Otium Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Having headphones without the cords is such a great trend on the rise. Otium reached out to have their earbuds reviewed. Overall, they have a convenient charging station but the sound is lackluster. One thing that makes them stand out is their IPX7 waterproof rating. Most earbuds cannot handle any kind of water, but these can. If you sweat a lot or commute in the rain, this could be a pair to consider. Sound and … Read more

Syllable D900S Wireless Earbuds Review

I had a pair of Syllable D900S Wireless Earbuds sent to me for review over the past few weeks and I made sure I used them for almost a solid month before finishing up my review.  What you get with the D900S are high-quality earbuds that are truly independent and sit in each ear without any cord connecting them.  They include the charging station where you plug the station into a USB cable and simply … Read more

SoundPEATS Q12 Bluetooth Earbud Giveaway

Here at Dragon Blogger we love connecting with new brands to test products out and showcase them to readers, and we are always excited when brands also want to offer up some of their products in giveaways to our readers.  So more recently we have been working with SoundPeats a company that makes a variety of earbuds, speakers and other audio related accessories.  We had done the review of the SoundPEATS Q11 but they contacted us … Read more

Flymemo Hammer Bluetooth Earbud Review

I don’t mind reviewing dozens of earbuds as I like rotating them out to see which ones sound better, have longer battery life and are more comfortable to wear when jogging or running.  Though I am not back up to recovery to be able to run and jog yet I am still testing earbuds while walking at a brisk pace to see how they hold up with the bounding of your head or movement of … Read more

ITechor Sports Bluetooth Earbud Review

So I received the ITechor Wireless Sports Bluetooth earbuds and used them exclusively for about 10 days so that I can build an impression and accurate review for readers.  They come packaged in the box looking like this, all neatly fitted together and held magnetically. Watch the Video Review or you can read further for full written review. Now like most Bluetooth Earbuds, the ITechor has a control box that hangs off the right earbud which … Read more

HOPDAY Bluetooth Earbuds review!

  HOPDAY sent me their bluetooth sport headphones for me to test out, and for the price range, they’re able to hold their own fairly well. In the simplistic packaging, you will receive a concise manual, the pair itself, and multiple ear piece connectors. After locating the power button, you’ll find that there is a red/blue flash that lets you know when the headphones are on, and the color changes when connected to your phone. The … Read more

Inateck Bluetooth Earbuds Review

I have said this more than you know, and that is that I love sound. What I mean is the rich true sound reproduced by quality audio reproduction devices. I have in my time here, reviewed many different Bluetooth devices, some better than others. I have even gotten to review a few varieties of headphones, mostly the over the ear kind. I do this type mostly because I do not like ear buds. Until now! … Read more

iClever Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds Review

So I love a good pair of sports earbuds and I enjoy jogging and running one or two times a day and listening to music while running helps make me push myself to run faster and further.  So I always take the opportunity to review sports earbuds when I can as I am always looking for “the best pair” to provide the loudest and deepest sound as well as stay in place on my head … Read more

Two Bluetooth Audio Options Under $20

So recently we partnered up with LotFancy who happens to make two really great quality audio options for people who like to listen to music or audio on the go.  Both options are really a fantastic deal for the price, and LotFancy created a custom coupon for Dragon Blogger fans to take an additional 10% off so we wanted to share with the fans this special offer. LotFancy Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds The first is for … Read more