AKRacing Max – A True Big and Tall Gaming Chair Product Showcase

Large folks have above average needs. A specially crafted gaming chair that checks out in terms of comfort, construction, and cool factor is the only way to go. Enter the Master Series’ flagship chair, the AKRacing Max. Created for gamers 5’6” to 6’6” tall and up to 400 lbs heavy, the Max boasts a tanky construction that won’t easily rust. An all-metal frame painted with anti-corrosive coating is paired with a heavy-duty gas lift and … Read more

Blitzwolf BW-GC1 Review – Is Cheap Good?

Hello, again, my friends. It has been quite a long time that it has been since I’ve written to you. We’ve come a long ways here at DragonBlogger and today I would like to bring you something that is a far cry from my original posts. Let me ask you a question, how comfortable are you right now? Perhaps you’re laying down, perhaps you’re standing up, perhaps you’re sitting in a ungodly uncomfortable chair. One … Read more

Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair Review!

It seems like everyone now days is needing a good gaming chair. Not all chairs are made the same and some can be rather spendy. If you’re like me right now saving some cash could be a good idea but will buying a cheap chair be worth it in the end. Well, you’re in luck because today we take a look at a chair that is under $200 right now on Amazon. This chair is … Read more

Is The OPSeat Grand Master Gaming Chair Any Good?

If you’re like me you bought store brand PC or office chairs for years and they never lasted long. I think for a while I was buying one about every year. Then I went out and got a high-end gaming chair and it lasted a good four or so years. But now it comes time to get a new gaming chair and by my luck, OPSeat reached out and wanted us to test and review … Read more

Homall Gaming Chair Product Showcase

When it comes to comfort for those of us that are gamers, you definitely want to make sure that you have something to sit in that is not only sturdy but also provides the comfort that you need. The Homall Gaming Chair just might be what you’re looking for. When gaming from your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Gaming Computer, this gaming chair provides lumbar support for those of us such as myself that have … Read more

Best Gaming Chair for Larger People – The DX Racer Boss Series

So, some of us need a bit bigger of a chair due to having a bigger build than most others. Especially when it comes to a high-quality gaming chair and with a name you can trust. Look no further than the DX Racer Boss Series gaming chair. DX Racer is a brand that I have used in the past and their chairs have always had such an absolutely high quality as well as an insane … Read more

Esports Gaming: How to Stay Physically Fit

  Esports are slowly but surely growing into a legitimately professional sports industry, with players giving their all to win the prize. It might have been unheard of two decades ago to have people who play games professionally for a living be called athletes, but they deserve the title every bit and more. After all, esports players sacrifice their physical health for the sake of their passion – albeit in a different direction. Whereas the … Read more

The Science Of Gaming Chair Upholstery: Is PU Leather Really OK?

When plunged into a sea of gaming chairs, all that most of us first notice is that frantically colored PU leather. Most of the racing chairs for gaming (more than 70% anyway) are covered by the PU leather upholstery. This is pretty much the industry standard; only the high-end gaming chairs use real leather upholstery and those tend to be much more expensive. Of course, everybody who wants to get a gaming chair for less … Read more

Maingear Forma R Limited Edition Gaming Chair

Gaming seats have always been marketed as a Racing type seat, with bucket seat looks and more of a mean look to them.  Chairs with a sort of an Indy car flair, seams a bit off I think if you are not into racing or racing sims but it makes a little sense in this case. Maingear has been known since 2008 to build some high-end gaming machines with a sporty kind of automotive theme … Read more

Three Cheap PC Gaming Chairs for 2018

With the exploding popularity of gaming, there are more product options than ever before and gaming chairs are no exception. Through the years we’ve seen a wide variety of gaming chairs Gaming chairs vary in price and features, depending on what you need. There are more gaming chairs than ever before and it can be hard to pick which one works best.  We’ll break down the top three cheap PC gaming chairs in 2018: OFM … Read more

AndaSeat Pretty In Pink Gaming Chair Review

With so many gaming chairs on the market, there didn’t seem to be a lot of them geared toward the female gamer. Well, you’re in luck today! Our friends over at AndaSeat have thought about this and they have come out with their Pretty In Pink gaming chair. If you don’t know who AndaSeat is, they started off making car seats in 2007. They made seats for companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz and many others. In 2012  … Read more

E-WIN Hero Series HR-BC3D Gaming Chair Review

It seems like not to long ago the first gaming chairs came out, I was so disinterested in them.  Why would you charge so much for a chair, it can’t be that comfortable,… can it?  Last year I came to find I was so wrong and these things are incredibly comfortable, so much more than almost all of their chairs you can find in your local office supplies store.  With that, I introduce you to … Read more

How to Buy the Perfect Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming accessories, there aren’t that many that can make a difference quite like a gaming chair. A gaming chair can completely transform the gaming atmosphere and make the whole experience much more immersive. However, buying the wrong chair will not only cost you, but might actually affect your gaming in a negative way. Here are a few simple tips to find the perfect gaming chair for your needs. Know the Different … Read more

DXRacer Sentinel Series SJ11/NR Gaming Chair Review

Sure you’ve seen me in the past review all sorts of products such as video games and high-end PC’s. However, this time around I wanted to review something a bit different. I never imagined in my time as a writer that I would ever find myself review a piece of furniture, but then again this just isn’t any normal piece of furniture. This is my DXRacer Sentinal SJ11/NR Gaming Chair review. Myself being the gamer … Read more

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review

We use chairs every day and when you use a chair every day, you forget what real comfort is in a chair.  Sometimes you get so used to a chair that you can’t imagine changing it and you probably don’t even think about it, I know it’s happened to me.  It’s with that same mentality that I look at gaming chairs and think,… who would pay that much for a chair… it’s a chair…  and … Read more

Ewin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Being a person who spends almost half of his day on his computer for various activities, a comfortable chair is a must have. Just recently I got the chance to review the Ewin Racing Champion series gaming chair and to put it simply; the feeling is heavenly compared to the one I was using before with a wooden base. Ewin Racing is a new company so you might not have heard about them before. They … Read more