Cape May – Queen of Seaside resorts

In the early 19th century, Cape May – a city at the southern tip of Cape May County, New Jersey – emerged as one of the famous coastal tourist areas of the East Coast of the United States. During the 19th century, the city experienced various fires, especially the Great Fire of 1878. During the rebuilding of the city, the council decided to keep the Victorian architecture intact. That has helped Cape May become one … Read more

The Art Of Expanding Railroad Network – Imperial Steam

“The industrial age is beginning to explode. You need more workers for your factories, and you need more workers to build tracks to expand your rail network.” – Capstone Games When I first heard about Imperial Steam, the first impression was still just “Oh, another route building game with pickup-&-deliver? Railways to .. series again?”. After learning that the designer is Huemer (the designer of the Lignum series), I decided to give this one a … Read more

The Test for Your liver – F Your Liver

Are you bored of playing “Circle of Death”  at every single party you’ve been to ? Do you feel frustrated about explaining the rules every single turn when someone asks what it is about? Are you looking for a party game that can withstand your drunk roommates? Then you should check out the review for “F Your Liver” card game, from Wood Eye Games LLC.  How to “F your liver”  Just to clarify, this is … Read more

Spice up your game night – Game Night Powerups

Let’s settle down with one thing before moving on: board games are fun. Period! The fact is, after playing the same game over and over again, people can grow bored out of it. Sometimes, the problem is from the game itself, such as low replayability, too predictable, inaccessible to certain audiences etc. That’s when publishers or game designers decide to make expansion(s) for the base game. A lot of games become more popular, more accessible … Read more

Cellulose Board Game – Back to School for More Plant Cell Biology

Is Biology your biggest nightmare in school ? Are you curious about how cellulose and photosynthesis work ? Followed up from the success of Cytosis, Genius Games released the next sequel on Kickstarter – Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game.   Cellulose is a worker placement game, which takes place inside a plant cell. In the game, everyone takes turns to activate organelles, to ensure the functional and healthy cell. The game is played over … Read more

Modiphius Entertainment Releases Five Parsecs from Home in Adventure Wargaming Line

With all the chaos of the last year, it’s more important than ever for people to set aside their differences and come together, and tabletop creator Modiphius Entertainment is leading the charge with a focus on a unique genre of tabletop wargames –  narrative-driven Adventure Wargaming. Featuring titles such as Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, and Rangers of Shadow Deep, the Adventure Wargaming genre offers players a narrative-driven experience that promises more … Read more

How to Store Board Games?

Board games are back to the grace. It seems like the time has never stopped for this kind of entertainment. We can observe an increase in the families that gather together to have a great game night! It is incredible because we can play the same board game, regardless of the age of players and at the same time, everyone has a lot of fun. There is no doubt, board games are timeless and yet, … Read more

6 Amazing Scrabble Hacks

One of the most amazing and known board games all over the world is Scrabble, combining the most excellent and effective strategies. However, this is not just an easy game this game can make you think twice as you attempt to form words that give you the highest score to win this game. Fortunately, there’s a lot of action you can use to help you win with this board game. Just like the other board … Read more

Board Games that Can Improve Your Math Skills

Board games are fun to play. People of all ages can play them because they offer variety at every level. At the lowest level of each game, the skills required to play are few and less complicated. As the level improves, board games become sophisticated, requiring extensive logical reasoning and execution. A game such as scrabble can be played by anyone, including kids who are learning basic spelling in their developmental classes. Online math resources, … Read more

Best Board Games to Try This Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season is the time to come together with family members and share some worthwhile moments. One of the fun things to do is to play board games. Although old-fashioned, board games come with a lot of excitement that nothing else can beat. If you’re looking for the best games your whole family will love playing together, here are some top picks.   Bananagrams Bananagrams is a relatively new game when it comes … Read more

The Best 2 Player Board Games

When two people are together and they want to spend some fun time then they are mostly short of options. They end up having food or drinks together but it does not lead to great entertainment for fun memories. In this scenario, we have collected 5 entertaining and challenging board games which can be played in recess time. These games are for two players which couples and friends can play together. Splendor Get rich before … Read more

Board Game Review – Unearth from Brotherwise Games

The second game from Brotherwise Games, Unearth is a game of cards, tokens and dice. Unearth Box Components Unearth comes with everything 2-4 players need to play 20 Colored Delver dice Over 80 full color playing cards Over 70 full color hex tokens Unearth is appropriate for 2-4 players age 8 and up Story Behind Unearth Game This game is based on the premise that in the distant past, your faction’s ancestors once had great … Read more

Top 3 Mobile Board Games for Three Players

Remember playing board games in childhood and spending hours playing monopoly, carom, Ludo etc. We find ourselves lost now finding no chance to reunite with the friends and get a chance to play those board games again. Fortunately we’ve got lucky enough to experience the latest technology and now our childhood games have been revived. The best thing about these mobile board games is that you can play online with your friends and enjoy your … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons – Still a Great Hobby With Friends

As far as table top games go, Dungeons & Dragons is the grandfather of them all. Having been enjoyed for decades by young and old alike, D&D offers you the opportunity to escape into a magical world filled with intrigue and mysticism. D&D is more than a hobby – it’s a way of life for some, and has spawned a whole subculture of fans and captured imaginations across the world. Here’s our guide on how … Read more

Check Out the World of Warcraft Board Game Monopoly Edition

Monopoly has been a game that a lot of families have played for many of years and for some, a game that a lot of people collect. The game has a ton of different types of boards from Family Guy to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For those that are fans of World of Warcraft, this particular Monopoly board is for you. Introducing the World of Warcraft Monopoly Collectors Edition. This edition comes with six collectible … Read more

Looking at Pandemic the Board Game

I have always been a gamer, but mostly of the video game kind. However, I also am a fan of board games and having been someone that attends Gen Con every year I love trying out new board games. Pandemic is a game that I myself have actually had the pleasure of playing. It is a game that will find you working together with your fellow players to try and fight four different diseases all … Read more

Top Clue games in time for Chrismas

Cluedo also known as Clue is a murder mystery game for three to six players. The game was first manufactured by Waddingtons in the UK in 1949. Since then, it has been relaunched and updated several times, and it is currently owned and published by the American game and toy company Hasbro. And I must say Hasbro has been doing a great job at keeping up with the times and keeping this game relevant by making many different versions of this for fans of many different movies and shows with the help of other companies like USAopoly. Here are some of my top choices for the board game lover and superfan you might need to buy for this holiday season.

Top 5 Board Games for your Geek this Christmas

Are you looking for something to buy that special geek in your life? If your family is like mine let me tell you my top 5 choices for boardgames. I will do my best to keep this to only 5 but there are so may good games out there. Board games are a great way to spend time with family and friends. There is such a wide variety out there you can always find something for anyone. Feel free to leave a comment if you need some other suggestions. Over are the days of Monopoly and Trouble. Sure, the classic board games are fun but its time to get serious about gaming. But the number of new games has exploded in the last several years as designers dream up space adventures, deck-building sagas, and zombie survival games. So order a pizza, invite over a few extra people and let the game begin. These are all games I own and love playing.