Olan Rogers “Barely Holding it Together” Show Review

      I had the pleasure of once again heading back to Helium Comedy Club in Downtown Indianapolis to cover yet another comedy show and this time someone whose career I have had the pleasure of following for well over a decade and that person being Olan Rogers as he made his stop in Indy as part of his “Barely Holding it Together” Tour. For those that might not know who Olan Rogers is, … Read more

Pros & Cons: LouisvilleCon 2021

Louisville was once known for having a few conventions such as Galaxycon that was formerly known as Supercon and there was Fandom Fest. Both of these conventions are no longer active leaving the area having only left the area with one sort of convention which is really more of an expo with that being Louisville Arcade Expo. Louisville is a very multicultural city and a town that I firmly believe makes for a great convention … Read more

Pros & Cons: Squared Circle Expo 2021

The past year we have all been through some rather trying times, whether it be adjusting on how to do our normal jobs to trying to find new creative ways to keep doing the things we love, the pandemic has caused us all to do things differently and when it comes to going to conventions, it has become something that I cannot believe we are back to do yet once again. I want to preface … Read more

Are There Any Sequels Better Than Originals?

In the realms of movies, games, and books, many original pieces continue telling their stories through sequels. A sequel can be defined as a published work that continues the original story or even develops a new one. People often discuss whether a sequel is better than the original piece, and there is no right answer to the question. In the end, the whole watching, reading, or playing experience depends on the user’s perception. When it … Read more

Three Comedies That You Didn’t Know Were Made Into Slot Games

When it comes to slot games, the sheer wealth of themes on offer is astounding. One of the most common things for developers is to take a well-known blockbuster and use it for a slot game, knowing that the notoriety of the picture will be a good way to attract players. Examples of this are action titles like The Dark Knight and Tomb Raider. There are plenty of smaller films which have made it onto … Read more

How To Have Fun Online?

The internet has drastically revolutionized the way we lead our daily lives. The Internet’s evolution has managed to trigger huge enhancement in the modern man’s abilities to receive and share information with his near and dear ones across the world. We can get all sorts of information and recent updates with the click of a button. Other than receiving and sharing information, it also allows people to stay in touch with their friends through different … Read more

Win Any Video Game You Want and More  – News Update

So I came across a new Chrome Extension recently called Lustre which makes finding various tech products easier based on reviews and has consolidations across multiple online stores.  The brand reached out to us in order to show off how they easily compare and show reviews to help people find things like gaming headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, ssd drives and more.  It has a nice layout, shows you scoring from various stores/merchants and lets you … Read more

6 Movies with Asian Lead Actors

Many upcoming actors and actresses look forward to the time they join Hollywood and become international stars. Unfortunately, getting into Hollywood isn’t that easy, which is why there aren’t numerous Asians on the screens. Thankfully, over time we have experienced a sharp increase of Asian actors in American movies. That is why Asian entertainment websites like https://haveyoudesign.com/ are taking the time to highlight new developments in the East. The haveyoudesign.com/ site reviews Asian movies, actors, … Read more

5 Movies That You Can Definitely Watch With Your Mother (And the rest of your family)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome mothers out there!  There are a lot of negativity out in the world and media right now, but no matter the circumstances, there is still no better time than now to be able to spend time with our mothers; for those of us that are able.  I grew up in an Asian family, so movie time for us was usually some ridiculous Chinese or Cantonese dramas filled … Read more

5 Good Things Twitch Streamers are Doing During COVID Lockdowns

Streaming your favorite games and having millions of followers for watching live, it’s fascinating and pleasurable for someone Like a daydream comes true. Live chats, voice supports, and direct competition adds more sausage on the hotdog. But it is helping people with streaming when the world is in big trouble. An effect of technology on the heart n this uncertain time of COVID-19, Twitch streams are doing some great job that talks about the real … Read more

Streamer Spotlight Shipbroman

Though I am still doing weekly group interviews with streamers it has been a while since I did a full page interview with a streamer and this time I am excited to showcase Shipbroman to everyone.  Shipbroman honestly is one of the most supportive streamers I have ever met, not only does he have over a million views on his Twitch channel and stream a consistent schedule but he takes the time to actually participate … Read more

Pros & Cons: Top Five Favorite Conventions of the Last Decade

With it being the start of yet another convention season as well as the start of a new decade. I wanted to look back at some of my favorite conventions I have attended in the last decade with these being in order from last, to first. Having spent my time attending several popular conventions as well as a few homegrown ones, I am comfortable with ranking them in order and hopefully some of these conventions … Read more

Did You Know That Ozzy Osbourne Was Also a Movie Star?

Ozzy Osbourne recently opened up about his struggles with Parkinson’s disease, which reminded us that the Black Sabbath frontman was in fact 75 years old and made us reflect on his long and eventful life. The Birmingham-born musician is a certified cultural legend, not only rising to fame for having allegedly bitten the head off a bat on tour, but also for having created something of a family dynasty. The Prince of Darkness has not only graced us with … Read more

What Does an Escape Room Look Like? A Guide on Everything to Expect

Doing the same thing day in and day out can be really boring, even if you’re spending time with your friends. Sometimes, it is imperative to get away from your routine and embark on a new experience that will not only be exciting, but will also give you a chance to exercise your mind and interact with people in a different environment. One of these popular new experiences are Escape Rooms. Here’s a guide to … Read more