Cute (But Deadly) Video Games That Will Leave You Broken

Tough as nail video games are all the rage nowadays. Brutal difficulty, unrelenting monsters, gore spattered bosses - gamers just love a bit of self-punishment. And it's normally obvious which of these games will be of the A+ difficult. For example - anything with FROMSOFT branding will likely leave you broken and questioning your hobbies. [...]

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How video game customers are growing more than any other industry

The video game industry has evolved a lot in the past decades. The companies had made their occupancy as easy as streaming songs or watching movies on Netflix. There is a big hand of Microsoft, Google, and other such companies that started a revolution by allowing people to play games on their smartphones and other [...]

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Three Games Putting Their Biggest Demographic First

If you were to base your judgements of the gaming industry on the adverts that are featured on television, your opinion of gamers would be vastly different to the reality. Advertising campaigns by gaming companies tend to focus on the tired, but often enduring stereotype that all gamers are young men or teenagers. Amongst the [...]

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Who Remembers These 90’s Toys?

Who can forget the 90’s. A wonderful time of terrible fashion, worse music and desperately trying to be the first amongst your friends to learn the lyrics to the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. For so many of us, it was a defining period of our lives, ten gloriously tacky years that made us [...]

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God of War: How a Stale Franchise Evolved into a Timeless Masterpiece

Happy Birthday! 2018 was one successful year for Sony, and hightailing it at the center of this great success was God of War, the game that recently became a year old. When Santa Monica Studios announced that they were releasing a new God of War game over a year back (time flies doesn’t it?), we [...]

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5 Fun Excel-Based Games to Play

  Microsoft Office Excel has always been a workplace staple. It’s one of the most (if not THE MOST) popular spreadsheet applications at the disposal of the modern worker. You use it to calculate your taxes, fill out forms, and just about any task that requires documentation and report creation. So, to even say something [...]

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The 15 Best Ravnica Allegiance Cards for Limited in MtG

Ten Ravnica guilds will be officially live in Magic: The Gathering when the new Ravnica Allegiance set sees the light of the day on January 25, 2019. This time it's all about five guilds: Azorius (white-blue), Rakdos (black-red), Gruul (red-green), Simic (green-blue), and Orzhov (white-black). Each guild offers a new game mechanic, which provides players [...]

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The 5 Best Video Games for Homeschoolers

Not long ago, video games were seen as a brain rotting activity that makes children inactive and unable to think of their feet. This perception is continually changing as schools adopt video games into their curriculum. Educational video games can be a great alternative to educational toys and teach children different skills such as cognitive [...]

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Sparta: War of Empires Overview – A Surprisingly Strategic MMO

When it comes to browser-based games, we're certainly not short of options. From narrative heavy indie games to efforts from big publishers, the browser is increasingly home to some of the most innovative and fun video game experiences around. One genre that's particularly thrived in this environment though has been MMO games. Gone are the days of [...]

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EightPixelsSquare launches enormous update for Sniper Strike: Special Ops

– SNIPER STRIKE: SPECIAL OPS, the AAA modern military FPS for Apple and Android devices, today receives an enormous update. Adding to what is already one of the most advanced mobile gaming experiences on the market today, the free-to-play update expands on both the single-player and multiplayer experience with the addition of the all new [...]

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Creating Apps & Games? Learn from PAC-MAN

If you are into games, you are probably familiar with all the success Nintendo has been having lately with their releases of mini retro consoles SNES and NES Classic. Well, there is more good news, because the legendary Commodore 64 is about to get its miniature version as well. It will arrive will plenty of [...]

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