Apollo Box Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

So this is a review unit, that I have decided to run as a giveaway for the fans, and best of all I will pay for the shipping costs (If you live US), so you just have to enter, share and if you win I will ship you the prize!  If you live International you will be responsible for shipping costs (sorry can’t front that much shipping).  This levitating Bluetooth Speaker is a fun little … Read more

Onvo Portable Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

AllDayMall is a new partner working with us and they run an Amazon Store where they sell all sorts of gadgets and products.  Well to help get their store noticed by our readers they decided to partner with us and let us giveaway an Onvo Portable Bluetooth Speaker! This speaker sports 2×3 Watt HD speakers and has 4-6 hours of play time.  Even better it can play while it is charging via the MicroUSB cable, … Read more

Apollo Box Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Apollo Box Levitating Bluetooth Speaker was a really fun and geeky gadget to review.  I have had it sitting in my living room for a week now while I tested its sound quality, durability and how well it stood up over that time. This levitating speaker comes with a speaker ball that sits on top of a heavy magnetic base. It also has LED lights that help guide you to get the speaker levitating … Read more

Mpow AquaPro Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

This is a review of the Mpow AquaPro Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.   This is a mid-ranged outdoor speaker that costs $30 and is fully waterproof, making it best suited for use in the shower, or outdoors. The speaker is quite small and will fit in your palm. It seems to be well designed and I found it to be solid and very durable, which is good because this is meant to be used outdoors. … Read more

Win a 1byone Waterproof Outdoor Shower Bluetooth Speaker

For everyone who loves taking long showers or listening to music while in the tub, this could be a Bluetooth speaker for you.  It also will appeal to those who go hiking or where there is an chance of getting wet or rained on as this one is IPX6 Waterproof.  This is the 1ByOne Waterproof Outdoor/Shower Bluetooth speaker that also includes an enhanced bass function.  This speaker also supports a MicroSD card so you can … Read more

Archeer A210 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

My kids and I were doing some running to the Zombies, Run app on iOS and I wanted for all 3 of us to listen to the story while we were running.  The Archeer Portable Bluetooth speaker was a great option to run with a speaker you can hold in your hand and listen to something with everyone around you while you keep pace. First the unboxing. The speaker comes with an AUX cable, USB … Read more

Nusound Acoustic Wave Rider NU-024 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today for review we have another sample from Nusound. In the previous review on Nusound Cube NU-016, I mentioned that I have a second favorite BT speaker from the same company, it’s the Nusound Wave Rider NU-024 which is a round shaped portable BT speaker and that is what we have at the review table today.   Specification: Loudspeaker 4Ω 5W SNR 80±3db Speaker Dimension 45mm Build-in Power Li-ion 600mAh Charging Time 1-2 hours Wireless … Read more

Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

This isn’t your average Bluetooth speaker system as the Kinivo M2 Big Bass Bluetooth Speaker system has not only 2 satellite speakers but a sub-woofer which most Bluetooth speakers systems don’t have.  This speakers system is designed to be both your 2.1 PC or Laptop speaker system plus doubles as your Bluetooth speaker system in room for your mobile devices as well, and you get 56 watts here. Now, when Kinivo contacted us they gave … Read more

LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I love Sound. Bright beautiful sound. Piercing melodies that draw tears from the eye, or bring a smile to the lips. A poorly designed set of speakers can ruin that in an instant. LuguLake will not let you down. It delivers crisp clear brilliantly bright sound each and every time you turn it on. I was very impressed with the quality of the sound coming out of these speakers. It is both powerful and refreshing, … Read more

Sentey® Bluetooth Stereo Speaker B-trek S4 Review

This is a review of the Sentey Bluetooth Speaker B-Trek S4 (Blue) in my case.  Pulling it out of the box the speaker feels very solid and it has some weight to it, but not too much weight that it is unwieldy.  It comes with a USB to micro USB cable for charging purposes, a line out cable and some instructions. Once out of the box the speaker looks pretty cool.  The top has three buttons and … Read more

Bestek Bluetooth Speaker

I have now tested several different Bluetooth Speakers, and thought that they were all about the same. I was wrong. Some are far better than others, and Bestek is certainly amongst the best. When I first tried this speaker, I did not expect it to sound nearly as good as it does nor did I expect it to be so full of so many useful features. But the makers of this fine product thought of … Read more