Have You Seen Hellboy the Board Game?

Hellboy is one of my favorite movies and also one that not many people realize started out as a graphic novel that features the titular character working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense investigating all sorts of rather odd and mysterious creatures and different cases involving murder. I like to think of Hellboy as more of a cocky Dick Tracy type myself. Well, in Hellboy: The Board Game, you have to chance to … Read more

The Expanse Board Game Based on the TV Show

For fans of the Syfy show “The Expanse,” there is a board game that has been made just for you. A game that is quite challenging and one that is specifically made for the show that makes great use of the show’s license. The Expanse board game is a card-based system that up to four players can enjoy. The game basically has players in charge of their own fleet and has them taking on the … Read more

Card Hunter – The Next Generation Of Board Games

These days board games are getting used less and less with more people wanting to use electronic devices than entertain themselves using board games like monopoly and dungeons and dragons for example. However a select few developers have been making virtual board games where you see the board on the computer screen and you can see your cards to play, one of these developers is Blue Manchu a company that is relatively new to the … Read more