Spider Onyx Stereo Bluetooth Headset

This is a review of the Spider Onyx Stereo Bluetooth Headset.  This is a mid range priced $50 Bluetooth headset that will offer good sound quality and good overall build quality. For my review, I received the black version of the Onyx, but Spider also offers a light orange edition.  I liked the sleek design [...]

Brainwavz XFit XF-200 Noise Isolating Earbuds Review

I have found my new favorite pair of wired sports earbuds that cost less than $30 with the Brainwavz XFit XF-200.  This simple pair of earbuds has incredibly crisp sound and includes enough ear piece types to accommodate any ear canal size.  Now the thing I like most about these sports wired earbuds is simply [...]

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Zeal Sound HDE 300 Headphones Review (In Ear Noise Isolating)

These days wireless headphones are the rage.  They do provide some freedom but usually at a cost.  When you want sound without the cost of quality you need to go wired.  The ZealSound HDE 300 headphones are a cost effective way to be wired and maintain the sound quality. In the box you get the ZealSound HDE 300 [...]

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Coocheer Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Our friends over at Coocheer sent me their new wireless Bluetooth headset to test and review. This is their newest on the market and it works with the Galaxy S6 and the new iPhone 6 as well as all other Bluetooth compatible devices and phones. You get a few thing in the package when the Coocheer Wireless [...]

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Review of the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire PRO Performance Earphones

I had been looking for a good pair of earbuds that I could go to the gym and work out with and all my previous earbuds have an issue where the wire leading into my ears eventually causes enough resistance to pull the earbuds out.  I have tried over the ear earphones and they tend [...]

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Review of the Sport TF Card Reader Media Headset MP3 Player

One thing I hate when working out is the annoying earbud or headset cords that hang between your ears and your smartphone or mp3 player.  They jiggle, they shake, and they can snag pulling the earbuds out of your ears.  Sure, I try tucking them in my shirt, clipping them to my shirt but ultimately [...]

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