Enter to Win a Globmall X4 Android TV Box

Globmall once again partners with Dragon Blogger Technology and this time it is to offer one of their X4 Android TV Boxes which helps turn any TV into a Smart TV. With the Android TV Box you have access to any Internet content right from your TV and with a remote. Get Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, [...]

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How technology has changed the movie industry

If you love the movies, then you’re probably very well aware of the impact that advances in technology down the ages have had on how the industry works. Looking back over time, it’s amazing how far we’ve come, from black and white silent films to synchronous sound, the introduction of color, and all the improvements [...]

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Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens Home Theater Projector Product Showcase

I've always been a big fan of large screens, especially when it comes to having a massive screen to be able to project movies and even video games on for a large crowd or even in an outdoor setting. If you are looking for a projector that is going to provide both an incredible display, [...]

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LG 32UD59 4K UHD Monitor Product Showcase

When it comes to PC gaming, finding a monitor is absolutely key enjoying your overall gaming experience and if you're anything like me you will want a monitor that is going to provide an incredible display full of vivid colors as well as those perfect black levels and great options so that you can customize [...]

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How Gaming Loot Drops Compares with Online Slot Gaming

There is that pleasure center of the brain when someone gets something exciting, that reward center that lights off making you have that momentary feeling of happiness or joy that you got something good and it feels good.  This is the reward sensation that creates online gambling like the ones you would find at Stargames Casino so [...]

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A Look at the Historical Accuracy of Weaponry on Game of Thrones

Image courtesy of HBO If you’re feverishly waiting for July 16th to arrive this year, the chances are pretty good that you’re a big Game of Thrones fan. You’ve seen the teasers and discussed what every last detail could mean with your social circle over and over again. You’ve probably even thoroughly planned the menu [...]

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Valentines Gifts for the Gamer In Your Life

With Valentines fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the player 2 in your life. Whether they’re a classic Ninentdo fan, a hard-core shoot ‘em up buff or simply enjoy playing the slots, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these brilliant gifts! Pikachu Mattress With over 280 million copies sold [...]

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What to Know Before You See Guardians of the Galaxy 2

If you’re like us, it’s probably been a while since you’ve seen the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Or, maybe not – everyone knows how easy it is to binge watch Marvel movies. Either way, we’re sure you’re anxiously waiting for the sequel to come out in theaters. We know we are. That’s [...]

Why Every Mac User Needs this VicTec CD/DVD RW Burner

There used to be a day when all laptops (and desktops) came pre-configured, from a hardware standpoint, with a CD-ROM player (at the least). You were moving up in the world if you had a DVD player (watching those videos in between projects at work). And, oh, if you had a DVD player / writer [...]

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The Games Geared to Dominate February

If you are an ardent gamer and in search of the best games to buy in February, you better keep your wallet stocked up! With the likes of Assassins Creed, Dying Light, and Street Fighter all hitting consoles soon, now’s the time to ask for a pay raise or find new ways to make more [...]

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Can’t Wait for the New Season of Game of Thrones? This Can Help Tide You Over

If you are like many millions of people around the globe, you are crazy about Game of Thrones. Whether you've only read the books, went from the books to the HBO show, or never even picked up a copy, the series is captivating and great entertainment. Perhaps the only downside of Game of Thrones is [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Box mini turns your TV into a Smart TV

Xiaomi at it's launch event in Beijing recently announced a little device, the Xiaomi Mi Box mini. The Xiaomi Mi Box mini is essentially the smaller version of the Mi Box set-top box. As the name itself suggests, the device truly is, mini (may as well call it tiny). The ultra compact Xiaomi Mi Box Mini will go [...]

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In 1980's Pac Man and Gameboy, became the technology forerunners of what has become the dominant form of personal entertainment - video gaming. Creating a multi-billion dollar Worldwide industry..... did you really think it would last forever? Modern entertainment marketing is based on creating the illusion that the latest video game or biggest, fastest , [...]

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