Nusound Acoustic Wave Rider NU-024 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today for review we have another sample from Nusound. In the previous review on Nusound Cube NU-016, I mentioned that I have a second favorite BT speaker from the same company, it's the Nusound Wave Rider NU-024 which is a round shaped portable BT speaker and that is what we have at the review table [...]

Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

This isn't your average Bluetooth speaker system as the Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker system has not only 2 satellite speakers but a sub-woofer which most Bluetooth speakers systems don't have.  This speakers system is designed to be both your 2.1 PC or Laptop speaker system plus doubles as your Bluetooth speaker system in [...]

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Havit Bluetooth Mini Speaker Giveaway

This is our third Havit Bluetooth Speaker giveaway for Dragon Blogger fans in the past few months and this time, Havit offers something a bit more portable and versatile that should appeal to anyone.  We are talking about the HAVIT HV-SK452BT Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker which works great for all Bluetooth enabled devices and is small [...]

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