6 Best Indie Games for Android to Blow your Mind

Google Play is a messed up place, where games and apps are stuffed like a girl’s almirah. Hence, searching for the right indie game, that suits your preference and matches your desire could be a hard task. Therefore, we’ve done some dirty work for you and curated the list of 10 best Indie games for android owners, who love new but small games. Because Google Play has a plethora of editors choice games and apps, … Read more

FIFA 19 Android, the Experience of a Beautiful Game

FIFA 19 is the most anticipated football Android game of the year and in all probability, this is the best of all the versions that have been launched, ever. EA brings in new features and yet again delivers a champion caliber experience off  and on the field. With its new introduction of the UEFA Champions League, it has garnered the biggest attention of its previous iterations. The striking changes in the feature of FIFA 19 … Read more

The 10 Best Games for Tablets and Smartphones

In this article we will cover some of the 10 best games found in the iTunes and Google Play stores based on popularity for the category, highest ratings and most downloads over the past few years. This list will not rate the apps in a series of best to worst and instead only show a top 10 list of games you may not have played on your mobile device yet whether it is an Android … Read more

Top Mobile Games: Android vs. iOS 

The age old dispute between Android users and iOS basically boils down to which software is better, and that argument is still and most likely will always be in play. At least developers of trending games haven’t been tainted by making their own assumptions and running with them creating a specific game for either or. Instead the innovative developers have come up with a solution; create games that can be accessed by both rivals. And … Read more

5 Rummy Games for Your Android Phone

An exciting and interesting game from the stable of social card games that don’t stop surprising you is 10 card rummy. Retaining the quintessential features of the 13 card rummy games such as easy-to-learn and fast-paced action, 10 card rummy will surely keep you glued to it. Although the game draws certain similarities with 13 card rummy, it comes bundled with intriguing challenges enough to put your expert rummy skills to innumerable tests. You can … Read more

How to Turn Your Android into A Gaming Console

Gaming has been around for decades, but now with cell phones gaming is transportable on a completely new level. With the new technology available in cell phones, we have a gaming system everywhere we go on top of all the incredible things cell phones are already capable of doing. Of course, huge consoles are a few steps ahead in capabilities, but Android phones aren’t far behind. Compared to iPhones, Android phones have received a bad rep as not … Read more

My Top Five Favorite Mobile Games

Being a gamer I am way more into console gaming than anything else. However, there are times when I am on the go that I have played around with some of the games that can be found on my phone. Some of the apps on this list may only be found on Android since I use a Galaxy S7. These are in no particular order they just happened to catch my attention for more than … Read more

8 Anticipated and Exciting Android and iPhone Games for 2014

2013 is over. Like every year, everything will start anew again. And you will have another 12 months of exciting games to download and play on your favorite Android, iPhone or iPad. With introduction of tons of new games this year, this would be really overwhelming for you to choose the best ones for your Android. So, here is a brief and comprehensive list of top 10 games for 2014 just for you. Keep them … Read more

Kindle Fire Game: Guns N Glory

Now, this game has held my attention for quite a while. I have played many other game like it, but to me this one has so much more to offer. In this game, your goal is to keep the settlers from getting through the canyon. I know what your thinking, you have played other games like this one before. Well, yes you probably have but what I found so different about this one was that … Read more

Android Game: The Age of Warcraft

This game is an online MMORPG. It has a fairly large following, at well over 500,000 downloads. It boasts thousands of pieces of equipment available and near endless dungeon exploring action. You can play it alone, or as a part of a group. I am not sure why they chose the name “The Age of Warcraft”, as it has nothing to do with the other very popular online game with a similar name (probably to … Read more

Open Tyrian a DOS Game on Android

I don’t know when I first started playing this game on the PC, but it was one of my favorite DOS games of all times. Tyrian takes you on a journey from lowly fighter to greatness. As you progress through each level you will uncover more of the story, as well as valuable things you will need to complete the game. There are many ship modifications you can do to increase your fire power, but … Read more

Auralux an Interesting Ambient Sound Game

For some reason, I am not a mainstream music fan. I grew up listening to tunes on my Amiga and C-64, and most had no words. the genre is Ambient or Atmospheric, and that is how I ran across this game. Personally, I don’t believe I have seen any other game quite like this one. Aside from the wonderful ambient sounds, and simple looks, this game is anything but simple. It comes with several different … Read more

Blast from the Past: Alien Breed on Google Play

Back in the day, I played this game on my Amiga computer. The parent company Team 17 may have gotten it’s start on the Amiga, but it has transcended to cover a whole host of other platforms. Normally when I do a review of a game or even an application, I try to stick to free ones, this is one of the rare exceptions. I found this game on Google Play for $4.99, and was … Read more

5 Best Free Brain Puzzle Games for Android

Most of the time, Android lovers are not at all interested in having games with cutting edge graphics. What they do love is playing brain puzzle games until the time they actually tease your brain. In this article, I’ll be shedding some light on a few of the best and free brain puzzle games that you would love to play on your Android device. 5 Best Free Brain Puzzle Games for Android Unblock Me Unblock … Read more