5kPlayer Review : The Best x265 Player To Play 4K HEVC Videos

Many users have switched over from streaming 1080p Full HD content to streaming 4K Ultra HD. When it comes to streaming 4K content on your computer, you are stuck in a situation where you don’t know which media player to choose for streaming your videos as there are quite a few media players that don’t fully support large 4K files and have stuttering issues. So if you are out on the internet looking for a … Read more

Reviewed Some ITD ITANDA USB and HDMI Cables

So the Amazon store ITD ITANDA recently contacted us and asked if we needed some USB Extender cables or HDMI cables in exchange for testing them and we were more than happy to oblige as there is always a need for more cables.  Opal was send the 10′ USB Extender cable which allowed him to use his controller and other USB devices extending their range, and it turned out to be an excellent option for … Read more

Tribit QuietPlus 50 Headphone Review

With so many of us having to work from home these days, having a pair of headphones that can drown out the surrounding noise is essential. Tribit reached out to see if I wanted to test their new QuietPlus 50 headphones that are designed to block out as much noise as possible. As someone who works from home I’m always on the hunt for new noise-blocking technology, so I was happy to give these a … Read more

Quntis LED Monitor Mounted Task Lamp Review

Up front I will let you know that Quntis contacted us and had asked us to review one of their monitor mounted LED reading lamps and were more than happy to oblige.  The reading lamp that was sent to me by Quntis was the ScreenLinear Computer Monitor Light which in retrospect was designed for up to 22″ monitors and I have a 32″ monitor so I will note where I think my issues were related … Read more

Speedefy AC2100 Router: A Solid Choice in Routers

The AC2100 router from Speedefy, currently available on Amazon, managed to hold up through an ice storm, multiple snapped cables, and a nightmare of jumpy bandwidth. I spent almost two months with shaky internet at best, and while my numbers were shaky, having an internet connection fast enough to do anything at all was a blessing. As you can see from the screenshots below, I was still able to reach speeds up to 750mbs at … Read more

Fiil T1X Wireless In-Ear Earbuds Review

Do you want a new pair of wireless headphones while spending under $100? If so, then take a look at the Fiil T1X headphones! Here’s everything you need to know about them. What comes in the box? 1X User Manual 1X Quick Start Guide 1X Charging Carrying Case 2X Fiil T1X Earbuds 3X Ear-wings 4X Ear-tips 1X Type C Charging Cable Product Features Fast Charge With 10 minutes of charging, the Earbuds will last 2 … Read more

HAVIT 2002D Gaming Headset Review

Sound, one of the key ingredients many people overlook when picking equipment for streaming, gaming and a very important one when hearing that enemy footstep could be the factor in a life/death situation! It can also be one of the more costly items when hunting down something that is both comfortable and practical, enter the HAVIT H2002D 3.5mm Gaming Headset, priced at approximately $40.00 US could this be the affordable solution we’ve been looking for? … Read more

HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Bluetooth SmartWatch Review

So I was sent a Graphite Black version of the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e months ago and did initial unboxing and tests, but wanted to use it every day for at least 4+ months before I would write my official review of it.  The reason is sometimes these smart watches can have batteries that won’t hold a charge or severe performance degradation after just a few weeks, but I can tell you my GT 2e … Read more

Homech Massage Gun Review

One of the best ways to release tension in your body is to use a massage gun. Compared to other types of massagers, a massage gun is more intense and is able to deeply work out knots and pain points to get your body feeling better. Homech reached out to have their massage gun reviewed and as someone who used to be a personal trainer, I was happy to give it a spin. Overall, it’s … Read more

Volutz iPhone Lightning Cable Review

As a long-time iPhone and Apple user, I’ve gone through more charging cables than I care to admit. Almost all of them, even the “fancy” ones you get from the store itself, fall apart in just a matter of time. Volutz is out to change that. After realizing that there is minimal difference between a gas station cable and a premium-priced cable, they set out to make these lightning cords even better. Rarely am I … Read more

The Arcade “Rally” Racer Returns: Dirt 5 Review

What is an arcade rally racing game anyway? That’s the question I continue to ask myself while playing Codemasters latest entry in their arcade rally racing game, Dirt 5. Much like previous entries in the Dirt series, you will be battling it out with several AI opponents in a variety of different racing game modes. Saying that this is a rally game is a bit of a stretch because unlike an actual rally game in … Read more

Sound the Battle Horn, the Vikings Have Arrived: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review

There are so many series that I really enjoy in gaming, Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War, and Halo just to name a few. However, one series in particular that has rarely let me down over the years, as well as one that always sticks with me, has been Assassin’s Creed. The Assassin’s Creed series is extremely well known for using history as a means to tell not only a story in the past, but … Read more

Klim Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review

More and more technology is leaning toward wireless devices, and for good reason – it makes life so much easier. Klim reached out to have their wireless gaming keyboard reviewed and I was happy to test it out. Overall, I was happy with this keyboard and my personal favorite part about this keyboard is that it’s quieter so I don’t get that typical keyboard clicking that most gamers get. Let’s dive into the specifics so … Read more

TRENDnet TK-U404 USB Sharing Switch Review

Do you work with multiple computer systems? Tired of moving multiple USB devices between different PC’s? Then it might be time to consider a KVM switch. TRENDnet sent me a TK-U404 so let’s check it out. What’s in the box? TK-U404 (sharing switch) micro-b USB cable 4 USB type A to type A cables installation guide Design The TRENDnet TK-U404 is small with dimensions of 117x71x22mm (4.6×2.8x.87in.). The top of it has the TRENDnet logo … Read more

Okaysou AirMic4S Air Purifier Review

Having clean air is an essential part of staying healthy and being able to work hard. Through the years I’ve been able to review a handful of air purifiers, and when Okaysou reached out to have their AirMic4S air purifier reviewed I was happy to give it a try. Overall, it’s a great air purifier for about 300 sqft rooms (they offer various sizes if you need more) and has a higher quality medical-grade HEPA … Read more

Close to Being Fouled Out: NBA 2K21 Review (Current Gen)

I know you’re probably wondering why this review is so late. Well, I decided to take as much time with this review as 2K did to fix the issues I had with the game, and thus, the reason why this review is so late. Hopefully 2K eventually decides to learn that Quality Assurance is important, eventually.  It’s another year and albeit this year has been, interesting to say the least. The world of sports as … Read more

AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker Review: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Easily

The iCloud Activation Lock is designed to keep your device and your information safe in case your iOS device is ever lost or stolen. If you have enabled Activation Lock and have somehow forgotten your Apple ID or password, or if you have purchased a second-hand phone with Activation Lock enabled, then you are completely locked out of your phone. So what do you do in this situation? Well, thanks to third-party applications, you can … Read more

HOMIEE 720P Baby Monitor Review

Keeping your baby safe is a top concern for most parents, and few things help as much as a baby monitor. HOMIEE reached out to have me thoroughly test their HOMIEE 720P baby monitor. As most of the other products I’ve tested from this company, this baby monitor is top-notch and one that I would highly recommend to most people. It’s incredibly user friendly, easy to set up, and the camera quality is clear. Let’s … Read more