Making The Game Experience Feel More Real

Regardless of what kind of games you prefer to play, you can’t deny how much the gaming experience has changed in the last 10 years. If you’ve been a gamer since the 1990 or even earlier, you probably feel your heart flutter at the thought of the beloved game of your childhood, now an iconic number in the retro gaming community. Sonic, Abe’s Oddysee, Zelda, Street Fighter are some of the games that have now … Read more

Gaming is A Brilliant Team Building Activity

Video games have amazing potential as team building activity, and since it is safer indoors these days, they can be the perfect replacement for any team building activities that might have been planned and cancelled recently. In case you have not played a video game in a long time, here is why you should consider picking up the hobby for the sake of better team management! Teamwork is a Term that Originated from Sports and … Read more

What Women Supporting Women Looks Like in Online Games for Girls

Why more women are stepping up to create online games for girls. Oh, how times have changed. There was a long portion of our history in which any job that included a keyboard was near fanatically considered to be “women’s work”, as during the industrial revolution and those decades to follow saw women as an industry standard when it came to typing and bookkeeping. However, as the tech age rolled in, men overtook the field … Read more

China supporting mobile gaming means it’s going to explode

The Chinese gaming industry has a unique and interesting history. Despite currently being the first in the world, it was not always the case. Just from 2008 to 2017, China’s gaming-industry sales grew ten times. In 2018, a total of $38 billion was spent on video games by China’s 620 million players. On a global scale, it was about 28% of the global market and half of the global mobile market, putting China ahead of … Read more

Is Game Betting Allowed in Illinois?

Wizard World is coming back around and looks to be happening as the COVID lockdowns start being lifted.  You can find a lot of guest speakers and entertainment coming this August in Illinois.   And speaking of exhibition events and such, I felt now was the time to discuss the legality of e-sports competitions versus Illinois Sports Gambling. Frankly, the explosion of interest in e-sports as a whole is an absolute joy for a nerd … Read more

Maneater Shark RPG Game Releases Friday May 22

What is Maneater? With a truly unique premise and never-before-seen approach to the action-RPG genre, Tripwire Interactive looks forward to taking players on a journey through uncharted waters with Maneater, on PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), with a Nintendo Switch version coming later in 2020.Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas –a giant shark! Terrorize the coastal waterways. Tear swimmers and divers limb from … Read more

Will There Be Gambling in Cyberpunk 2077?

There has been so much talk lately regarding the latest game set to release later this year from developer CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077. The latest news is that there has been even more added to the customizable options for your created character that now you are able to even customize your characters genitals, a rather interesting choice when it comes to being able to create a character and an option not really found in … Read more

Win a Video Game of Your Choice

We are back at it again with another Win a Video Game of Your Choice giveaway.  This is a very popular giveaway with the fans because of the flexibility of the prize, instead of it being a fixed video game the winner gets to choose any video game that they have been wanting to get and for any platform like Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch as long as the prize value … Read more

7 strategy games that will improve your planning and analytical skills

Your next move could be your last move, so think carefully. You are cornered in an enemy base, and time is running out, be ready to respond any second. There is a high chance of failing in a game, causing your emotional tension to soar. But, you can save yourself by making quick decisions within a few seconds. When you do that, not only your emotions trigger, but you also develop planning and analytical skills. … Read more

Product Showcase: The Redmagic 5G Gaming Smartphone

The world of smartphone gaming can be one that is hard to get into. Trying to find a phone that is designed not only for speed and reliability, but also for finding a device can that handle high frame-rates, but also showcase rather impressive resolutions isn’t easy to come by. This can be due in part by not many gamers really focusing too much on gaming from a smartphone, but rather a high end gaming … Read more

TV Allowance TV & Video Game Time Manager Product Showcase

If you are someone that has a family with several children and are in need of help with trying to show them the importance of doing other things with their time as well as teach them the value of their time, it might be hard to find something that can assist you in doing so. With the TV Allowance TV & Video Game Time Manager, this is going to give you the assistance that you … Read more

Enter to Win a Video Game of Your Choice

One of the more popular giveaways we do with readers is the Video Game of Your Choice giveaway where the winner gets to choose whatever video game they have been wanting most but haven’t been able to pick up for one reason or another.  So we launch another video game giveaway with our co-sponsors SaintMattyGruden,  MomsBasementGaming and ThisBytesForYou to bring our fans another chance to win the game they want the most.  For the rules … Read more

Fortnite Vs. PUBG – Which One Is The Best Battle Royale Game

Image credit Deciding which game is better between Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite is challenging as we know that both are wild games that took the PC gaming world by storm. According to Statista, 26% of PC gamers spend 61% to 80% of their time on online multiplayer games. The video gaming market is expected to jump from 78.61 billion (2017) to 90 billion (2020). While PUBG and Fortnite share many common aspects on … Read more


How to Optimize Your Online Gaming Setup

Even the most elaborate gaming setups eventually fall victim to the hands of time; as games become more resource-intensive, upgrades, improvements, and workarounds also become necessary. Online gaming, in particular, requires a set of considerations that single-player and offline gaming solutions don’t. As such, optimising your performance both locally and while connected to any website, game, or server is essential. Today, we’ll share a few tips on how you can optimise any online gaming setup … Read more

Does Gambling in Video Games Feel Like the Real Thing?

Ever since the rise of microtransactions in video games, a lot of gamers have opposed certain developers and publishers alike for the way in which they present their microtransactions. Some of these microtransactions are subtle and really only have you going to a storefront such as Xbox Live’s Microsoft Store or the PlayStation Network, however, there are some games out there that take the not-so-subtle approach and have you spending your hard-earned real-life dollars and … Read more

That Time I Won a PlayStation 4 from Playing Slots

I don’t really consider myself much of a gambler, though I have been known to go to Las Vegas and attend local casino’s from time to time as passtime usually it is to spend time with the wife and do something different together without the kids. When I do go to a casino, right after I arrive I usually look where to play slots and find games that match my interest based on IP or … Read more

What I Expect from the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5

It’s a new year and a new decade with the previous decade being mostly owned by both Sony and Microsoft, I have some very high expectations for both console makers new generation of home video game systems. Coming after a sound defeat by Sony, Microsoft this coming gen has a lot to prove in both what games they bring to the table as well as giving gamers a reason as to why they should purchase … Read more

What You Need for The Most Comfortable Gaming Experience

You come home from a long day of work sitting in an uncomfortable office chair and all you want to do is relax and game. Unfortunately for you, your gaming setup is just as uncomfortable as your work environment, if not worse. While gaming is a lot of fun, discomfort can easily ruin an experience and make you stay away from it. Having a bad chair, an old mouse that’s falling apart, or a grimy … Read more