Top Mobile Games: Android vs. iOS 

The age old dispute between Android users and iOS basically boils down to which software is better, and that argument is still and most likely will always be in play. At least developers of trending games haven’t been tainted by making their own assumptions and running with them creating a specific game for either or. [...]

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5 Rummy Games for Your Android Phone

An exciting and interesting game from the stable of social card games that don’t stop surprising you is 10 card rummy. Retaining the quintessential features of the 13 card rummy games such as easy-to-learn and fast-paced action, 10 card rummy will surely keep you glued to it. Although the game draws certain similarities with 13 [...]

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How to Turn Your Android into A Gaming Console

Gaming has been around for decades, but now with cell phones gaming is transportable on a completely new level. With the new technology available in cell phones, we have a gaming system everywhere we go on top of all the incredible things cell phones are already capable of doing. Of course, huge consoles are a few steps [...]

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8 Anticipated and Exciting Android and iPhone Games for 2014

2013 is over. Like every year, everything will start anew again. And you will have another 12 months of exciting games to download and play on your favorite Android, iPhone or iPad. With introduction of tons of new games this year, this would be really overwhelming for you to choose the best ones for your [...]

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