Offering Sunday Delivery for Prime Members

Amazon and the United States Postal Service (USPS) have announced that Amazon Prime members in Los Angeles and New York City will start receiving packages on Sundays. As of now, the service is only implemented in those two cities, but it is expected to expand to Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, and other major U.S. cities in the future. The U.S. Postal Service was set to eliminate Saturday deliveries in August 2013, but they keep … Read more

How to Avoid Being Scammed by International Buyers on eBay

Last month, I sold a 3rd Generation Apple iPad on eBay to a seller in Malta. They bought it using my Buy It Now price of $339.99 and paid instantly. I packed it up, printed an international USPS First Class Mail shipping label on eBay, and took it to the local post office… Little did I know, I was about to be scammed out of an iPad and my money. A Little Background… I am … Read more

Tips For Selling An Old Phone On eBay

If you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of old cell phones lying around that you never dealt with after you got a new one. I’ve gone through a number of phones over the years and I have found that if you sell phone on eBay, you can actually pay for a significant portion of the new phone by selling the old one. The problem I have seen that many people have is … Read more

iPhone App Review: Field Agent is an App that Pays You?

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Apparently not! Field Agent is a free iPhone application that pays you to audits for companies. The idea is much like mystery shopping, except it doesn’t require you to make purchases, and takes much less time to compete the job. I first heard about the app through a coupon blogger and was immediately curious. I  thought I might as well check it out, and if it works out, then … Read more

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week 2011 on Amazon

Across the internet I can hear gamers, tech junkies, and gadget gurus alike salivating for the days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to dawn.  Gone are the times of waiting in the line at the electronics store only to be stampeded moments later by a crazed crowd.  What better way is there than to snatch up the savings from the comfort of your office chair and company of a cat or two nagging you … Read more

Amazon Video Games 4th of July Sale!

Ah the 4th of July ‒ a time for celebrating the liberties obtained by our forefathers, barbecuing a banquet of sinful foods like burgers and hotdogs, and enjoying fireworks that can potentially sizzle your eyebrows.  What, saving a truckload on video games did not fall into your vision of it?  Like any other holiday, Independence Day has become consumer driven. While big savings should not be your one and only focus on the 4th, I … Read more

How To Make Your Own Custom Mp3 Ringtone With Audacity

I had wondered how to get free ringtones on my wife’s and my own blackberry devices when I tried various web sites that worked, but were slow or required too much time or didn’t have the songs I was looking for. When someone told me that I could create my own from any mp3 with Audacity I decided to try it out. When I realized how simple it was and that it worked, I decided … Read more