Happy New Year and Enter the $100 Gift Card Giveaway

The year is now 2020 and we are further in the future than the setting of Blade Runner back in 1982 (technically we broke that date in November) but yet our future isn’t quite nearly as advanced as many 80’s sci-fi films thought it would be in some ways, yet it is far more advanced in other ways.  We saw the smart phone become one of the most important devices in the last century replacing … Read more

The Rising Popularity of Twitch

10 years ago the best place to see gaming content was YouTube, and while Google’s streaming service is still a huge draw for avid viewers, most of the real action takes place over on Twitch. Although it may have a smaller pool of users, Twitch has enjoyed strong growth in recent years and is helping to give the burgeoning E-Sports market the leg up it needs to generate mainstream interest. So where has Twitch come … Read more

Who Are These Streamers Part 6 – Check Out These Streamers

This is my series where I try to help raise awareness for up and coming streamers and give them a space to be discovered.  I don’t only focus on Twitch streamers, and streamers who use Mixer, Facebook, YouTube, DLive or Caffeine are more than welcome to be featured in an upcoming round up.  If you would like to be featured, then by all means just click on the contact us link at the top of … Read more

Who Are These Streamers Part 5 – Another Streamer Spotlight

Welcome to the Streamer Spotlight section of our blog where I try to find a new roundup of streamers to showcase to our readers in an effort to help give them a space to get noticed and show off what they are all about.  I enjoy networking with entertainers of all sorts, and you don’t have to be a video game streamer to be feature here you can stream music, IRL Just Chatting, games, makeup … Read more

Best Board Games to Try This Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season is the time to come together with family members and share some worthwhile moments. One of the fun things to do is to play board games. Although old-fashioned, board games come with a lot of excitement that nothing else can beat. If you’re looking for the best games your whole family will love playing together, here are some top picks.   Bananagrams Bananagrams is a relatively new game when it comes … Read more

Pros & Cons: Galaxycon Louisville 2019

It’s time once again for yet another convention review and this will be the last one of the year as well as the last one of the decade! This time we hit the road to Galaxycon Louisville which I went to last year when it was formally known as Louisville Supercon.  As Galaxycon states on their website “The family behind Supercon sold the Florida Supercon event and the name “Supercon” to ReedPOP, the company that … Read more

Upcoming K-Pop Series in 2020

South Korea is slowly but surely turning into a behemoth in the entertainment industry. Their films are making waves internationally and are receiving acclaim, their TV shows have become a staple for binge-watchers, their idol groups garner worldwide fame. South Korea is poised to take over the world, and nothing is going to stop her. The past Korean film releases have been a treat, and these upcoming 2020 movies are ready to start a storm … Read more

The Greatest Casino-inspired Movies You Definitely Have to See

Real money gambling and online casino games have inspired writers and movie makers for a long time now. The chance to win life-changing amounts of money is a very powerful theme in movies, one that gives way to a strong psychological phenomenon. The adrenaline rush, the amusement, the feeling that your life has completely changed in an instant – all these make movies about casinos and gambling very popular. Are you a movie enthusiast who … Read more

How to Plan a Successful Movie Night Fundraiser

Although online streaming is all the rage now, watching movies at the theater is still one of the most popular pastimes today. People still flock to cinemas to watch highly-anticipated flicks from Hollywood week after week. Whether it’s a new superhero, animated, rom-com, or suspense film, movie theaters always have a steady number of patrons. Foreign films, such as those produced and released in India, France, Spain, Korea, and Japan, are popular among a lot … Read more

OurBus: A Permanent Fixture in Indianapolis and a Review

Traveling is something I have always loved to do. Being able to do so at a cost that is quite affordable is also something that one can find to be a quite daunting task. Here in my hometown of Indianapolis, travel from Chicago to Indianapolis has been pretty challenging when it comes to offering various options. Recently, Amtrak decided to pull the Hoosier Spirit rail that provided service to and from Downtown Indianapolis to Chicago, … Read more

Digital Library: How Streaming Can Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Working with reduced space in your home or apartment, and wondering how you can ditch all of those loud, whirring boxes underneath your television? Here are some of the ways that digital media is already working to reduce clutter, and how it could work for you. Film and Television Renting is the perfect way to condense your prized DVD collection into the palm of your hand, on an ‘as you need it’ basis. Many of … Read more

Person Playing Candy Crush on Nokia Smartphone

The Most Popular Games with Women

The gaming landscape is changing, and not just from a technological point of view. Yes, advancements in graphics and processing have meant that the games available today are a far cry from the pixelated 8-bit cartridges many of us grew up with, but the changes go much deeper than that. With women now making up nearly half of all worldwide gamers, the designers have had to adapt to a widening market place. Female characters have … Read more

Top Gambling Comics Guaranteed Make You Laugh

Americans are famous for creating a superhero for almost everything, but for some reason, they did not create a hero with “super gambling” powers. If you think that this does not sound too exciting, think again: The Japanese have a manga culture dedicated to gambling. In fact, there are literally dozens of manga comics in which a gambler is the main hero – some of them superpowers too. We believe that every gambler should take … Read more

Helium Comedy Club: My A-Mewes-Ing Experience with Jason Mewes

Comedy is one of my favorite genres of entertainment that comes in many forms. Movies, TV and even Books. However, I appreciate seeing someone tell their story when it comes to a comedian. I have attended several comedy clubs here in Indianapolis ranging from Morty’s Comedy Joint to Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple. Helium Comedy Club is the newest of these type of clubs that just recently opened seven weeks ago at the beginning … Read more

Giveaway: Enter to Win Tickets to the Water Lantern Festival this Summer!

    This Summer the Water Lantern Festival is coming to a city near you! I will be attending the festival as well as writing an article about his experience and thanks to the Water Lantern Festival, they have decided to partner up with Dragon Blogger to give away two tickets to the event at a city near you. All that you need to do is the following: Follow @waterlanternfestival on Twitter. Like this post. … Read more

Top 7 Android Apps for Streaming Movies Free of Cost

Nowadays the amount of time people spent watching movies on television has decreased a lot. People mostly depend on live streaming websites and mobile applications for watching movies and TV series. Now, we all know about popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But there are many among us who look for an application that allows you to watch movies without paying a hefty monthly fee. Here, we shall discuss 7 top Android-based applications … Read more

Popular Sites To Watch Movies Online

Watching movies free online is one of the most convenient ways to watch movies the way we want. The home comfort along with the bed and TC or computer in front with the bowl of popcorn is something that everyone would enjoy. All you need is an internet connection and a PC or TV. Nowadays there are many places available online where you can watch the movies for free but it is not always necessary … Read more

Pros and Cons: Louisville Arcade Expo 2019

  It is a new year and time once again for me to go out and do what I love, attending conventions and giving them a proper review. Last year after really enjoying my experience and time, I made the decision to make Louisville Arcade Expo the way that I kick off every single convention/expo year and what a better way to do that than playing a ton of video games and pinball machines. As … Read more

A Guide To Comfortable Gaming

If you’re a keen gamer, you’ll probably spend hours in front of your gaming console, so staying comfortable for extended periods is pretty important. How can you get as comfortable as possible while you’re enjoying hours of play on Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption? There are a few useful accessories that you can add to your gaming space that will make an enormous difference to your experience, so here is our guide to … Read more

5 of the Best TV Shows to Binge-Stream in 2019

It is often said that we are living in the golden age of television. Having broken the traditional conventions of scheduled television, it seems that anything goes. Entire series released on a single day, standalone miniseries and budgets to rival Hollywood’s most extravagant films have made sure that there is something for everyone. When most people think of streaming services, Netflix is the name that comes to mind. With over 117 million subscribers worldwide, It … Read more